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Total Temptation Coconut Mascara ▸ Maybelline

8 januari 2018
Total Temptation Coconut Mascara Maybelline

Coconut. scented. mascara. That’s literally all the persuasion I needed to pick up Maybelline’s newest mascara: Total Temptation!

This is what Maybelline says about their newest bae: “Build on bold volume to create irresistibly soft, separated, and dense lashes coat after coat. Features a creamy and whipped formula infused with coconut extract.

Sounds good, right? Let’s see if this mascara is our new daily super hero!

Mascara is a big part of my make-up routine, if not one of the biggest. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’m putting on at least a coat of mascara and some lip balm if I’m going minimal with my make-up. A good mascara is essential for me!

Total Temptation Coconut Mascara Maybelline Anverelle Review 3

Let’s start with the packaging first. A light pink tube with an easy-to-grip half side applicator. The tube is actually very simple and reminds me of KKW Beauty or – to keep it in the family – Maybelline’s recent collaboration with Gigi Hadid. Anyway, it’s pink, it’s pretty and I think Total Temptation will find its way in loads of flatlays and beauty favorites very soon. We like! #extrapoints

When you twist the mascara open, the first thing I notice is the brush. It doesn’t seem special to me, it’s just a basic wand. But we’re not here for the groundbreaking wand – we’re here for the scentCoconut scented mascara, ladies and gentlemen! What a world we live in nowadays. Anyways, the scent is a heavenly mix of coconut and vanilla which I really like. I’m usually not the one with weird questions but “Hey mom, smell my eyelashes!” was definitely a first (lol!).

Loco for the Coco?

What about volume, softness, buildable? How does the mascara perform? Well, see it for yourself:

Total Temptation Coconut Mascara Maybelline Anverelle Review

Total Temptation mascara by Maybelline – € 14,99

Total Temptation applies the best in upward sweeping motions. I’ve tried the beloved wiggling method but if you want the glorious separation Maybelline promises, I found it’s best to just “swipe up” ;) It’s also really buildable as long as you don’t let your lashes dry in between coats.

Confession: I don’t ever curl my lashes. I had a horrible period where my lashes kept breaking off and falling out; and when I stopped using a lash curler my lashes started growing again. So long story short: I didn’t use a curler on the pictures and still the mascara did a good job on holding the curl and no flaking throughout the day! Such great staying power. Another point earned!

Next on the checklist: softness. A lot of mascara’s are great, but they make my lashes feel so inflexible up to the point that my eyelashes hurt if I try to cleanse in the evening. While testing Total Temptation, I was secretly hoping with the coconut extract that my lashes would remain soft. And thank God they did! Total Temptation is so easy to take off: it’s a breeze.

Total Temptation Coconut Mascara Maybelline Anverelle Review 2

Feeling the Total Temptation yet? ;)

Last but not least, what about the volume? To be honest, I didn’t notice a lot of difference with my other volumising mascara’s. (Maybe I just have really good ones overall?) One coat with the Total Temptation does already have some effect on my long and many lashes but I remain a bit puzzled. It doesn’t seem to add a whole lot of extra volume, but the mascara separates and coats every single lash really well. You get what I mean? Does that count as volumising?

I can compare Total Temptation a bit with – dare I say it? – Legendary Lashes by Charlotte Tilbury. They’re both very soft and give me ample length and separation. However, the Total Temptation formula is less wet than Legendary Lashes. LL is a bit of a smudgy under eye mess by the end of the day, so Total Temptation does take the crown on that subject.

So there you have it! Another great drugstore mascara for €14,99 that separates and coats every single eyelash. A soft and buildable formula that is easy to take off and… Well, let’s face it: that coconut scent! ;)

Have you tried Maybelline’s newest Total Temptation yet? What do you think about scented mascara’s?

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