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22 februari 2018

The new Wild Romance collection is full of vintage feminine vibes with soft pinks, browns and a strong infusion of berry tones. The perfect colours to get started for Spring, right? Although Spring is still 26 days away, I’m certainly already longing for it!

The biggest stars (for me) are the eyeshadows and the numerous lipsticks that come with ARTDECO’s new collection. Let’s get to know all the products, shall we? And remember, if you want to see swatches or a demonstration on the Wild Romance make-up look from the campaign, have a look on the video above or on my Youtube channel!

This Wild Romance review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Eyeshadows of the Wild Romance collection:

Beauty Box Trio & Eyeshadows Artdeco Anverelle Review

Eyeshadows Left to Right: Deep Grape – Matt Powdery Apricot – Strawperry Pie – Wild Lavender

Beauty Box Trio Limited Edition: € 14,50 // Eyeshadows: € 7,00

How cute is this eyeshadow box?! In the box there’s place for three eyeshadows or one blush. So you can mix and match and pick your favourite item with you on the go! My favourites are on the left side, Deep Grape and Matt Powdery Apricot. I liked the campaign look so that’s what I recreated in my video! Looking back on the Wild Romance make-up look, I might have not gone with the Strawberry Pie right under my eye (I already have sensitive eyes with pink skin directly under my eye) but make-up is always experimenting with looks and the most important part: having fun!

The eyeshadows are really buttery and nice to blend. I didn’t experience a lot of fallout, so that’s always a plus for eyeshadow.

ARTDECO Wild Romance Eye Designer Refills Anverelle Review

Eye Designer Refills Left to Right: Golden Rose – Antique Berry – Warm Hazel

Eye Designer Refills: € 10,00

The Eye Designer Refills… I was actually really confused on how to use these at first, until someone on Instagram pointed out to me that you needed to use it with the Eye Designer Applicator, lolz. The fact it said ‘refills’ just made me sooo confused, I was like “But these tubes aren’t even the same colours as the eyeshadows so how are these refills?!” You can spot the applicator a bit more down in this post. So what you need to do is screw off the black lid off the Eye Designer Refill and the cap of the applicator and then twist the refill on. You can’t do anything with it at that point, so you have to unscrew it again and then there will be some eyeshadow on your applicator.

It’s a bit like the Juicy Shaker from Lancôme and for a lipgloss I can understand that. But always pushing it in and out the refills is a bit weird and too much for me, so I’m not a fan. The applicator is just not my thing, the two sponges at the end are like the ones you get in a mini eyeshadow palette. I’m just a bigger fan of an actual brush.

Regardless, the eyeshadows are nice. In the video I’m putting the lightest colour, Golden Rose, in the inner corner of my eye and it does light up my eye look quite a bit. And the colours simply fit very well with the lipsticks in the Wild Romance collection as well!

Flushed Cheeks:

Blusher ARTDECO Anverelle Review

Blusher Left to Right: Romantic Rose – Sweet Peach

Blusher: € 11,00

** Unfortunately something went wrong while filming the blush part of the video. I accidentally hit the wrong button so instead of recording, it didn’t. So no footage… I applied both blushes after my eyelook so you’ll see me wearing them in the video though, no worries! :-) **

This photo shows a lot more difference between the two blushes, but actually they’re both quite pink! You can see a subtle peachy difference in Sweet Peach, while Romantic Rose has a beau-ti-ful golden shimmer in it. #GOLDROSEOBSESSED

Very soft and buildable blushes as well! They’re really subtle when you put them on (that’s why I eventually paired them in the video) so don’t be afraid to build! Also, you won’t need to use a highlighter because these babies are shiny! You can also put one of the blushes in the Beauty Box Trio to take on the go.

A Seductive Glance

ARTDECO Wild Romance Curling Mascara Anverelle Review 2

Curling Mascara: € 17,00

The Curling mascara is a simple & everyday mascara for me. While it doesn’t give me the extra volume that I’m used to with my other mascara’s, it does separate my lashes quite well. I think the “Wild Romance” look doesn’t require big lashes – everything is kept soft so no biggie :-) Also interesting to note: this mascara stays soft on my lashes! No hard lashes (and the pain that sometime comes with taking your mascara off…) so I’m a happy girl!

Thanks to the curved wand and the tiny brush at the end you can get really close into the corners of your eyes. You can reach even the tiniest lashes! The formula is also a bit dryer than the rest, to ensure it’s a smudge proof experience. While I didn’t stay smudge free while applying the mascara – I’m a bit clumsy sometimes – I think the dryer formula does work. Since you won’t have to wait until it dries down a bit (don’t sneeze!), you’ll have a lesser chance of smudging. It makes sense ;-) Make sure you do the wiggling and zig zagging while applying the mascara, it really helps to build the mascara! Also, try to turn your mascara wand a bit while going up. You’ll see what I mean in the video!

ARTDECO Wild Romance Mineral Eye styler, mineral Lip styler, eye designer applicator Anverelle Review

Eye Designer Applicator: € 13,50 // Mineral Eye Styler: € 11,00 // Mineral Lip Styler: € 11,00

You need to use the Eye Designer Applicator with the Eye Designer Refills. I was certainly confused the first time I needed to use this and ended up not being a fan of it. I just prefer using a brush, but the sponges are precise if you don’t mind using them! What I do love is the art on the applicator. It reminds me a bit of the drawings by Mucha.

I liked using the Mineral Eye Styler! A really pretty colour to match with my green eyes and creamy enough to blend out well. Something you don’t see often is the rubber piece on the packaging, both on the eyeliner as the lipliner. An eyeliner is always a patient work of precision so a bit extra stability (damn you, slippy hands!) is always welcome ;-)

The Mineral Lip Styler is a total luxury – with the Full Precision Lipsticks you’ll hardly need a lipliner! But none the less it’s a beautiful colour that goes well with the FP Shy Coral and Peach Blossom lipsticks. And just like the Mineral Eye Styler it has a sharpener in the back, so that’s always a good thing!

Nail Polishes:

Art Couture Nail Lacquer Wild Romance ARTDECO Anverelle Review

Art Couture Nail Lacquer Left to Right: Silent Landscape – Country Rose – Peach Parfait – Earthly Mauve

Art Couture Nail Lacquer: € 12,00

I swatched the darkest colour, Earthly Mauve on my index finger in the video and was – again – surprised by the pigment. My bright red gelnails were not visible under this nailpolish in just one coat! #wow! They do have a high shine factor which I really like. It also didn’t take me long to paint one nail and I think that has a lot to do with 1. it was just one finger and 2. because of the brush. It has a rounded fan-like shape that makes for easy peasy application. Scoring some high points in my book!

The Perfect Lipsticks:

ARTDECO Wild Romance Perfect Mat Lipstick Anverelle Review

Perfect Mat Lipstick Left to Right: Woodland Brown – Misty Taupe

Perfect Mat Lipstick: € 15,00

While they’re called the Perfect Mat, these lipsticks are creamy to apply. They also hold up well! The Perfect Mat’s will survive a drink and a quick bite but you’ll need to reapply if you’re having dinner. Maybe it’s because I always have awfully dry lips but by the end the lipstick felt just a tiny bit dry. I think it’s because they’re long-lasting and they dry up a bit to hold the colour? Anyways, they feel more comfortable than most matte lipsticks. I think I’ll wear Misty Taupe a lot more than Woodland Brown, but I’m sure if Woodland Brown is applied in a subtle way it’s equally beautiful!

ARTDECO Wild Romance Perfect Color Lipstick Anverelle Review 2

Perfect Color Lipstick Left to Right: Dreamy Orange – Rosewood Rouge

Perfect Color Lipstick: €14,50

My favourite of these two is definitely Rosewood Rouge. It’s a gorgeous dark rosé that I just love! The Dreamy Orange is a bit of an outsider for me, I don’t feel like this shade matches the other colours of Wild Romance that well as the others do.

These creamy lipsticks have vitamin E in it to nourish your lips and protect them from free radicals.

The Full Precision Lipsticks

ARTDECO Wild Romance Full Precision Lipstick Anverelle Review

Full Precision Lipstick Left to Right: Shy Coral – Peach Blossom – Red Hibiscus – Mellow Mauve – Wild Berry Sorbet – Floral Balcony

Full Precision Lipstick: € 15,50

I saved the best for last, obviously :-) The Full Precision Lipstick is very easy to use thanks to its triangle shape and I, for one, am totally loving this innovation that is starting to pop up with a lot of brands. The short edges make sure you get into the narrowest corners of your lips – I’d even go as far as saying a lip liner is unnecessary! As you will see in the video, one coat already delivers a bunch of pigment and an even spread of colour. I thought the lightest colour (Shy Coral) was a bit dry but the other ones all proved to be creamy. The finish of the Full Precision is half matte, half satin. So they’re not super shiny but also not dry-to-the-bone matte. The lipstick formula also has vitamin E in it, to nourish your lips. A great combo if you ask me!

The Full Precision Lipsticks are free of parabens, perfume and talc.

What do you think of the Wild Romance collection? What would you get and what not? Let me know below or in the comments of my Youtube video!

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