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Ultra HD Foundation Make Up For Ever Review

29 oktober 2015
Ultra HD Foundation Make Up For Ever 40 shades

I must confess: foundation is a little weakness of mine. Why? Because it’s the best start for a great make-up look! And seriously, what’s better than a good foundation that enhances your features? ;-) Recently I got the opportunity to finally pick up the new Ultra HD foundation by Make Up For Ever. It claims to have an invisible finish and yet give enough coverage, which sounds pretty awesome.

High Definition foundation: a quick introduction

How about a little introduction to the HD foundations first?

With the arrival of better quality in photo and video cameras (High Definition), the precision in the images became an obstacle for the face. Every slight imperfection became noticeable and so the need for suitable make-up was created. The make-up had to have enough coverage, while remaining natural and invisible to the camera eye. In 2008, Make Up For Ever created their first HD foundation.

Make Up For Ever has now replaced their original HD with the Ultra HD. Like it’s predecessor, the Ultra HD is a very suitable foundation for photoshoots and videos.

The HD foundation already guaranteed an invisible and natural complexion, but the Ultra HD foundation was created specifically for the latest innovation of high quality image: 4K. Without getting too technical, let’s just state the Ultra HD is perfect for very high definition videos and photos. So does that mean that Ultra HD is only for makeup pros, models and actors?

No. Because you too deserve a flawless complexion! ;-)

I’ve tested the new Ultra HD foundation for you, so let’s see what I think about it!

Ultra HD Foundation Make Up For Ever review

How beautiful are the press photos by the way? :-)

Ultra HD Foundation Make Up For Ever Review

First of all I’m happy that the Ultra HD foundation is oil-free, so the foundation will stay longer on my combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks). I also have a sensitive skin which creates a few red spots on my cheeks, so I was curious how much coverage you can achieve with it. The foundation feels very light and gives me enough coverage with one or two pumps. Ultra HD may be invisible on camera, but it is quite the ninja on the naked eye too: you’ll get a great complexion on and off the camera. The first picture was taken in a studio and the second was just outside, without fancy lighting ;-) I’m only wearing the foundation together with very little concealer and my brows. I forgot to shoot a picture without the make-up on, so I’ll remember to make one next time. If you completely forgot how my naked face looks like, click here ;-)

Ultra HD foundation Make Up For Ever review

My shade: R250 Beige Nude – In studio and outside

The Ultra Hd is a fluid foundation and applies like a dream. I hardly had to use any concealer because it unifies my skin so much. And as you can see, the coverage is great. The Ultra HD feels very light, like a second skin. For the above pictures, I used two pumps and a foundation brush to get a medium coverage. For those who are blessed with spotless skin, you can put on a light coverage with a stippling brush. If you want a fuller coverage, apply the foundation with a sponge.

Given my combination skin, I usually have to carry some transparent powder with me to touch up during the day. But I hardly had to touch up with the oil-free Ultra HD, which is another plus for me!

Ultra Hd foundation Make Up For Ever review

Left: the Ultra HD foundation with concealer and brows      Right: with blush, mascara and lipbalm

I love how it makes my face appear flawless and doesn’t turn me oily. And despite the fact that I have dry cheeks, you can’t tell! Because the foundation also contains some hydrating ingredients, the Ultra HD seems to balance out my skin. I’m not saying it beats a good and hydrating daycream, but my cheeks at least appear less dry. I’m definitely convinced by the Ultra HD foundation! And with 40 shades to choose from, you’re certain to find your perfect colour too! If you’re having problems with picking your shade, the store assistants will gladly help you. Promise! ;-)

And good news! The Ultra HD foundation also exists as a stick foundation, if that’s more your cup of tea :-)

If you want to see Make Up For Ever’s full tutorial for an Ultra HD look, click here!

Ultra HD foundation by Make Up For Ever – € 41,05  (30 ml)

Press photos by Make Up For Ever.
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