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NYX Cosmetics Review Part II

9 juli 2016
NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle

NYX Cosmetics has landed in Belgium and chose Ghent – my hometown – as their first store. Missed the announcement? Read all about the exact location and my NYX wishlist here.

NYX First Impressions & Review

Here I am with the second part of my NYX haul: Face & Eyes! I will tell you my first impressions of the products I bought, together with a mini-review.

This is Part II where I show you the face and eye products I purchased. Find Part I about the lip products here.

Part II: Face & Eyes

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle

Glitter Primer

I have quite oily eyelids and by the middle to the end of the day, so I am guaranteed with creasing eyeshadow. So you can imagine I was a bit sceptic at first. But after application the primer is really sticky – almost sticking my eyelids to my eye socket ;-) My glitter eyeshadow stayed on FOREVER and no creasing by the end of the day. The eyeshadow looked freshly applied! Tip: put the primer only where you are going to apply glitter based eyeshadow or loose pigments. Because the primer is so adhesive, blending is more of a difficult task.

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Skinny %ascara

The Skinny Mascara – Black

I’ve always been a big fan of big mascara brushes, but they don’t particularly come in handy for the lower lashes. Also, bigger brushes can mean clumps. Not with The Skinny Mascara! This one separates my lashes beautifully without any clumping. I have long lashes of my own, but I kinda get the false lashes effect which I like. I can’t be asked to put on fake lashes everyday – so this is a perfect alternative! Tip: Want more volume? Let the coats of skinny mascara dry and then put on a coat of your favourite volume mascara. False lashes effect guaranteed!


NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle

Retractable Eyeliner –  04 Brown

This eyeliner doesn’t need much introduction. It’s a great product for everyday use and it stays on quite well. I like twist ups, so no need to sharpen them! Although being a creamy eyeliner, it stays put and the pigmentation is on point. No bad remarks!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Liquid Crystal Liner

Liquid Crystal Liner – 104 Crystal Silk

Liquid liner has been one of my favourites. Personally, I think it’s much easier and quicker to handle but you’ll have to deal with the drying time. I’ve always wanted a liner with a little extra and this golden number is perfect for special occasions and days like Christmas. I’ve worn it the first time to support our Red Devils and I loved it!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle The Curve Eyeliner

The Curve Eyeliner – Black

This eyeliner actually deserves a post on its own! Thanks to its design, it’s super easy to draw a cateye or any kind of eyeliner you’d want. The Curve is easy to handle and will take off minutes of your make-up routine! The tip is very thin so you can go for an elegant eyeliner, or you can add some drama to it and go for a bold liner. I really like the design of this product and it’s certainly a great addition to my make-up stash. It makes drawing a winged liner so much easier and it’s quick. A new favourite! Tip: keep your elbow on a table to keep it steady and with The Curve you’ll draw a winged eye in no time!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Matte Finish Spray

Matte Finish Spray

I’ve never had a setting spray before, so I was curious how this matte finish would turn out. Especially with summer a setting spray comes in very handy, as it will keep oil at bay. I spray it on in the morning, or during the day when I feel I need a little bit more. Tip: this spray is also very refreshing if you are on the oily side during a hot summer day.

Cream Contour and Highlight Palette

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Cream Highlight and Contour

Cream Contour and Highlight Palette – Light

I already own a contour stick by NYX Cosmetics, so I was already convinced with their contouring products. However, I was still curious if a palette would be as handy as a stick and bought the cream contour and highlight palette in the shade light. The first shade is the contour shade and although I think it’s a shade darker than my stick, it’s still a beautiful colour to work with. Picking up the intensity is fairly easy, but I like my contouring soft. The middle colour is the highlight and in between an irresistible pink and white shade. The last colour is the shimmer. Less necessary than the highlight, but a nice touch nonetheless.

The Verdict

I absolutely loved the lip products from the first review and I am once again in love with the face and eyes products! I will certainly return to NYX to try out some more but I am convinced by this make-up brand. Beautiful make-up for a wallet-friendly price and the products certainly perform!

What do you think of the NYX make-up? Do you have any favourites?

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