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Summer Workout

20 mei 2015
Summer workout for a bikini body

Summer is coming and that means bikini season! Get ready for that bikini body in no time with these summer workout exercises that you can easily do at home. I do all of these on my yoga mat in the living room!

My Summer Workout

I used to think those workout videos looked a little bit ridiculous (Jane Fonda, someone?) but they’re actually not as awkward as I used to remember!

So with bikini season coming up, I want to work out more. It’s not that I’ve put on that much over winter: I just want to feel a little tighter in my skin. If I put on weight, it’s mostly on my lower tummy and my thighs. I’ve worked out a lot more last year, so I know what I can achieve by working out a little.

Something that has helped me in the past, are the Train Like An Angel workouts from Victoria Secret! These are easy to do at home, so today I’m sharing my 4 favourite videos I use to get my summer workout. Remember to warm up first and stretch in between exercices!


I don’t have any weights at home, so I use filled water bottles instead! It’s probably not as good as real weights, but it does the trick for me ;) Later on, Adriana Lima uses a bar to work on her arms. Don’t have a bar at home? Look for a heavy stick (and watch out so you don’t break anything in your livingroom!)

If you can’t see the video, click here.


Time to work on that core! You can find my favourite move in this video at 1:35. It’s sooo hard and you definitely feel the burn!
If you can’t see the video, click here.


This was actually the first video I ever found of the Train Like An Angel workouts. I really love this one because it works on your legs and a little bit on your core too! I usually start with this one as it’s relatively light to start with. You can make it as easy of difficult if you want to by adding less or more reps! This is my favourite video for a nice summer workout on my thighs and legs :-)
If you can’t see the video, click here.


I personally love to combine the 3 videos above to have some more variation in my workout. If you want one video for a full body workout, here’s the perfect one! The movements are simple, but have a very high impact!
If you can’t see the video, click here.

So tie those shoelaces, fill up your water bottle and let’s get started with our summer workout! Good luck and have fun!

What’s your favourite workout? Do you have any tips on working out?

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