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Running Into Summer with Falke

9 april 2017
Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle

This product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer. 

We all know FALKE as the brand for high quality tights and socks, but recently I got the opportunity to get to know their sports collection! From the moment I received my outfit, I went outside for a run and to shoot these beautiful items. The sun was shining and there’s nothing like going for a run to try out your brand new running gear, right? ;)

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System

With every sportswear design, ergonomics is the number one principle. FALKE knows this all too well and with Ergonomic Sport System they want to transfer the perfect experience as well as biomechanics and orthopedics in their products. Simply said, sportswear should be designed in a way that helps the athlete reach his or her goals faster without injuries and have a great experience while working out! Their sportswear has been tested with and by athletes, which results in an integrated system with many functions.

There’s obviously enough science behind this so that all of these items do their job. But the eye wants something as well, so let’s take a look at my outfit shall we? ;)

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 9

RU4 Cushion Short Socks – Running

FALKE RU4 Cushion Short Socks

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 7

FALKE Ergonomis Sport System

We’re starting off with my socks. I have difficult feet: when I was younger, my two big toes have been operated because they were angled inwards – to put it simply I had crooked big toes. Thanks to the operation they are straight now, but since my ankles also lean inward I sometimes still experience imbalance. Good (sports) shoes are very important to me, but any kind of extra support I can get is always welcome!

The great thing about the RU4 Cushion short socks is that they have cushioning for a balanced protection and good shoe contact. For me, the socks especially feel good at my foot arch and heel, preventing discomfort and blisters. They also have a mesh which helps with rapid drying and cooling – perfect for feet that always have to work hard ;)

FALKE Cellulite Control Sport Tights & Maximum Support Bra

Let’s meet the two stars of my outfit: my sports bra and very special sport tights! ;)

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 10

FALKE Cellulite Control Sport Tights & Versatility Maximum Support Bra

FALKE Versatility Maximum Support Bra

First of all, I absolutely love this blue colour on me! I actually didn’t own any blue sports bra yet so this is perfect to add to my workout wardrobe. It’s double layered and is seamless – very comfortable to wear! The bra closes in the front with a lockable zip and has a racerback. The compression fit keeps everything together. I can’t cheer enough for this, because bigger cups don’t always have it easy when it comes to sports bras.

FALKE Cellulite Control Sport Tights

You wouldn’t tell from just looking at these sport tights, but they have a special function! They are double layered for improving your circulation and have a shaping and compression effect. A silhouette booster, I tell you!

You also have the special structured mesh inside the tights – you’ll feel two types of fabric when you put them on. These mesh structures have a micro-massaging effect on your skin. This effect is very visible after a workout when I remove the tights: my legs are covered in wave-like markings (don’t worry, they fade again in no time!)

Personally I feel quite good in these sport tights: it shapes my legs, keeps cellulite under control (at the moment for me prevention is better than cure) and because the tights are double layered they keep me warm and toasty while running outside. Also, a few reflective details make me more visible to others in the early morning or by nightfall.

FALKE Warm Underwear & T-shirt

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 8

FALKE Warm Underwear Tank Top Tight Fit

The sun shows herself more and more lately, but if you’re like me and like to keep comfortably toasty while outside the WARM Underwear line is ideal! I’m wearing the WARM Tank Top in a body hugging tight fit, keeping me warm and dry.

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 4

My T-shirt is a simple and seamless white shirt. It’s really fast at re-drying, ideal if your workout has been really intense or if you sweat easily. Personally I want all of my sports shirts to be made of quickly drying material, because sometimes I’ll eat before jumping in the post-workout-shower (Hungry. Food comes first, lol!) and there’s nothing as annoying as eating your lunch, slightly shivering because your workout clothes are damp. But not if it depends on FALKE! ;)

FALKE Full-Zip Longsleeve Jacket

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 3

I love sports jackets. I always wear one for going to the gym and for my warm-up. The FALKE Full-Zip Longsleeve jacket feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s highly elastic so whatever movement you’re in, there’s no fabric tugging at your skin. The contrasting sleeve cuffs and the reflective details give a little extra to the jacket.

If you look at how thin this jacket is, it’s unbelievable how lightweight it is yet it gives incredible warmth. It was sunny yet quite windy that day and I didn’t feel one bit of it! I have the feeling I can wear this jacket inside in winter as well as outside with sunny temperatures.

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 2

So that’s my complete FALKE outfit for you! I’m 100% certain I will keep wearing these items. Especially the socks are an unexpected yet great support, together with the sports bra and the tights.

What is your favourite sportswear item? Would you wear any items of my outfit?

Falke Ergonomic Sport Sytem Review Anverelle 6

 Who’s ready for some outdoor running? Ready, set, go!

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  • Reply Katrien (Marie Cadie) 17 april 2017 at 21:00

    Ik wist helemaal niet dat FALKE sportkleding had. De sokken zou ik zeker eens willen proberen. De broek zeker ook :) maar eerst van die scheenbeenvliesontsteking afgeraken!

    • Reply Anverelle 19 april 2017 at 16:53

      De sokken en broek zitten héérlijk! :-) En ai ai, eerst inderdaad van die scheenbeenvliesontsteking afgeraken. Ik weet wat het is, ik heb er lang aan gerevalideerd. Succes en bedankt voor je comment!

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