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Oval Brushes Artistry Set Review

28 augustus 2016
Oval Brushes Review Artistry Set Anverelle

I’m sure you’ve seen the new and gorgeous looking make-up brushes on every social media platform: the oval brushes! I thought they looked so soft and beautiful and I just really wanted to try them for myself! I went looking online for the Artis brushes I saw on Instagram, but these turned out to be $ 400 for a set. Yikes! No way I was going to spend that amount of money on brushes… So I went looking for alternatives and I found a perfect dupe: the Artistry Set by Boozyshop.

For this review I also made a demo video on what you get in the Artistry set and how to use them in a full face make-up look!

Oval Brushes Review & Demo

If you can’t see the video, click here.

I just want to say that I think Boozyshop has excellent service: I ordered my oval brushes before 8PM and the next day they were on my doorstep! Ordering went very smooth and quick.

I bought my brushes for € 64,99 but these were actually marked down. The original price is € 130 but I don’t know how long these will stay on sale, so if you’d like this set I’d get them quick! :-)

Oval Brushes Review Artistry Set Anverelle

Artistry Set – € 64,99 – Picture by

The look

Let’s take a look at these beautiful brushes! The handles are aluminium with a rose gold colour (win!) and rubber so they’re easy to grab. Each brush has a name for easy identification, but does not state the use which can get confusing for those who don’t know what to use the brushes for. You will notice they are very multipurpose, so you can use them in absolutely any way you want! To get an idea of the different uses, scroll down to the pictures to find out. You can also watch my demo on Youtube if you’re curious about how I use the oval brushes.

The hairs are luxury synthetic fibres and are cruelty-free! They are incredibly soft and I think the secret to these oval brushes is the fact that the hairs are very densely packed. They are also easy to clean; whether it’s a quick clean with an alcohol based brush cleanser or if you wash them with babysoap. You just leave them to dry and they are brand spanking new!

The performance

The make-up application with these oval brushes are flawless. For real. Everything is blended in a breeze and my foundation goes on flawlessly with the largest brush (Elyps XL). It’s actually very relaxing to buff in your foundation, concealer or contour with one of these. I really love using them… We’re two weeks in and to be honest I haven’t even touched my other regular brushes yet and I fear my other make-up brushes will start screaming soon that I’m neglecting them, haha! ;)

The only brush I don’t like from the set is the Circular 2 that is supposed to be used for the eyes. I feel like the brush is too harsh for the eyes and it has a very odd shape to work with.

I even noticed I have to use less product with these new brushes. Because the hairs are so densely packed they pick up less product – so no wasting that expensive foundation!

The Artistry Set

Oval Brushes Review Artistry Set Anverelle

Left to right: Elypse XL – Elypse L – Elypse M – Elypse S

ELYPSE XL: foundation – bronzer – setting powder

ELYPSE L: foundation – bronzer – setting powder – blush – contour

ELYPSE M: foundation – bronzer – setting powder – blush – contour – concealer

ELYPSE S: foundation – contour – eyeshadow – concealer

Oval Brushes Review Artistry Set Anverelle

Left to right: Kylix S – Kylix M – Kylix L

KYLIX S: eyeshadow – brows – eyeliner

KYLIX M: eyeshadow – brows – eyeliner – concealer

KYLIX L: eyeshadow – eyeliner – blush – contour – concealer

Oval Brushes Review Artistry Set Anverelle

Left to right: Elypse XS – Circular 1 – Circular 2

ELYPSE XS: eyeshadow – concealer – eyeliner – brows – lips

CIRCULAR 1: eyeshadow – concealer – lips

CIRCULAR 2: eyeshadow – concealer – brows – lips

I bought my oval brushes as a 10 piece set, but they’ve gotten so popular that Boozyshop decided to sell the Makeup Revolution ones, which are separates! So if you’re still unsure if you’d love these type of brushes, I’d recommend buying a few separates before taking the plunge of a complete 10 piece set. Find the separate oval brushes here.

In conclusion: I’d grab my regular brushes for an eye look, but otherwise I’m loving these oval brushes to death! They are absolutely worth the hype, but I don’t think you should spend $ 400 – if you’re looking for a really good dupe this Artistry set is definitely worth your money. Go check it out!

What did you think of the video? Are these oval brushes a must or a bust? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply Khang 17 juni 2017 at 05:19

    Hi! I love artistry brush oval set but I don’t know where buy it. Can you show me where to buy it? I live in VietNam

    • Reply Anverelle 28 juni 2017 at 17:39

      Hi, Thanks for your comment! I bought it from a Dutch webshop so I’m afraid they don’t ship to Vietnam… :( But I’m sure there are lots of oval brushes packs you can buy on Ebay! Hope this answers your question and good luck! X

  • Reply Sabine | so far so Sabine 29 augustus 2016 at 08:34

    Such a great video! I loved watching it :) keep up the good work. I bought similar brushes on Ali express, so crazy but very affordable and they are really good too :)

    Xoxo Sabine

    • Reply Tessa 29 augustus 2016 at 09:30

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Sabine! :-) They are amazing, aren’t they? I don’t think my foundation has ever blended so fast with these oval brushes :D

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