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Organic Coconut Love ▸ Urtekram

23 november 2017
Urtekram Organic Coconut range Anverelle Review Header

A little while ago I got introduced to Urtekram via my mailbox. There’s nothing more fun than testing out new products – especially when they’re organic. It’s always nice to know these brands won’t harm the environment as much as others. I’ve definitely been more aware this year on what I use. Furthermore, I’ve noticed natural or organic brands are pleasant to use and they do good for my hair and body. So I’m always up to try new things, like Urtekram! :-) I received both hair and body care, so let’s see how it went.

This Urtekram product review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

About Urtekram and the Coconut range

Let’s start with the name :-) It was the first thing that attracted me to read the e-mail about Urtekram, simply because it’s such a special name and I didn’t knew the brand yet!

Urtekram comes from the Danish word urtekræmmer, which roughly translated means local herb merchant. Funnily enough, that’s also how the two founders of Urtekram started their business – as a small and local herb seller in Copenhagen! It’s basically like the healthy supermarkets/shops you have nowadays. As you all know, I’m not too fond of buying something online, so here’s the good news: if you’d like to try out Urtekram yourself you can buy them at the Carrefour supermarket! Super easy, a good price – and no fussing around with buying something online ;-)

In Scandinavia, Urtekram is the largest organic wholesaler and they were awarded this year with ‘Most Sustainable Brand in Denmark’. The plastic packaging is recyclable and clearly states what’s in them. (Psst, you can find a complete product sheet on the website!) The products are suitable for vegans and haven’t been tested on animals. Talk about a deep love for the environment! :-) The brand is focused on creating organic food and body care products. I was gifted four products from the coconut range: the hand soap, shower gel, shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Next to these you also have the coconut bodylotion, deodorant stick, regular conditioner and hand cream.

Coconut Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner

Urtekram Shampoo Leave-in Conditioner Anverelle Review

Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner for normal hair // € 6,95 each.


Let me get right into it and tell you that this is probably not like any other shampoo you own – unless you’re already using natural products.

Since Urtekram is a natural brand it’s less thick and gel like, unlike the other brands. So it’s a bit runnier! Don’t be too enthusiastic – like me – and see half of the shampoo in your hand disappear down the drain. #whoops

The scent is completely the same – coconut, obviously – for the whole line. However, if you’re looking for that typical tropical-island-coconut-cocktail scent you’ll be disappointed. You see, we’re so brainwashed into thinking a coconut smells extremely sweet and tropical (just think about the tv commercials) that we’re surprised it “doesn’t smell more like coconut”. I have to be honest and tell you that I had the exact same reaction when I tried the coconut shampoo: “This doesn’t smell like a coconut, I can barely smell anything! Did I do something wrong?”
(looks confused at the bottle)

And then it hit me. Of course it won’t smell like a tropical shower of coconuts just washed over you. Because real coconuts smell fresh and subtle, not like shampoo you wash your hair with and can still smell hours after you’ve left your bathroom. It also won’t foam as much as the rest. That’s actually a good thing, since that means less parabens and sulfates. It’s all the chemical stuff that makes your shower products super foamy and thick, that’s actually bad for you and your body. And quite frankly, the environment too. So if you can embrace that your shampoo won’t foam as much or isn’t heavily scented, you’ll absolutely love it! All in all, it’s a wonderfully gentle shampoo and leaves my fine hair soft and light. I really like it and it gives my hair a well deserved break :-)

Side note: I’m not here to lecture or criticize anyone. I also love my shampoo that foams so much I can make a foam tower of hair ;-) It’s just in the end, the chemicals are not so good. Urtekram is doing a really good job and I think it’s great there are brands completely dedicated to those who like (or need) to avoid certain stuff in their hair & body care.

Leave-in Conditioner

I’m always up for time saving stuff, so a leave-in conditioner sounds like a great idea! You can use the leave-in conditioner on damp or dry hair, without rinsing of course. The first time I got a bit overboard with the spray because … Well, I worried. I’ve always used a regular conditioner and I thought a spray wouldn’t be enough to detangle my hair. But it turns out you’ll only need a little bit and it does a great job at detangling and softening your hair very quickly. Winner winner!

Tip: shake before use :-)

Coconut Handsoap & Shower Gel

Urtekram Hand Soap and Shower Gel Anverelle Review

Hand Soap

The hand soap comes in a big 380 ml packaging, so you’ll get plenty of product. Personally I feel like the hand soap is a bit on the runny side. This is because I’m used to hand soaps that are thicker and creamier. Just like I explained with the coconut shampoo, it’s an organic and natural product. It won’t feel the same as the regular brands. But just because it’s a bit runny, doesn’t take away that this hand soap cleanses and moisturises my hands effortlessly!

Extra points for the packaging, btw. The pump makes it easy to dispense the product. I don’t like a classic bar of soap, so a pump is the most hygienic and easy way for me.

Shower Gel

The shower gel is – like the hand soap – a bit runny. But my mom, who has dry skin, is already a fan of the moisturised feeling she gets after using the Urtekram coconut range. Your skin is soft and well – simply clean! The scent is subtle and fresh, like the entire range.

What do you think of natural/organic products? Do you prefer scented or neutral shower products?

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