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Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review

14 oktober 2015
Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 1

For those who have read my review on the Midnight and Silver palette, you might have noticed I wasn’t too wild about it. But today I’m giving the palettes from H&M Beauty a second chance: here comes the Smokey Nudes palette! Will another palette change my mind? Find out below!

Smokey Nudes Palette
H&M Beauty Review

This palette is all about the nudes. It’s a perfect mix between matte and shimmer and the colours match well together. As with all the palettes, you get a little folder with 3 tutorials:

  • Natural : 5 minutes
  • Classic : 5 minutes
  • Night : 10 minutes

The Smokey Nudes palette is perfect for fall! I simply love a brown smokey eye, as it’s not as harsh on me as black would be. Let’s take a look at the swatches:

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 1

This is the complete palette. Unfortunately the eyeshadows do not have “names” to refer at, so I divided the palette in three rows from left to right.

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 1

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 2

As in my review of the other palette (Midnight & Silver), the first shade is very sheer, so not visible on my skin. So I decided to leave that one out. The second colour is a champagne one but it looks different in the lid than on the skin. Mine turned out a bit silvery, but the lighting also comes a bit into play.

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 2

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 3

Ooh, big love for the middle colour. What a beauty! The left brown shade is my favourite of the two and also the most pigmented.

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 3

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 4

The first shade is a brown with a soft rosey hue in it: I like it! The black isn’t as pigmented as expected, but with a damb brush you can achieve a more intense colour payoff.

Here’s the look I’ve created with the Smokey Nudes palette:

Smokey Nudes Palette H&M Beauty Review 1

For this look, I’ve used:

  • “A” and “C” over the entire lid
  • “F” in the crease
  • “D” in the outer corner of my eye and under my eye

General overview of Smokey Nudes

At first glance, the palette looked good! I have the feeling that Smokey Nudes is easier to work with than Midnight & Silver. As I’ve pointed out in my previous review, a primer is an absolute must for these palettes. The browns and the shimmery rose do just fine, but the lightest colours (first row) are quite sheer. Some colours are just not visible on the eyelid and I really think it’s a pity that both palettes didn’t turn out how I thought they would. I’ll still use the Smokey Nudes palette for the brown hues, but I’m afraid the lighter shades will be ignored for now. If these eyeshadows had more pigment, I would have fallen in love.

The colours are simply beautiful and H&M Beauty has certainly tried their best with their new make-up palettes, but ultimately I’m not completely captivated by them. Luckily the other products like the lipsticks, eyeliner and cream eyeshadows are the bomb, so that definitely makes up for the two palettes! :-)

Have you tried the eyeshadow palettes by H&M Beauty already? What’s your experience?

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