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Victorian Ghost Halloween Make-up Look

31 oktober 2016
Victorian Ghost Halloween Make- up Look

Hello loves! Last year I was pretty late to the Halloween make-up train, so I went with two spooky desserts to serve at your Halloween party. This year, I (semi) prepared myself by coming up with a fairly easy look: a Victorian Ghost!

You will only need 4 products to create this look, so it’s a no-fuss halloween make-up you can easily recreate. Let’s get started!

Halloween Make-up = be creative!

I wasn’t planning on buying loads of special Halloween make-up for this look. I looked in my kit and discovered I basically had everything I needed. You’d be surprised how much you can create with a minimum amount of products!

Here are the products I’ve used:

Victorian Ghost Halloween Make-up Look

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette // Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion // MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel in Black Track // MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation in White

Victorian Ghost Halloween Make-up

Step 1: Fatal Eyes

You will need: eyeshadow primer + black & gray eyeshadow

You’ve got to start somewhere! ;) As a first step, I applied an eyeshadow primer to make sure the black smokey eye stays on all night long. The colours will also be much more intense, so I definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer.

Next I’m going in my Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. Instead of the usual smokey eye, I’m trying to make the eye as black as possible – but to avoid a panda eye, we’re using two different shades of grey and one black shade.

Victorian Ghost Halloween Make- up Look

We’re starting with our eyes first. Why? Because once you’ve put on the white foundation, there’s no going back when you get fall-out from your eyeshadow. Try to work as clean as possible.

Unlike the usual steps for a smokey eye, I’m starting with my highlight first. I want to avoid coming too close to my eyebrows, because I want my brows to be very defined and separated from my eyes. If you want to bring your eyeshadow up to your brow bone, that’s also fine! Take this look and make it your own version ;)

I’m picking up Slanted as my highlight in the inner corner of my eye and right under my brow bone. Then I take Dagger and blend this in my crease. Finally, I pick up Black Market to put on my moving eyelid and under my eye.

Blend to avoid harsh lines and repeat until you’re happy with the result.

Step 2: A Deadly Vibe

Victorian Ghost Halloween Make- up Look

You will need: a white foundation (or the lightest you own), black eyeshadow & dark eyebrow pencil

This is a Halloween make-up look after all, so we’re going to need a deadly vibe on our faces. I used the white foundation from MAC, but you can also use the lightest foundation you own. Just make sure you apply enough layers to ensure you’ve got an even and light base.

I start with applying the white foundation on my face, neck and shoulders. Ask for help if you want to paint the back of your neck and shoulders as well. Don’t forget your ears!

Draw your eyebrows how you want them: dramatic, natural, thick, thin, … Just make sure you use a dark colour to fill them in.

Next we’re going to create some shadows. Every skull has a black nose. You can google some skull halloween make-up for reference but the nose is usually shaped like a triangle, so that’s what we’re going for! As for the cheekbones you can go wild and carve them out Maleficent-wise, or you can go for a less dramatic look.

Collarbones are completely optional. Go all out and draw what’s going on under the skin, or keep it simple and just do the collarbones like I did ;) You can always look up stuff on the interwebz if you’re not feeling inspired, but honestly I just put my shoulders together so my collarbone was more visible, then dipped my eyeshadow brush in the hollows that were visible. Keep it simple if you want a quick look!

I’ve used Dagger to draw my shadows, but any gray eyeshadow will do.

Step 3: Kiss of Death

You will need: black gel liner or a black pencil

No skull is complete without a creepy mouth. I’ve used Black Track, a gel liner from MAC to create teeth on my lips. You can also just trace some vertical lines on your lips with a longer “smile”, but I think teeth look pretty cool! To create the teeth, draw triangles upwards and downwards. Just think of x-rays!

Step 4: Accessorize!

Like with many of the above steps, you can go to town with this one or keep it more simple. I went for long earrings and a choker. Actually, my “choker” is a garter I found at the store! Be creative, you don’t need to spend loads of money on this.

I really wanted poofy hair for this Victorian Halloween make-up look, so I just went completely wild (sense a theme here?) with the XXL volume dry shampoo from Batiste and applied some of my white foundation on my hairline. DONE!

Victorian Ghost Halloween Make- up Look

What do you think of this Halloween make-up look? Are you going to any Halloween parties tonight?


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  • Reply Anna 5 november 2016 at 00:47

    This you done so good ♥ Very nice Halloween look :)

  • Reply Verena 2 november 2016 at 20:54

    Wauw wat knap gedaan!!

  • Reply A Fashion Taste 1 november 2016 at 20:20

    WOW super mooi gedaan :) Je bent goed bezig!

  • Reply Sophia 31 oktober 2016 at 09:48

    Nice! Happy Halloween !! ?

    • Reply Anverelle 3 november 2016 at 17:11

      Hope you had a great Halloween yourself, Sophia! x

  • Reply Karen - Dressing in Labels 31 oktober 2016 at 09:03

    Wow deze look is echt heel cool gemaakt!

    x Karen

  • Reply Natalie 31 oktober 2016 at 08:12

    Heel cool, je haren maken het ook af!

    • Reply Anverelle 3 november 2016 at 17:11

      Er zit veel droogshampoo in! ;D

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