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The Leather Jacket – Wardrobe Essentials

18 oktober 2014
Wardrobe Essentials: The Leather Jacket

Blue leather jacket anverelleThe leather jacket is an edgy classic and the perfect transitioning staple. Whether your style is girly, classic or edgy: it’s something you cannot miss in your wardrobe! (And it goes with pretty much anything). This wardrobe essential will gladly accompany your favourite skirt, dress or jeans.

The Leather Jacket – Wardrobe Essentials

The Classic: Pair with a skinny jeans and your favourite heels. Or opt for sneakers: those feet need their rest too!

Edgy: Pair your leather jacket with a torn, black skinny jeans and some booties for extra badass credit!

Girly: Give your floral dress or full skirt a tougher look by adding a leather jacket. Instant wow-factor! The combo of lace and leather works really well: the lace will soften up the leather, while the leather gives an edgy touch in return. This creates a very balance between tough and sweet.

Black, camel and navy are the most classic and neutral tones. Looking for something a bit more bold? A bright coloured leather jacket can spice up any outfit and will definitely make a real statement.

Make sure your leather jacket fits well. If you like to bundle up in layers, you might have to go one size up. Keep in mind it shouldn’t look too big or too small.

If you want to invest in this essential, go for real leather. Leather ages beautifully by personal wear and tear and will last you for years. Bonus: it’s as soft as butter! Not sure if you want to splurge? Divide the cost by the times you’ll probably wear it: there’s your cost per wearing. This can help you decide if you really want to invest or look for an alternative.

If you don’t want to break the bank, you can always go for faux leather!
I had a quilted one from Forever 21 with faux fur and absolutely loved it.
I wore it for those colder days in autumn and it lasted me two winters long, since the inside was also covered in faux fur. Find a similar one here.

My latest addition to my closet is a navy hue, since I got tired of always going for black. This time, I decided to invest: it’s made from real leather and can be found here.

Tip: not so keen on leather, but still sparked your interest?
Opt for a coat with leather sleeves.

See more beautiful styles with a leather jacket:

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Do you fancy a leather jacket?
Would you rather invest or go for faux leather?

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