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14 april 2018
Yves Rocher Pure Light HEADER review Anverelle

Does a natural, light and hydrating foundation sound like a dream to you? I received the Pure Light foundation by Yves Rocher in my mailbox some time ago and decided to give it a try. I love to test new foundations and formulas. So the Pure Light with its promising hydrating and natural finish is my latest test subject! ;)

I’ve seen the Pure Light foundation in action before on a press presentation, when it was applied on the back of a hand with just some fingers. I was really impressed with the fact the foundation was so liquid and light that I might be able to apply it without brushes and straight on my face!

But when I tried it out at home for the first time, the Pure Light foundation proved to be a bit more work than when I had seen it on the press day… I’m not saying I was deceived by the representative, I just needed some time to figure out how the foundation works on my own skin. And in the end I can say I remain semi positive on the Pure Light foundation. So here’s my little story and review:

This Yves Rocher foundation review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Things started off right with the Pure Light foundation. The info on the packaging made me feel very positive about the product:

  • zero alcohol, parabens or silicons
  • non- comedogenic (so doesn’t clog or close off your pores!)
  • highly moisturising
  • 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin

Let’s talk quickly about the packaging. Although I like a pump best, a dropper is the second best thing in my book. Especially for this very liquid foundation, the dropper is the most logical option to go with. It kinda reminds me of NYX’s Total Control Drop foundation, but in a bigger bottle. Shake before use! ;-)

Now onto the shades. The foundation comes in four shade categories: tan, rosé, gold and beige. I received Rosé 100, which is the lightest shade in the rosé category. A pleasantly good match, especially if you know I just picked my colour from the swatches in the press release! I think the different categories are meant to be your undertones, it’s a bit more specific instead of just cool or warm toned. Here are all the shades:

Tan, Rosé, Beige and Golden

Yves Rocher Pure Light foundation - all shades - Anverelle Review

Pure Light Foundation: € 19,99

I was so excited to try this at home and especially applying it with my fingers! But when I applied it  (like you’d do with a moisturiser) something happened that I had never experienced with a foundation before. And it wasn’t good…

My foundation started pilling. Ew.

Pilling is kinda the same what sometimes happens with sweaters. Your sweater starts to make little balls of the fabric it’s made of. The same happened with the Pure Light foundation. “How is this possible?” I thought, “it looked so nice and smooth at the presentation!” The foundation started to ball up on my face around my temples and nostrills, creating dry spots. #noooo! What was happening? I tried applying it again, this time one side with a brush and the other side with my Beautyblender. The brush gave the same effect, but with the sponge it seemed better.

What’s pilling and why did it happen with my Pure Light foundation?

Pilling usually happens when your product can’t be absorbed by your skin or if there’s a lot of silicones, talc or iron oxide in it. I had actually never researched why it happens because I never had any problems with that before. But after some reading, I have several things that I think may have caused the pilling:

  • My skincare is very hydrating (I use eyecream, two serums, a moisturiser and sunscreen) and it’s possible my skin wasn’t “dry” enough when I put on the Pure Light foundation.
  • I discovered there are three iron oxides in this foundation. They were completely on the bottom of the ingredient list so it’s just a tiny amount and might not be the cause.
  • It’s a light to medium coverage foundation. Putting on too much will make it difficult for this highly moisturising foundation to absorb decently into my skin. I found that multiple layers to amp up the coverage are a no-go for me.

But did I found a way to work with the Pure Light foundation? Yes!

So although the Pure Light foundation is silicone free (yay!), it does contain some talc and iron oxides which may cause some pilling. But the thing I don’t get is that I found the same ingredients in other foundations I use, which I’ve never experienced pilling with. Strange. I guess it must have been a combination of my very hydrating skincare and using too much foundation then? But since I’m in no way giving up of changing my skincare routine, I needed to figure out how I could make this foundation work.

Because I still love how perfectly colour matched it is and I was convinced that this couldn’t be a bad foundation… I even dropped by an Yves Rocher store to ask which tool would be best to apply the foundation with and how much. I didn’t want to give up on this foundation until I knew for sure I wasn’t just doing something wrong. How determined of me! ;) So now, when I put a few drops on my cheeks, forehead and chin and then use my Beautyblender to blend everything out – it’s fine. It’s absolutely light coverage for me though, since I don’t layer up anymore to avoid pilling. I can still use some concealer for the parts that need more coverage. It’s definitely a foundation that I need to work for, while I’d rather have the foundation work for me ;-)

Have you tried the Pure Light foundation already? Let me know below what your experience is!

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  • Reply Yara 15 april 2018 at 09:54

    Spijtig dat de foundation begon te pillen. Wel fijn dat je een manier hebt gevonden, waardoor de foundation wel goed werkt!

    • Reply Anverelle 15 april 2018 at 09:56

      Hi Yara, bedankt voor je comment! Ja, ik vond het echt jammer toen ik zag dat ‘ie begon te pillen :( Hij zag er zo veelbelovend uit! Als ik inderdaad mijn skincare goed laat “drogen” en een dun laagje aanbreng, zit ik goed :-) x

    Leave a Reply