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28 november 2016

You can never be too early to start thinking about Christmas presents and gift sets! I’m one of those people who always starts too late and ends up having a lot of stress, #oops! RainPharma is all about being relaxed, so why not gift someone some “me-time” this year? :)

RainPharma Gift Sets

Me-time is very important and with RainPharma you’re bound to discover your happy place. Today I’d like to show you 7 (!) gift sets. Warning: these are so nice that you might keep them for yourself! ;)

Shower Originals

Let’s start with the classics. The Shower Originals features RainPharma’s bestsellers:

rainpharma_gift sets_showeroriginals_64-95euro Anverelle

Shower Originals – € 64,95

You get two full-sized products and two mini’s that are perfect to travel with:

– Shower Gel – Calming Botanical Touch – 400 ml
– After Oil  – A Zest of Happiness – 250 ml
– Shower Scrub – Sweet Morning Mint – 50 ml
– Body Lotion – Calming Botanical Touch – 50 ml

Love The Skin You’re In

It’s no secret I’m really into RainPharma. I have their skincare line and I’m absolutely in love with it. For those who are not 100% convinced and want to try out the whole line (or introduce someone into RainPharma) … There’s a gift set for that! ;)

rainpharma_gift sets_face_99-00euro Anverelle

Love The Skin You’re In – € 99,00

This gift set has ALL the skincare products, from a-f. They come in mini sizes and are perfect to try out the whole line, so you can get the full experience. Or if you already have the skincare line, these are ideal to take with you while traveling.

– Amazing Oil Cleanser – oil based cleanser – 50 ml
– Brightening Face Scrub – soft face scrub – 50 ml
– Comforting Clay Mask – purifying and nourishing face mask – 20 ml
– Dedicated Face Wash – Face cleanser with flower water -50 ml
– Elementary Toning Mist – Purifying toner – 50 ml
– Faithful Face Guard – Serum, day-, night- and eyecream in one – 20 ml

Bathroom Essentials

Life is better in the shower! Nothing is better than a nice shower gel in the morning, with a fresh touch of mint. Add a little scrub and some after oil and you’re completely set for the day!

rainpharma_gift sets_bathroomessentials_49-95euro Anverelle

Bathroom Essentials – € 49,95

All the following items come in a handy 100 ml bottle:

– Shower Gel  – Sweet Morning Mint
– After Oil – A Zest of Happiness
– Shower Scrub – Calming Botanical Touch
– Repair & Protect Foot Balm
– Liu’s Magic Sponge

Premium Hand Series

Nothings beats soft hands. Give them a quick treatment with this hand smoothie and an invigorating hand polish afterwards!

rainpharma_gift sets boxhand_premium_59-95euro Anverelle

Premium Hand Series € 59,95

– Cleansing Hand Smoothie – Carrot and Orange
– Invigorating Hand Polish  – Rosemary and sage

A Wonderful Gift From Nature

A gift set on the smaller side, but with big impact! This gift box features a full sized bottle of skin wash in the scent “pine”. Thanks to the pine scent, this skin wash is bound to bring you into christmassy vibes!

rainpharma_aromatherapy-essentials_shower-gel__ gift sets awonderfulgift_pine1_54-95euro Anverelle

A Wonderful Gift From Nature – € 54,95

– Bottle Skin Wash Pine – 500 ml
– Liu’s Magic Sponge

A Perfect Ten: Essential Oils

As mentioned earlier in my RainPharma’s Aromatherapy post: the perfect ten essential oils! This beautiful box offers salvation for those who simply can’t choose. Perfect to hand out and maybe keep some favourites for yourself! ;)

RainPharma Aromatherapy Essentials Anverelle A Perfect Ten Gift Sets

A Perfect Ten: Essential Oils – € 59,00

In the box:

10 bottles of 5ml essential oils: rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, orange, sage, lime, peppermint, pine and geranium.

A Perfect Ten: Skin Wash

Choosing is losing. Also featured in my Aromatherapy Essentials post, this is the skin wash version of the “perfect ten”. A bit on the pricey side, so maybe you can keep some for yourself and give the other bottles to friends who love that specific scent!

RainPharma Aromatherapy Essentials Anverelle A Perfect Ten Gift Sets

A Perfect Ten: Skin Wash – € 149,00

In this box:

10 bottles off 150 ml skin wash and Liu’s Magic Sponge. The scents are: rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, orange, sage, lime, peppermint, pine and geranium.

And that’s all 7 gift sets from RainPharma! What are your favourites?

Pictures courtesy by SOAP PR.
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  • Reply Als Fashion Taste 5 december 2016 at 18:29

    Lijkt mij super producten ?

  • Reply Natalie 29 november 2016 at 09:03

    Ik zou ook gaan voor de bathroom set! Zie ik hier zo op de wasbak staan :D

    • Reply Anverelle 30 november 2016 at 18:40

      Zo mooie verpakking hé! <3

  • Reply Eveline 28 november 2016 at 15:50

    Super leuk artikel! Al meteen heel wat gift inspo erbij ❤️?

    • Reply Anverelle 28 november 2016 at 15:51

      Ik ben echt zo het type dat altijd te laat begint met zoeken dus ik dacht, dit jaar doen we het anders! ;D

  • Reply Karen - Dressing in Labels 28 november 2016 at 15:13

    De bathroom essentials gift set vind ik het leukste. Ik bouw graag op die manier wat me-time in.

    x Karen

    • Reply Anverelle 28 november 2016 at 15:15

      Naast de Love The Skin You’re In, is Bathroom Essentials ook een van mijn favorieten! :)

  • Reply Verena 28 november 2016 at 15:10

    Hele mooie producten!

    • Reply Anverelle 28 november 2016 at 15:11

      Dankjewel! Wat zou jij kiezen? ;)

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