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The Perfect Jeans – Wardrobe Essentials

14 april 2015
The Perfect Jeans - Wardrobe Essentials

The Perfect Jeans – Wardrobe Essentials

I think it’s really important to own a pair of jeans that are comfortable and bring out your best features. It’s such an essential item, that every woman has atleast one pair of jeans in her closet. And yet, so many women seem to have difficulties finding the right size or fit.

I am without doubt among those women. My waist is much smaller than my hips, but I have a curvy behind. So I usually end up with a gap at my lower back, while the rest fits like a glove. I used to solve this problem with wearing a belt in every jeans I owned, but ofcourse that’s just a temporarily solution and a sign my jeans wasn’t a perfect fit.

My Perfect Jeans: Levis Curve ID

Luckily, I found my holy grail a couple of years ago! My perfect jeans is the Levi’s Curve ID. This collection looks at your shape and then your size. What the Curve ID collection does, is measure your waist and hips and provide you with a shape. You can be a Slight, a Demi or a Bold curve. I’m a proud owner of the Bold Curve!

I own 4 pairs of these perfect jeans and I’m pretty sure I don’t need any other basic jeans in my life. I also never have to wear a belt with these jeans!

The Perfect Jeans - Wardrobe Essentials 1

Bold Curve Skinny – Modern Rise – Richest Indigo

The Perfect Jeans - Wardrobe Essentials 2

Bold Curve Skinny – Modern Rise – Pitch Black

The Perfect Jeans - Wardrobe Essentials 3

Bold Curve Skinny – High Rise – Grey Rocks

I’m a true skinny jeans lover. I can’t part with them and I simply don’t like other fits on me like a straight or bootcut. I have more skinny jeans in other colours and other brands, but these are my basics I’m the most comfortable in.

It’s all about the curves!

As I’ve mentioned before, the Curve ID works with shape first, then size. They measure you and match you to one of the three curves.

The Slight Curve flatters that bit of curve and that gracefully straight shape at the hips. The Demi Curve honours your hourglass shape. The Bold Curve usually has a higher back rise so you won’t have any gapping and it feels perfect for my hourglass body and curved behind.

All three of these styles also adapts the location of the back pockets to enhance every shape. In my case (Bold curve) the pockets are slightly tilted for a gorgeous fit. The waistband is smaller and more curved than the others and has side seams.

If you’re not certain with your match on the website, you can go try the Curve ID in store! And don’t worry, every label is different in sizing and shape. So if the Curve ID is nothing for you, you’ll know what to pay attention to when buying new jeans.

Interested in the Levis Curve ID? Find out your Curve ID here!

What’s your favourite jeans? Have you tried the Curve ID already?

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