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Thermae ▸ A Day at The Spa

13 februari 2019
Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort Wellness a day at the spa Anverelle Review

Normally I write about make-up and skincare, but this time it’s a little different! Today I’m reviewing my recent little getaways at both Thermae Grimbergen and Thermae Boetfort. Because feeling happy and relaxed also makes you look beautiful, am I right? ;-)

I was gifted two treatments to enjoy at Thermae Grimbergen, together with a lunch and a day pass for the spa. For Thermae Boetfort, I was gifted two day passes for the spa. I decided to spend an early Galentines with my mom, since I’m a happy single for two years now :-) I’ll tell you all about how I experienced the spa’s and treatments together with some pictures. Normally a cellphone is not “allowed” inside – because hey, you’re there to relax! But when you invite a bunch of bloggers to come test your facilities, you can be sure some pictures are going to be taken ;-) Of course we respected all the other guests and only photographed ourselves when we were alone or able to shoot them. Anyways… You get the “picture”, right? Let’s chillax! ;-)

This Thermae Grimbergen and Boetfort review includes free day entrance to the spa’s and two treatments at Thermae Grimbergen that were sent to me by a brand or company. I have payed the two treatsments at Thermae Boetfort myself. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Thermae Grimbergen

The first Thermae location I got to try out was at Grimbergen. It was a very snowy day so it was perfect to spend a cosy day at the spa – and it all looked so pretty in the snow! It’s also close to Brussels, so quite central! The reception was really friendly and we could go straight to the lunch table. I had scheduled my first appointment way too soon (my massage was at 13:00 o’clock and we just got our starters on the table) so I went to the reception and the lovely lady made it possible to switch my appointment to 16:00 o’clock – so nice!

They really try to make your day as relaxing as possible and I was super grateful I didn’t have to gobble down my soup and main course like a madwoman ;-) After lunch I still had some time before my second appointment (that was now my first) to try out the spa and roam around the wellness:

Thermae Grimbergen Floating A Day at the Spa Anverelle Review

Thermae Grimbergen – Floating


And that’s when I discovered I really like floating :-) You’re floating in warm water with a very high salt level. It mimics the Red Sea – so if you’ve never been to Egypt before this is your chance of at least feeling like you’re there! ;-) You reach a very deep state of relaxation because your heart rate and stresslevels go down. Actually, the level you reach is compared to a REM sleep! I personally felt like I was a baby in a womb – the warm water is so nice and because the little circle you’re in refreshes its water with a pump, you float around gently in circles without even knowing it. You can just release so much tension from your muscles and just “let yourself go”. It’s a little bit strange at first, but a very relaxing experience!

Snail Facial

Thermae A Day At The Spa Waitingroom Anverelle Review

Picture by Marianne Faes (@mariannefaes)

And then it was time for my first appointment: a facial with snail gel! I had already heard a little bit about this special facial. Snail slime has a high quantity of collagen and allantoin which is very healing and regenerating. It makes for a spectacular anti-wrinkle effect – or in my case, a baby bottom’s smooth and soft face ;-) The facial takes 50 minutes and starts with a heavenly soft cleansing, peeling and massage of the face, head and neck. A divine treatment, if you ask me! The snail gel is nearly not as gross as you think it is. It actually smells quite neutral – I even thought it smelled nice. So no need to be weirded out!

While I was waiting for my snail facial, Marianne Faes (@mariannefaes on Instagram) snapped this sneaky picture of me! ;-) Thanks Marianne for the lovely picture!

The Herbal Cocooning massage

My second treatment followed a few hours later: The Herbal Cocooning massage. The massage starts with a thermic gel they put on your back, wrapped with foil. Normally this should have felt warm and comfortable but sadly, I was cold the entire time. The massagist explained that everybody responds different to the thermic gel but also told me that my back looked red from the heat afterwards. So the gel had definitely done its work! I think I was cold because:
a) I’m generally cold and I get cold quickly
b) I just came back from a hot tub and steaming room so I was warmed up to start the massage, but once I get a little bit cold it’s hard for me to warm myself up again …

Thermae to minimize my stress levels

But the massage was really great! The massagist told me that my back had a few knots in them and that especially my shoulders were super tense. He asked me if I did some kind of office job or had to work long hours behind a computer… He couldn’t have been closer to home! Throughout the day I always find myself tightening my shoulders for absolutely no reason. They are super tense the whole day through so I really have to pay attention to keeping my neck and shoulders straight and not clenched up. The massage felt very liberating and I felt loosened up.

It made me realize that I really should treat myself more to a spa day. It’s important to take care of your body and I really felt the relaxing result in the next couple of days. I also enjoyed a marvelous scrub session in the steam room, a good (but brief) walk in the snow, went into the hot tub and really enjoyed winding down at Thermae Grimbergen!

And then I found another invite in my goodie bag, this time to visit Thermae Boetfort… ;-)

Thermae Grimbergen A Day In The Spa Snail Facial Anverelle Review

Left: the snail gel used during my facial / Middle: Blissfully waiting in the warm and comfortable waiting room / Right: Tea, anyone? While waiting you could warm yourself on a good cup of tea.

Thermae Boetfort

This was actually a kind of pre-Valentine’s arrangement where I could bring my partner. Since I’m single for two years now, my partner in crime is my mom! I decided to gift her the day pass at the spa. And because I was so happy (yet a bit cold) about my last massage at Grimbergen, I bought us each a neck-shoulder-back massage as an extra. Here’s us, already bundled up in bathrobes after a good cup of coffee:

Thermae Boetfort a day in the spa Galentines Anverelle Review

Spending our day at the spa for our Galentine’s!

We arrived at Thermae Boetfort and got a very warm welcome from the receptionist. It was super busy at the reception – lots of people had travel bags with them so I figured lots of pre-valentines or out-with-the-girls were already going on two weeks before V-day ;-) The early bird catches the worm, or so they say… So besides the fact it was already quite buzzing in the spa that day, we never had to wait or skip any steam room or sauna, … Boetfort is a whole lot bigger than Grimbergen so you can also expect a bigger crowd.

Mom and I chose to only visit the bathing suit zone but there is a nude zone as well.

We did a little “route”, aka we just followed the building and went into every room that we encountered ;-) We did everything from the steam room to the (infrared) sauna’s to the different baths – except for the outside jacuzzi’s and the heated swimming pool. One thing I really enjoyed was the music sauna. I had no idea what to expect but it turned out to be one of my favourites! It was a sauna but the temperature was lower and you could hear nature sounds. I would have peacefully dozed off!

Lunchtime and massage

And then it was time to have some lunch, relax and get back to the wellness for our massage!

The neck-shoulders-back massage was super relaxing. It reminded me once again of my need to relax every so often. And not just dive onto the sofa with some Netflix on, but literally get the stress kneaded out of me. Such stress levels, jeez. I don’t know where I get it from sometimes but it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes. I was also debating whether I should get the floating session of 1 hour, but I decided to pass since it wasn’t for free (in Grimbergen you have a little area where it’s free) Maybe it’s an idea for next time! Because I really do love floating :-)

We ended our spa day with a scrub session in the steam room – a big favourite for me because your skin gets so so soft from the salt and the heat building up. Just heavenly!

Thermae Boetfort a day at the spa Anverelle Review

Thermae Boetfort – restaurant

Thank you Thermae Grimbergen and Boetfort for welcoming me into your wonderful spa’s & thank you comPRendo PR for introducing me to Thermae. They definitely have gained a new customer – me! ;-)

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