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NYX Cosmetics Brand Review

25 januari 2017
NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle

If there is one make-up brand I’ve bought the most from last year, it’s got to be NYX Cosmetics. By the end of June, NYX opened its first Belgian doors in my hometown Ghent! Not long after other stores opened as well, to the excitement of all beauty lovers. You can currently find them in Ghent, Brussels, Liège and Antwerp. A little bird told me that a store opening in Hasselt is not far behind!

NYX Cosmetics Love

There is so much to love of NYX Cosmetics! Some of their products already made an appearance last summer in my travel essentials and today I’d like to show you my growing collection & share my favourites. Here’s my proclaimed NYX love in one big post, mini reviews included:

Click the links if you want to read previous posts on that product!



NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals Anverelle

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – 03 Warm Neutrals

A beautiful eyeshadow palette – and my first complete warm neutrals as well! The shades are very blendable and quite pigmented. So far so good. There will be an individual post on this NYX Cosmetics palette, so keep an eye out for the complete review!

Jumbo Pencils

604 Milk & 629 Knight

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Jumbo Pencils Milk & Knight

The Jumbo Pencils are great as creamy eyeshadows. Milk is a NYX Cosmetics holy grail, as it’s ideal for making eyeshadows brighter and more intense. Also works like a charm on not-so-great palettes, so if you’ve got a cheap palette with basically no pigment I’d try using ‘Milk’ and see where that gets you. Just apply it under your eyeshadow as a primer! Milk is also great to highlight inner eye corners and the waterline. Knight is a soft black with golden shimmers, but might look on the green side in different lighting situations.


The Curve Eyeliner

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle The Curve Eyeliner

The first time I saw this, I was immediately intriged. It looks kind of intimidating, but don’t worry: this curvy thingy has got your back! Drawing an eyeliner is so much easier with the Curve Eyeliner. It’s a nice matte black eyeliner. To get a good dispense of product, draw a few lines on the back of your hand first.

Vinyl Liquid Liner

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Vinyl Liquid Liner

While the Curve Eyeliner gives a matte finish, the Vinyl Liquid Liner has a glossy finish! It’s one of my latest purchases and I actually like the glossier finish best, so I gravitate more towards this one. The brush is very fine and small and very easy to create a winged eyeliner with. Love it!

Liquid Crystal Liner

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Liquid Crystal Liner

104 Crystal Silk

Sometimes you need a little extra sparkle. Mine just comes as a liquid gold eyeliner ;) Just like the Vinyl one, the brush is very small so it’s easier to create a fine wing. For a full opaque liner you might need to trace it over a few times, but otherwise gives a really nice and subtle touch of sparkle, wherever you go. Check out the gold eyeliner together with a red lip, while I was off supporting the Red Devils last summer! I’m not a big football fan, but when it’s the World Cup I’m always happy to cheer for our Belgian team in front of the tv ;)


HD Definition Eyeshadow Base

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle HD Definition Eyeshadow Base

A lot of people are probably going to shoot me for saying this, but I’m not crazy in love with my UD Primer Potion. I know, it’s shocking. You wanna know why? It actually works a little too well – sometimes my eyeshadows won’t blend (no, it’s not the eyeshadow. No, I’m not using too much primer.) and it’s just not convenient.

Seems like I had a little primer overachiever on my hands, so I had a look at what NYX Cosmetics had to offer on primers and fell for the HD Definition Eyeshadow Base. And you know what? It’s become my holy grail eyeprimer, because my eyeshadow doesn’t crease and basically doesn’t budge AFTER I applied my eyeshadows. No ‘overachiever’ here, and I mean this in a very positive way!

Glitter Primer

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle

I never had a glitter primer before, but with this one your glitter stays on solid like a rock. You can also use this to make regular sparkly eyeshadows look more intense. It’s definitely a recommendation if you want to amp up poor-quality glitter eyeshadows. Not sure if it’s a real downside, but the primer is very sticky so only apply where needed.

Face & Body Glitter

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Face & Body Glitter

I only have these in two shades at the moment, but I’m definitely getting more! These Face & Body glitters are so versatile and great to get some extra oomph to your makeup look. Want to see the NYX Cosmetics glitter and primer in action? I’ve used them to create red glitter lips in my Christmas Beauty Look!


The Skinny Mascara – 01 BlackNYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Skinny %ascara

Honestly the smallest mascara brush EVER and I love it! This mascara is great if you’re not into big and clumpy lashes. This Skinny Mascara is great at separating my lashes and adding length. If I want a little bit more drama I’ll use this as a “primer” and use a volumising mascara after.

Doll Eye Volume – 02 Volume

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Doll Eye Mascara

Another current favourite of mine is the Doll Eye mascara. This one gives more volume to my lashes but also does a good job of separating them. It’s a simple mascara, nothing ultra fancy but it does the job and sometimes simple is the best!


Cream Contour & Highlight Palette

NYX Cosmetics Review Part II Face & Eyes Anverelle Cream Highlight and Contour

I’m going to be honest. I don’t use this palette as much, especially since I have the Wonder Stick. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a very good palette for those who want to get in on the whole contouring thing. I actually adore the highlighter (middle pan) and don’t use it nearly enough as I should. I guess that’s the downside of having so much make-up; sometimes there’s just too much choice and you always go back to the same things (and forget about the rest. I’M SO SORRY MAKE-UP, I STILL LOVE YOU THO!)

Note to self / 2017 resolution: rotate more with your make-up products!

But back to this palette. Sadly, the picture doesn’t do the palette enough justice. The contour shade is actually perfect; not too dark and not too warm. Same with the brightener, it’s a beautiful cream colour that actually doesn’t make you look like you’ve got white patches on your face. With all the baking nowadays I feel it’s important to make your brightening part look like your skin and glowy. Not white. A great addition for beginners (and make-up hoarders. Let’s be honest.)

Wonder Stick

Highlight and Contour – 01 Light/Medium

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Wonder Stick

And Wonder Stick it is! If I’m not using my contour powder, I’ll always grab this handy stick. Well, semi-handy because I actually don’t use the highlight part; it’s too light for me *silent cry*. But just like the cream contour palette, the contour shade is purrrfect  and my go-to for carving out some cheekbones. Okay, the ‘carving’ sounded kinda creepy… Let’s just keep it at “this stick is amazing and I use it every day” ;)

Dewy & Matte Finish Spray

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Matte Finish Dewy Finish Spray

If there’s one thing that annoys me to death, it’s my combination skin. Dry cheeks and a oily t-zone isn’t fun for wearing make-up. The rest of my makeup stays beautifully on, but after a while my forehead looks like I’ve dipped it in olive oil. (insert the biggest eyeroll you’ve ever seen)

Matte Finish is great if I don’t have time to put on powder to set my foundation on my forehead, nose and chin. I just spray a little all over my face and it definitely helps. During the summer I like to take this with me in my handbag. It’s very refreshing and keeps oil at bay, so what’s not to like?

Dewy Finish came in a goodiebag – I prefer a matte make-up look but if you’re into a glowy and dewy skin this is just perfect! This will also liven up a dry foundation and just like the matte finish, a few pumps of this spray can be refreshing during the summer.


09 Paradise

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Blush

Careful – loads of pigment with this one! The first time I used it I made the huge mistake to just buff in that blush brush, only to end up with huge red apple cheeks. Yikes. It’s a crazy beautiful shade and if you treat it with light strokes, it will reward you with a gorgeous and attractive flush on the cheeks!


NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle Micro Brow Pencil Control Freak Brow GelMicro Brow Pencil – 05 Ash Brown & Control Freak Eyebrow Gel – 01 Transparent

The Micro Brow Pencil must be my favourite way of putting on my brows. It has great pigment, the pencil is tiny so you can go as sharp as you want to AND it’s a perfect dupe for the Anastasia Bevery Hills Brow Wiz. ‘Nuff said. To keep those perfect brows in place, my newest addition to my make-up bag is a transparent brow gel. I just got this, so I don’t have loads to say on this. It just works like a charm, simple as that!


HD Concealer – 03 Light

NYX Cosmetics Brand Review Anverelle HD Concealer

My go-to concealer. When I noticed my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind almost ran out, I decided to try the NYX Cosmetics liquid concealers. I’ve got the shade 03 Light which has a hint of pink in it and is perfect to hide those blue designer bags under my eyes. ;)

All jokes aside, this concealer is creamy yet lightweight and will not start creasing on me. It’s the perfect companion!


A lot of my lippies came from the goodiebag I received when I went to the blogger store event, but I’ve bought a pretty decent number myself as well ;) Their lip products is probably one of the things that NYX Cosmetics is most famous for! In my first impressions post you could already read about a few lippies but a lot has been added in the meantime… ;-)

Pro Lip Cream Palette

Click here to see the swatches on the lips.

Honestly, I haven’t been using this palette as much as I should be. It features some gorgeous and very wearable colours but grabbing a lipstick in a tube is so much easier… And as you might notice from the swatches, they’re not the same when I apply them on the lips. Maybe I should give them a second chance. What do you think?

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Soft Matte Lip Cream NYX Cosmetics Anverelle

Probably the biggest best-sellers of NYX Cosmetics! Loads of awesome colours and a very nice formula to work with. They are a bit drying, so if you’re prone to that I’d try wearing just a little bit of chapstick under the Soft Mattes. But they apply beautifully and wear nicely. I own the shades Cairo, Buenos Aires, Addis Ababa, Copenhagen, Transylvania, San Paulo and Monte Carlo.

Matte Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Anverelle

Beau-ti-ful lipsticks. BUT scrubbing your lips first is an absolute must for these as they will point out any chapped lips or lines. Applying just the tiniest bit of chapstick will also help the matte lipstick glide on. Very much in love with Perfect Red and Siren :)

Cosmic Metals

Absolute LOVE for these! Although the other colours are a bit too much for me – green and blue are not so much my colour ;) – but Fuchia Fushion and Speed of Light are sooo gorgeous! And if I had to choose between the two, I’d pick Speed of Light. Rose gold forever! ;)

Liquid Suede

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Anverelle

The Liquid Suedes are, as the name reveals, very suede-like on application. These two colours are from a goodiebag I received, as I wouldn’t pick these two myself. Stone Fox is more on the grey side in real life, Pink Lust is a vibrant Barbie pink. They don’t dry down quickly, but afterwards they sit quite long on the lips.


NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Full Throttle 07 Sidekick

Full Throttle Lipstick – 07 Sidekick

A waterproof lipstick. I repeat: a waterproof lipstick! This is awesome for sunny and hot vacations where everything basically melts off your face. But not this one! Very creamy at first, but dries down and doesn’t budge an inch. I’m very excited to try out other shades – maybe I should get some classic colours like berry and red?

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Jumbo Lip Pencil 720 Honey Nectar

Jumbo Lip Pencil – 720 Honey Nectar

A beautiful rosepink lipcolour for everyday wear! Feels like a tinted lipbalm, nourishes my lips and keeps them soft. Tip: Don’t be fooled by the small tip – there’s 5g of product in there so just sharpen the pencil with a big sharpener!

NYX Cosmetics Review Part I Lips Plump it up Lip plumper 03

Plump It Up Lip Plumper – 03

Don’t expect lip injections/Kylie Jenner level, but overall a great lipplumper! It has the familiar tingling sensation, but not irritating. Tip: use the lipplumper and blot before lipstick to get extra juicy lips :-)

Spotted any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply Maria Tran 12 mei 2020 at 11:51

    Exciting article!

  • Reply Maya 20 november 2018 at 18:56

    I love the foundation powder, too. I never use it for that, though. It’s an awesome added coverage powder.

    • Reply Anverelle 23 november 2018 at 19:42

      Hi Maya! Oh wow, that’s actually a really clever way of using a powder foundation. I think I’m gonna try that later :-) Thanks for taking the time to comment! x

  • Reply Lovely 9 november 2018 at 17:07

    Impressive writing. You have the power to keep the reader occupied with your quality content and style of writing. I encourage you to write more ?

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      Aww, thank you! I love to read comments, but this one takes the cake! <3 Thank you for your sweet words and the encouragement :-)

  • Reply Hira 5 oktober 2018 at 13:21

    I’ve been following you since you’ve started your blog.This is top notch information and I’m really happy to connect with your great work.
    Superb information from this article and I have to tell you, your blog giving the best and useful information.
    Thank you for awesome helped me a lot ? love you NYX

    • Reply Anverelle 8 oktober 2018 at 11:48

      Hi Hira, thank you so much for the kind words! Glad to hear this article has helped you :-)

  • Reply Emily 15 september 2018 at 17:21

    This is such an amazing list of NYX products! NYX has long been one of my top favorite drugstore brands, it’s just almost impossible to go wrong with them.

    • Reply Anverelle 26 september 2018 at 19:24

      Thanks Emily for your comment! I still use and love a big bunch of these products! :-)

  • Reply Jopina 19 augustus 2018 at 15:06

    I love NYX. Some of the items I own are the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk too :) I used it to make my eye shadow pop too hehe. Also, I have a lot of their lip liners & loved it. It’s so affordable & works beautifully. Hot cocoa is my favorite when I want to go dark on the lips :)
    Great. Thanks:)

    • Reply Anverelle 25 augustus 2018 at 15:47

      Hi Jopina, thanks for your comment! NYX is a wonderful make-up brand, one of my staple products (eyebrow pencil) I always get there. Hot cocoa looks wonderful as a dark lippie!

  • Reply Georgina Mackie 10 juni 2018 at 05:08

    Is NYC lipstick glutton free?

    • Reply Anverelle 11 juni 2018 at 17:32

      Hi Georgina! Thanks for your comment. I’ve dug around on the internet and it appears NYX doesn’t disclose any info on gluten in their products. So I can’t safely tell you if you can use NYX lip products. However, here’s a website that has a list of gluten-free make-up:

      Hope this helps!

  • Reply Jolene 23 februari 2017 at 21:01

    Welke vind je best Tessa? De Nyx concealer of de maybelline concealer? Ik heb nu de maybelline en ben er supertevreden van.. vraag me af of de Nyx beter is?

    • Reply Anverelle 1 maart 2017 at 19:39

      Hey Jolene! Ik ben heel tevreden van de Maybelline, smeert goed uit etc. Maar ben toch nog een tikkeltje meer fan van die van NYX omdat er in het kleurtje wat ik heb een beetje roze in zit. Dat camoufleert het blauw onder mijn ogen nét dat ietsje meer! Maar beiden zijn heel fijn :)

  • Reply Natalie 31 januari 2017 at 18:27

    Ik heb nog niet zo veel van Nyx, dus ben blij dat er binnenkort een filiaal in Hasselt komt! Ik heb de Jumbo stick wel al jaren in mijn stash, perfect als basis!

    • Reply Anverelle 1 februari 2017 at 08:57

      Een van de kassiersters had het me verteld :-) Zal februari of maart zijn als ik me niet vergis! En de jumbo sticks zijn echt fijn, moet er echt eens wat meer kleurtjes van gaan halen ;)

  • Reply Leen Maes 26 januari 2017 at 22:11

    wat een super uitgebreide review!! ik heb alvast enkele topfavorietjes op een lijstje klaar staan!! ;o))
    Toffe blog!!!


    • Reply Anverelle 29 januari 2017 at 16:43

      Dag Leen!
      Dankjewel, da’s fijn om te horen :-) Welke zijn je favorieten?
      Liefs, Tessa

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