28 juli 2015

Preserving precious moments is what photography and videography is all about. In today’s life, not a day goes by without taking a photo or video. Whether it’s a selfie, a family photoshoot or a homevideo, we document our lives at least once. Today, taking pictures feels like a simple process: upload, edit and share. The same goes for videos, but it seems creating a visually appealing video is not the same as taking a picture.

A few days ago I was invited by VIBBIDI to take a look at their new app. What’s VIBBIDI you say?
It’s a new video editing app for Instagram and a platform to bring video content together from around the world. Let’s take a look at what this new service has to offer!

VIBBIDI: About The Video Editing App

VIBBIDI’s goal is to make beautiful videos easy and simple to create, edit and share. It is quite similar to Instagram and extremely easy to share your final result with the most popular social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Your video will also be automatically saved on your phone so you can share them on other social platforms if you like.

I got the opportunity to download an early release from VIBBIDI and decided to try it out right away! Note: I run VIBBIDI on an Apple device, so it might look a bit different for Android.

When you open the app, you get a video in the background and the options for logging in. I combined my 3 favourite stills from the animated background to give you a visual idea of the VIBBIDI login page:

VIBBIDI Review Home Screen

You can just sign up via the app to get started, or via Instagram or Facebook. I logged in with Instagram, as it felt the easiest.
Fill in your username and password and you’re ready to go!

VIBBIDI Review FeedThis is how a post on your social feed looks like. As you can see, the design is similar to Instagram with the options to like and comment on a post. What I really like is that you can not only see how many likes your video has gotten, but also the number of views!

I secretly wish Instagram had this feature too, but it’s obviously harder to detect the number of views on a picture.

In the right corner next to the username, you can see a small square. This is the cover of the song that was used with this video. That’s right: you can add music straight from Itunes or your phone to your video!

Let’s tap on someone’s user profile to see what it looks like:

VIBBIDI Review Profile

Here you can find the username and personal picture with for direct messaging. Additionally, you can view how many videos this person has posted, how many followers they have and how much people they are following. As you can see, this user has also linked Instagram with her VIBBIDI profile.

Down below you can see your own buttons: Home – Search – Create a video – Notifications – Your Profile.
You will notice the interface feels familiar and intuitive: I could browse through everything with ease.

Let’s take a look how you can edit and share your new video with VIBBIDI!

Editing and sharing a video in VIBBIDI

It’s as easy as “Vibbidi” Bobbidi Boo!
(And yes, that’s a Disney reference for you!)

VIBBIDI Review Editing Window

Add your clips and get started!

When you tap the dot in the middle of your bar, you can create your video. Firstly, you can choose between 3 options:

12 x 1-second clips
6 x 2-second clips
1 x 12-second clips

VIBBIDI Review Choosing the clip

I choose 6 clips of 2 seconds.

The longest clip you can create is 12 seconds with an added 3-second closing title. You can import your clips straight from your Camera roll!

VIBBIDI Review Filters

Add your filters.

Added your clips and wrote the small closing title you want to appear after your video? Great! Then it’s time to add your filters! You can choose between 13 filters for the whole video or 73 (!) filters for every clip you added. For the example video I didn’t use a filter, because the short clips were nice enough on their own :)

VIBBIDI Review Final Adjustments

Music Maestro!

Besides the choice between stunning 73 filters, the music feature must be my favourite thing to work with on VIBBIDI! You can add any music from the Itunes store and import a 15-second part of it in in your video! Looking for something more personal? You can also pick something from your own music library to add a voice-over for instance!

Next to the “add music” icon you have the familiar options to adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature, highlights, sharpen, etc.

VIBBIDI Review Finished Product

And here’s the finished product! This is how your brand new video looks like in a post. Easy peasy, right? ;)

My Thoughts On VIBBIDI

I was really happy that I was given the chance to try out this new app! I had a video editing app on my Iphone, but always fiddled with it to get everything right. I’m 95% procent sure I’ll be using VIBBIDI from now on!

VIBBIDI is not only a new tool to edit your videos: it also steps up as a new video platform! It works very similar to Instagram and I’m absolutely sure that those who know their way around Instagram, will also quickly find their way on VIBBIDI.

I believe VIBBIDI will be useful to various people. If you just enjoy making short clips and want to show the world, you can! If you’re an upcoming singer or movie director, you can easily give your fans a 15-second sneak peak of your newest music video or movie! Beautybloggers can also benefit from this app to create 15-second make-up videos. The options are endless!

I’m also really impressed with all the filters and Itunes store music you can add: it definitely gives something extra to your videos. Sharing is caring, so the option for sharing your video on other common social media is also a plus.

Overall I’m very pleased with this app and it’s features and I will continue to make use of it. I might not jump on the social media wagon yet because I’m already on various social media, but I think it’s a perfect environment for people who love viewing and making video content from all over the world.

VIBBIDI will be available in mid-September 2015 and is a free to download app.

What do you think about VIBBIDI? Will you download and give it a try in September? Let me know in the comments!

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