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RainPharma Skincare Review

26 juli 2016
RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

I believe that clear skin comes from the inside first: drink enough water, nourish yourself with healthy food, sleep enough, … But there’s also an “outside” to it: use the right products and don’t use something that is clearly not for your skin type.

Finding something that works for my combination and sensitive skin hasn’t always been easy. Recently I’ve been looking into more a more natural approach and came across RainPharma!

RainPharma: From Belgium with love

Made in Belgium, crafted with passion, offered with love.

They have food supplements, shakes and in-store you can relax with their massages and head to toe treatments. They also have a magnificent skincare line and today I’ll review a few of those products for you today!

RainPharma is a brand with a story and there is nothing I love more than that. RainPharma is completely 100% made in Belgium! They focus on a natural skincare, so it contains no chemicals, it’s dermatologically testedhypoallergenic (important for sensitive skin like mine), suitable for vegans – and obviously not tested on animals – and it’s free from aggressive preservatives. All of their ingredients are of natural origin and plant-basedIn short: no nasties!

Here’s a small example of ingredients you can find in RainPharma’s skincare: green tea, camomile, aloë vera, orange-blossom, lavender, lemon, jojoba and grape seed oil, avocado, almond and coconut.

Looking at this list, I was pretty confident that these products were going to do good for my skin. I was quite excited, as I never had a full skincare routine before that was natural to the core!

Easy as abc

The skincare is based on a 6 steps planReally? Really. But I promise you it’s worth it! Here’s the complete range:

  • (a: Advanced Precleanser: This is only if you feel like the amazing oil cleanser is not heavy-duty enough! An oil-based cleanser made for heavy duty cleansing. This gets rid of waterproof make-up, sunscreen and sebum without doubt. Although RainPharma’s skincare is suitable for every type, this cleanser is best for dry to very dry skin. Combination to oily skin are best to avoid this precleanser as it might be too rich for them. Just apply the cleanser on your face, massage it in, add a little water and rinse off.)
  • a: amazing oil cleanser:
    Massage this oil-based cleanser on your face. Add water to make the oil become a milky emulsion. Rinse with water.
    99,65% of natural origin and plant-based. There’s methylpropanediol/caprylyl glycol/phenylpropanol in this cleanser, but these are not irritating the skin or unhealthy. “As soon as science allows us to replace them, we will do so. We’re constantly improving our products” says Rainpharma on their website.
  • b: brightening face scrub:
    Gentle add a dollop of this scrub on your fingers. Scrub gently all over your face with circular movements. Rinse with water. The scrub is made of jojoba oil spheres, almond and grape seed oil. This scrub is so soft you can use it daily if you want!
  • c: comforting clay mask:
    Apply on a clean face and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse with water.
    I don’t have any experience with the comforting clay mask, but I’ve seen the gentleness and results of the other products so I’m certain this will be heaven on earth for clay mask lovers!
  • d: dedicated face wash:
    After the oil-based cleanser, use this water-based one. Rinse with water.
  • e: elementary toning mist:
    A water-free toning mist with soothing rosewater and cucumber. A great product to use before you put on a moisturiser, set make-up or just to refresh your face during the day.
    I don’t have any experience with their toning mist yet, but as soon as my bottle of rosewater finishes I might try this one. It also has rosewater in it, which I love!
  • f: faithful face guard:
    An amazing 4-in-1 product: daycream, nightcream, eyecream and serum! The key ingredient is red algae extract. RainPharma states on their website: “The extract acts as a powerful natural shield, protecting your skin from oxidation damage (free radicals), inflammation, undesired bacteria, redness and sun damage. Fine lines are temporarily reduced, leaving your skin up to 20% smoother for instant glamour!” A truly wonderful product, if you ask me!

You can find a full list of ingredients on RainPharma’s website here.

Product Review

I have four of the six skincare products. I didn’t go for the clay mask because I’m not such an avid mask-user and I decided that for the toner I’m going to wait until my bottle of rosewater finishes.

I’ve used RainPharma’s natural skincare for over 1 month, to give my face some time to adapt to a whole new routine. My skin reacted pretty good to it, but don’t panic right away if yours does. Give your skin one to two months to adapt; detoxing from other (chemical) skincare lines takes a little while!

Amazing Oil Cleanser RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

€ 38,95

a: Amazing Oil Cleanser

I was very hesitant at first about using an oil to cleanse my combination skin. In my mind, using oil would clog up all my pores and I was afraid I was going to break out. However, I did not experience extra breakouts during the adjusting period. I did have one persistent pimple on my forehead, right between my brows (yikes!) but that was due to hormonal changes. After that, my skin has been exceptionally calm and clear.

You only need a little dollop of the oil cleanser, which feels very soft on your face. This cleanser is perfect to break down any heavy make-up. It has absolutely no issues with waterproof mascara and dissolves it right away. I really just apply the oil everywhere on my face – even my eyelids and lashes – without issue. However, you kind of end up smearing black mascara all over your face so I like using my Bioderma water on my lashes first and then get rid of the last bits with the oil cleanser. And what about accidentally getting oil in your eyes? Well, my mom literally has the most sensitive eyes ever but this cleanser doesn’t bother her at all, so that means it really is a gentle cleanser!

Brightening Face Scrub RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

€ 31,95

b: Brightening Face Scrub

I didn’t like face scrubs at first. Most of them are too harsh for my sensitive skin and leaves it irritated and red. This is really the first scrub I enjoy using! The jojoba oil is very gentle with my sensitive skin and it feels so incredibly soft afterwards. I use this twice a week, but this scrub is so soft you can practically use it everyday!

Dedicated Face Wash RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

€ 36,95

d: Dedicated Face Wash

I’m in love with the coco! I love this coconut face wash so much. If there’s a spot I missed with my oil cleanser, I guarantee you that this water-based face wash gets rid of it. It foams a little bit when you use it and afterwards my face is squeaky clean – and no tugging skin!

Faithful Face Guard RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

€ 74,95

f: Faithful Face Guard

This product deserves a blogpost on its own! RainPharma describes the Faithful Face Guard as a 4-in-1: it’s a daycream, nightcream, eyecream and serum! I don’t know about you, but this tube saves me loads of space in my bathroom cabinet (and for travel!), time and money. This cream is suitable for all skintypes, however I feel like with my combination skin I need just a tiny bit while my mom’s dry skin can handle a bit more.

It is the most expensive product of the whole skincare line but I found I need to use less than with other daycreams. And then there is still the matter of it being a 4-in-1 product. If you’d need to buy all those things seperately, I would have to pay more than for this wondertube that literally has it all. And for all of that, I’m okay with the price.

All RainPharma skincare products are

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Free from aggressive preservatives
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% plant based (except for the amazing oil cleanser, which is 99,65%.)

The final verdict?

RainPharma review Anverelle Skincare

All the products have a herbal scent, which makes sense if you think about the ingredients (see above). It did take me a few days to get used to it, but I ended up loving it so much – it wakes me up in the morning and relaxes me in the evening. And nothing is obligatory – you don’t need the full 6 step plan to have great skin: the clay mask and face scrub are not a daily necessity.

I’ve really come to love my RainPharma ritual and I have a feeling I won’t return quickly to anything else. It works incredibly well for my skin and you know what they say: if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! I’m absolutely in love with this brand and I think it’s really interesting to see such nice results with a 100% natural skincare. A warm recommendation!

What do you think of RainPharma? Do you have any natural skincare products?

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