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Recontouring Treatment by DOCTOR BABOR

2 juni 2017
Doctor Babor Recontouring treatment Anverelle Review

This product review includes products that are sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

A little while ago I was invited to a press event of DOCTOR BABOR, the professional skincare series of the brand Babor. We were introduced to the new Lifting & Collagen Booster and Recontouring treatments and were pampered with one of them!

Since I’m still a twenty-something, I figured I didn’t need the Lifting & Collagen Booster yet and instead chose the Recontouring treatment. Today I’ll take you through the treatment and the products used. (Spoiler; they’re amazing!)

The DOCTOR BABOR Recontouring Treatment:
a youthful glow

Doctor Babor Anverelle Recontouring treatment Review

My treatment started with a Repair Cellular cleanser. This cleanses and prepares my skin for the treatment and quite frankly felt heavenly from the start. I was really able to relax right from the beginning and it all starts with this cleanser. After the treatment I didn’t receive the same cleanser, but I have a wonderful thermal cleansing balm from BABOR that’s just as heavenly (but more on that in another post!)

Next up is step two of the recontouring and the star of this treatment: The Dual Face Lift Serum. This ingenious serum comes in two. First of all, you have the V-Shape Serum. This is applied and massaged into the jaw line and neck to tighten these areas. Then the Re-Fill Serum, meant to lift and boost volume, is applied to the cheeks, forehead and décolleté. Good things always come in pairs, so these two serums are neatly packaged in one tube with two separate little pumps.

Step three was simply marvelous! The Collagen Booster Cream goes on the entire face, neck and décolleté and has a great rich and creamy texture. You receive a full face massage which is a fast paced pinching (don’t worry, it’s a way better feeling than it sounds!) to activate everything. I think this is the reason why my face was so glowy after the treatment. I felt so refreshed and cheery! When I got home, my mom literally told me: “Wow, you look so glowy and energised!” Get ready to receive loads of compliments about your skin ;)

After the Collagen Booster and massage they applied the Day Eye Cream around my eye area. But the treatment wasn’t over yet! The beautician mixed the V-Shape Serum and the Re-Fill Serum with the Comfort Cream Mask and left it on for 15 minutes:

Recontouring Treatment Doctor Babor Anverelle Review

The Dual Face Lifting Serums (V-Shape & Re-Fill) mixed with the Comfort Cream Mask

Pure bliss. The room was completely silent and it was just me and my happy face, in the clouds as it seemed. Perfect de-stressing moment! Afterwards the mask was removed gently with a warm moist towel… *Sigh* ;)

Then it was time for the final step: another layer of the Day Eye Cream and the rest of the Collagen Booster over my entire face, neck and décolleté. My skin felt supersoft and completely moisturised. After my first week of flying, I definitely felt like my skin needed this. The whole treatment is based on optimising a youthful face shape, boost volume of the cheeks and forehead and tightening the jaw line.

DOCTOR BABOR Recontouring Treatment Anvererelle Review Dual Face Shape Serum

The DOCTOR BABOR products used in the Recontouring treatment.

Both treatments (Collagen Booster & Recontouring) are available at your specialised BABOR institute.
75 min for € 85,00 // Option with 
microdermabrasion and ultrasonic waves: 95 min for € 125,00

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