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16 oktober 2018
Caudalie Vinopure Event Serre de Marie Brussels Anverelle Review Header

A little while ago I was invited to a lovely orangery in Brussels to discover the new Vinopure skincare line by Caudalie. The event was – as always – completely organised around natural and clean beauty, ingredients and food. As you may all know, grapes play a very big role with Caudalie as a brand. In fact, the grape – in any form – is always one of their main ingredients. With Vinopure, this is no different. This time it’s polyphenols (grape seeds) that steal the show. Let’s take a look at the event, the products and how I got on testing Vinopure for two weeks!

Vinopure: The Event

I always enjoy myself when I’m at a Caudalie event: there’s good food, an easy laid back vibe and the products always look promising. This time I found myself at an orangery, beautifully decorated with grape vines and wildflowers:

Caudalie Vinopure Event Serre de Marie Brussels Anverelle Review

The cozy setting of La Serre de Marie on Caudalie’s press event on Vinopure

It was a really relaxed event with all the bloggers catching up with each other, munching on some food and participating in the wildflower bouquet workshop. We could pose for pictures with giant cardboard versions of the Vinopure toner, serum and mattifying fluid – which was hilarious and we definitely had a blast with! In between all of this, the Caudalie team explained and showed us everything about the new Vinopure line. Afterwards we were invited to a healthy dinner. It was perfectly on-brand with Caudalie and honestly just what I needed to relax after a busy work week :-)

All in all it was a great event and afterwards we got to take home our wildflower bouquet, a belly full of healthy food and the complete Vinopure line!

Vinopure Caudalie Anverelle Event Review

Posing with the cardboard version of #Vinopuresolution and the mattifying fluid :-)

So I finally got around to testing Vinopure on my combination skin and that’s probably what you’re here for: the review! ;-)

A little side note – the Vinopure line contains a toner, a serum and a day/night cream. There is no cleanser in this line, but of course you can use any cleanser to begin your routine with. Find my two favourite cleansers here, both of them are Caudalie products.

The main ingredients for the three Vinopure products are:

– Natural salicylic acid, extracted from wintergreen

– Grape polyphenols (grape seeds)

– Organic rose water

Essential oils: lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, geranium

And 97-99% of these ingredients are derived from natural products, which makes Vinopure a highly natural skincare line. Combination skin and acne-prone skin get the best benefits from this line and it was tested on both normal and sensitive skin. The Vinopure line consists of three steps:

Step 1: Clear Skin Purifying Toner

Vinopure Caudalie Combination Acne prone skin Toner review Anverelle Skincare

Clear Skin Purifying Toner – € 17,60

The first step, after cleansing, is a toner. The natural derived salicylic acid is going to help purify your skin with gentle exfoliation. You apply it on cleansed skin with a cotton pad – but avoid the eye area and do not rinse afterwards.

The Clear Skin Purifying Toner has a distinctive lavender and peppermint scent to me, which I like a lot! I’ve grown to love herbal-ish scents in skincare but I do realise this might be off-putting for somebody else. It’s the same for the other Vinopure products by the way! The herbal scent does go away after a short while, but it’s definitely there when you put the products on your face. Just so you know :-)

Step 2: Blemish Control Infusion Serum

Vinopure Caudalie Combination Acne prone skin Serum review Anverelle Skincare

Blemish Control Infusion Serum – € 31,70

The second step is using a serum to battle those pesky blemishes with! Together with tightening pores and refining your skin’s texture, it’s perfect to put all over your face or as a spot treatment. I prefer to rub in the serum locally, where it’s needed most. For me that means on my forehead, on my nose, my chin and the apples of my cheeks – that’s where I have enlarged pores, some shine or blackheads. The rose water in the serum makes sure to give your face a shine-free glow and it’s gonna sooth the most sensitive skin too.

The serum feels like a light-weight gel, so even without putting it in the fridge it will feel very refreshing to put on. I really like that for my morning routine: there’s nothing better than some refreshment to wake you up. And there’s of course the great herbal smell that comes with the whole Vinopure line!

Oh, just a quick tip: be sparingly with the Blemish Control Infusion serum. A little goes a long way, especially because it’s a gel textured serum so it spreads out really well on your face. One pump is definitely enough for a full face application, unless you’d like to treat your neck with the serum as well. The Blemish Control Infusion Serum is the priciest item in the Vinopure line, so you wouldn’t want to waste any product do you? ;-)

Step 3: Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid

Vinopure Caudalie Combination Acne prone skin Fluid review Anverelle Skincare

Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid – € 26,40

The last step is going to take care of a more balanced skin. It’s going to reduce your excess of sebum (you know, the stuff that protects your skin but if there’s too much of it, it will clog your pores) and it’s going to mattify and prime your face. You can use this mattifying fluid as a day and night cream but personally I prefer to use my night oil for overnight hydration – but more on that later.

The fluid is definitely heavier in texture than the other moisturising options Caudalie offers. This is the work of the silica powder that’s mixed in with the Skin Perfecting Mattifying Fluid. When the product has sinked into your skin you’ll immediately see results: your face looks mattified and it definitely has that “primed” feeling. You’re left with soft skin, ready to put make-up on or to go out the door.

And that’s the Vinopure routine! Of course you can still apply your other finishing products like eye cream and/or a face mist. The Vinopure line is for me personally not a “complete” line so you can definitely add some extra’s!

I personally add my Première Cru eye cream on for day and night. For the evening I swap the serum and the mattifying fluid for my overnight Detox oil by Caudalie. I feel like I needed the extra hydration – especially after a few sunny layovers in Jamaica and Cancun. More on that down below in my experience with Vinopure:

Vinopure: My Two Week Trial

So how did I get on with trying out the Vinopure skincare line with a combination skin? Although I’m not super acne-prone (only once a month), I do battle with enlarged pores and blackheads on certain areas of my face. Did Vinopure help my skin to get to the #skingoals level? Or was I somewhat disappointed with this new skincare line? Let’s check out the before and after photo:

Vinopure Caudalie Anverelle Review Before After

Left: before, with my regular skincare on // Right: after, with the Vinopure skincare on

Week I & II:

The first week felt very promising for Caudalie’s newest skincare line. The products all felt very nice on my skin and I loved the scent of the essential oils. Within the first week I noticed that my forehead was less shiny at the end of the day. The serum and mattifying fluid did their job! It really got my hopes up that – especially the serum – was going to be the answer to my oily T-zone.

A less shiny forehead was the only thing I noticed during the first week, but of course no skincare product can deliver a super fast solution. It takes some time, so after the first week I was really deliberating if I should try out Vinopure for three instead of two weeks. But by the end of the second week I found that using Vinopure every single day was going to be too drying on my skin. I felt dry patches showing up around my chin and that’s usually my cue to tone it down with the exfoliating toner (lol, get it?) and to do a more hydrating routine. Because my skin got a little drier it also got a bit more sensitive and developed small blemishes, as you can see by the pink/red “filter” I seem to have on my face. So in terms of hydration, Vinopure didn’t cut it for me. It was better after I switched the serum and fluid for my overnight detox oil in the evening. However, I still think Vinopure might be a bit too drying if you’re on the dry & sensitive combo of the skin spectrum.

In terms of tightening pores, I did see a small change with the pores on my nose. They were smaller in comparison to two weeks before. I do believe that with extra exfoliating with the toner, regular deep cleansing and using the serum my blackheads will get smaller and lesser in numbers. Hopefully this improves!

All in all; perhaps it wasn’t the right timing to try out Vinopure. We’re entering the fall and winter season, so your skin is bound to change and it might develop other needs. My skin is also already a bit dry because of flying all the time. Maybe it’s better to do a re-run in summer? And while I won’t be making a full switch to Vinopure, I do believe in using the toner, serum and cream during a surge of (usually hormonal) acne. Like a spot treatment! :-)

Have you tried anything from the Vinopure line yet? Do you own any Caudalie favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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