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Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick Urban Decay | Review

20 januari 2016

As the lipstick hoarder I am – “I might have a similar colour like this, but I’m not sure… Let’s get it!” – I recently tried one of Urban Decay’s Sheer Revolution lipsticks. I had never dipped my toes (or should I say lips?) into their lipstick lines before but as soon as I swatched “Sheer Ladyflower” on my hand, I was in love. The colour made my face lit up and my green eyes stand out. A killer combo with long, voluminous lashes if I might add! This is my first Urban Decay lipstick and I’m definitely planning on getting more :-) But first, let’s take a closer look at my newest obsession, which is one of the lipsticks from the Sheer Revolution line:

Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick | Review

The Sheer Revolution line is described as “the perfect marriage between a lipstick and a lipgloss”. Sounds good!

Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick Urban Decay Sheer Revolution

Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick

Et voila! Here’s the beautiful Sheer Ladyflower from the Sheer Revolution line. It’s described as a rose-pink and the pigmentation is quite good for a sheer lipstick! With one or two swipes you’ll have a decent and even coverage. The undertone of this lipstick is cool.

Here’s a swatch on my arm:

Swatches Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick Urban Decay Sheer Revolution

Left: one swipe | Right: two swipes

And here’s how it looks on my lips:

Sheer Ladyflower Lipstick Urban Decay Sheer Revolution

Lipliner by Kryolan (105) and Sheer Ladyflower lipstick by Urban Decay

The effect is – as expected – sheer but it has a beautiful shiny finish which I like a lot. The texture also feels very much like a lipbalm to me: it’s rich, creamy and moisturising. Depending on your eating habits, it lasts a few hours but after a meal you’ll need to re-apply.

I must say that Sheer Ladyflower is a nice introduction to the Urban Decay lipsticks! I’m pleasantly suprised by the Sheer Revolution line and as I’ve said at the top of the post, the colour makes my face light up: magic! This will not be my one and only Urban Decay lipstick. I’m afraid I’ll have to expand my collection on these! ;-)

Sheer Ladyflower (2.8 gram) is available at the UD counter at ICI Paris XL (selected stores) for € 24,65.

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