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15 januari 2017
System Professional Haircare Anverelle

My hair has always been my pride and joy. I’ve always taken good care of my hair and since a few years I’m putting in highlights twice a year. This means my hair suffers a bit more than usual – so a good haircare is always a great idea!

This week I got the opportunity to go to the launch of a new hair care brand: System Professional! I took the train to Brussels and headed in the direction of the Atomium, where the press event was held. First we got a little introduction to the products, followed by a presentation on the science behind it all, the announcement of the brand ambassadors (Chloe and Poppy Delevigne!) and the cherry on the cake: we got our very own and personalised Energycode…

Curious yet? ;)

New Year, New Hair with System Professional

The Fragrance

How many of you often choose a shampoo based on the fragrance, instead of what your hair really needs?

System Professional Base Fragrance Haircare Anverelle

System Professional (a brand from Wella) decided to turn the tables and works with a base fragrance that can be found in all their 7 haircare lines. It’s a mix of bergamot, vanilla and peach which results in a floral and warm signature fragrance. A wonderful combination that I’m sure lots of people will like!

Actually, the first thing I asked when I smelled this scent at the press event was: “Do you have this as a perfume?” Sadly they don’t, but if they ever launch a hair perfume of their base fragrance, you can bet on it that I will be the first standing in line!

How System Professional works

System Professional Haircare Anverelle

System Professional has 7 lines, each with their own fragrance:

– Balance: violets
– Repair: roses, peach
– Purify: lemon, lemon grass, mint
– Hydrate: lemon, peach, cinnamon
– Colorsave: cranberries, cinnamon, star anise
– Smoothen: roses
– Volumize: lemon, honey

Because System Professional works with a base fragrance, picking a shampoo and conditioner from different lines means you’ll still get a harmonious scent.

Discovering my Energycode™

At the press event I had the opportunity to discover my own Energycode! I had to answer some questions about what I like and don’t like about my hair, if I colour it, if I use any styling products, … Based on my answers, the app came up with my very own and personalised code:

V1 + H2 + L4

It kinda looks like a mad scientist’s formula, so let me explain a bit more ;) The first letter points at the haircare line. Here, the letter V stands for the Volumize line. The number directs you to what step in your haircare process you’re at. This goes from 1 to 6 – starting at shampoo, conditioner, masks and so on until your styling products.

So to make things more visual and short, my personal Energycode is:

System Professional Hair Care Anverelle

A volumizing shampoo (V1) with a hydrating conditioner (H2) and a luxe oil for dry ends (L4).

This fits with what I told about my hair – overall it’s in pretty good shape but because I’ve put highlights in my hair it can sometimes be on the dry and fluffy side when freshly washed. I’d also like more volume on top of my head, hence the volumizing shampoo. To make sure my hair looks extra healthy and shiny, a luxe oil is recommended to deal with dry ends.

Want to discover your own Energycode? Click here to find out!

Where can I find System Professional?

System Professional Haircare Anverelle

System Professional is exclusive to hair salons, so you’ll be able to experience it as an in-salon treatment and buy it at your salon. System Professional is already available in the UK, France and Italy and launches in Belgium and the Netherlands soon. So by February you’ll be able to find specialised salons here.

I will try to get an appointment in one of the specialised salons as soon as System Professional launches here. As I already love the pr samples I received, I’m so excited to try out the shampoo and conditioner! So stay tuned for more on the blog about this hair care :)

What do you think about System Professional? What is your Energycode?

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  • Reply Sabrina 6 maart 2019 at 13:38

    This is really very interesting article. Thanks for sharing in such detailed manner.

  • Reply Natalie 18 januari 2017 at 09:24

    Ik kende het merk nog niet! Ik denk dat de Purify lijn wel geschikt zou zijn voor mijn snel vettig wordend kopje!

    • Reply Anverelle 20 januari 2017 at 13:48

      Het lanceert in februari, dus nog héél eventjes wachten! :-) In de tussentijd kan je de test doen om te kijken wat voor Energycode je precies hebt, maar als je vettig haar hebt lijkt de Purify mij wel een goede keuze!

  • Reply Verena 15 januari 2017 at 13:30

    Wat goed dat het zo gepersonaliseerd is. Deze wil ik ook wel eens uittesten!

    • Reply Anverelle 17 januari 2017 at 18:48

      Echt een aanrader! In Februari lanceert het in bepaalde salons, dus zeker in de gaten houden! :)

  • Reply sophia 15 januari 2017 at 11:59

    Wauw, super dat het zo gepersonaliseerd is! Wil ik ook! :D xx

    • Reply Anverelle 15 januari 2017 at 13:15

      Je kan je persoonlijke energycode altijd via de link te weten komen! :)

  • Reply Karen 15 januari 2017 at 11:29

    Dit klinkt heel boeiend zeker omdat ik ook graag vast hou aan mijn glanzend haar. Plus een heerlijk ruikende shampoo is altijd een pluspunt !

    • Reply Anverelle 15 januari 2017 at 11:38

      Het basis parfum is zoooo goed! ? En het komt in alle andere producten terug dus je kan naar hartelust mixen (en effectief iets kiezen aangepast aan wat je haar nodig heeft, in de plaats van enkel op geur te kiezen :D )

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