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NYX Cosmetics Review Part I

27 juni 2016
NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Anverelle

NYX Cosmetics has landed in Belgium and chose Ghent – my hometown – as their first store. Missed the announcement? Read all about the exact location and my NYX wishlist here.

NYX First Impressions & Review

New make-up stores are always exciting times. Last Thursday I was at the opening of the first Belgian NYX Cosmetics store and brought back a lot of goodies! If you have no idea what to get, read on: I will tell you my first impressions of the products I bought, together with a mini-review.

This is Part I where I show you the lip products I purchased. Part II will contain the eyeliners, mascara, primer and highlighter palette.

Part I: Lips

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Plump it up Lip plumper 03

Plump it up – Lip plumper shade 03 Liv (clear) – € 8,30

This is my first lip plumper! I had tried MAC’s Plush Glass before but wasn’t too much impressed. Yet, I decided I’d give this one a go! I went for the clear gloss in the “shade” 03 Liv. From the moment you put it on, you will get that familiar tingling sensation that comes with lip plumpers. The tingling does not get uncomfortable, even after a while, which is a huge plus! The formula stays on the tacky side, keeping my lips hydrated. I do notice that my lips look and feel plumper, but don’t expect lip-injections level. It also helps filling in lines and ridges on my lips, making them smoother. WIN! Tip: wear the lip plumper a couple of minutes before blotting it off and applying lipstick. Result? Fuller lips and a smoother surface to apply your lipstick on!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Monte Carlo

Soft Matte Lip Cream – 10 Monte Carlo – € 7,20

It was not easy choosing between Amsterdam (a pure red) or Monte Carlo (a deep cranberry red), but eventually I went with the latter. These Soft Matte Lip Creams are the holy grail of every NYX fan! This matte formula does not dry out your lips compared to others and applies like a dream. It’s almost like applying a soufflé! In general they resist really well, but after a meal with some drinks you might need to touch up in the middle. Loving this shade!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Full Throttle 07 Sidekick

Full Throttle Lipstick – 07 Sidekick – € 7,20

Definitely a my-lips-but-better shade. This shade will probably end up being one of my nude favourites! This coral nude is beautifully pigmented and has the bold statement to be waterproof. The Full Throttle is very creamy at first, but then they dry down and they do not budge an inch! This lipstick features a bullet-like shape with beveled edge that should help with lining and filling in your lips, but the shape wears off quite easily after a few uses so personally I don’t feel like this is a game changer.

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips San Paulo

Soft Matte Lip Cream – 08 San Paulo – € 7,20

Another Soft Matte Lip Cream, this time in San Paulo. Again, great pigmentation with this plummy pink shade. Have I mentioned yet all of these smell like vanilla? ;-) These are absolutely my favourite matte range with the brand. And with 34 shades, you’re bound to find your perfect match!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Jumbo Lip Pencil 720 Honey Nectar

Jumbo Lip Pencil – 720 Honey Nectar – € 6,20

Honey Nectar is a soft pink shade with the slightest touch of brown in it. They feel very nourishing and soft on your lips with great pigmentation. It doesn’t stay on as long as the matte lip creams, it feels more like a tinted lipbalm.
Tip: don’t be fooled by the small tip of this lip pencil. There’s 5 gr of product in there, so just sharpen it with a jumbo sharpener!

The Pinks: Pro Lip Cream Palette

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Pro Lip Cream Palette swatches

Pro Lip Cream Palette – The Pinks – € 12,50

And then: my first lip palette! These are The Pinks Pro Lip Cream Palette (yes, more lip creams!) Beautiful range of colours, as you can see swatched on my arm. But sadly they didn’t turn out the same on my lips… I don’t know if it’s just the lighting, my lips being already naturally pink or if I need a different application but some of the shades didn’t transfer the same on my lips as they appear in the palette. I’m not completely in love with it and that’s a shame, but still a few colours I can work with!

The palette has 6 pink shades. On my arm, I’ve swatched the palette from left up to left down and then up right to down right (LEFT GOING DOWN: baby pink – deep pink – magenta // RIGHT GOING DOWN: red coral – nude pink – pink coral)

Anverelle NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Pro Lip Cream Palette The Pinks

The palette and my arm showcase lots of different colours, but sadly that’s not the case on my lips. For the moment some of the shades are too similar for me to speak of a truly versatile palette. If you want to, you can mix up the shades to create your very own, which might be an interesting idea if you feel the same about the palette as I do. As the name already gives away, all of the shades are a lip cream. This makes them very hydrating – which I really appreciate – and comfortable to wear. A shame with the colours because I am absolutely loving the swatches on my arm… Hopefully with some experimenting, I will be able to love this palette like I love the rest of the lippies!

The Verdict?

To conclude, I think I can state that pretty much all of NYX’s lip products are very comfortable to wear, do not dry out your lips – even better, most of them are really hydrating – and are extremely pigmented. My three favourites of the whole bunch? That must be Monte CarloHoney Nectar and the Red Coral! And for that price, I don’t mind adding a whole lot more of NYX’s lip products to my ever-growing lip stash. It’s been decided: I’m in love!

Have you every tried the lip products? Do you have a favourite?

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  • Reply Annebeth 29 juni 2016 at 09:36

    ik vind die full throttle die je hebt zo mooi, ik wil ze allemaal want ik vind de formula echt het beste OOIT! <3

    • Reply Anverelle 29 juni 2016 at 09:45

      Sidekick! <3 Formule is inderdaad top notch, ben er heel blij mee! De andere kleurtjes zien er ook allemaal zo leuk uit... :-)

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