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Nomige ▸ DNA based skincare

20 mei 2021
Nomige DNA based Skincare

It sounds like something from the future: DNA based skincare. And yet, it’s already been on the market since 2018. When I discovered Nomige, they just started out and their 4 month package (€499) was a bit too steep for me to try and review at the time. But when they started developing starter packages for two weeks, I was still curious to try – the world of anything DNA was still very new to me. And if I have to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled at first to have a company look into my DNA (it’s a bit scary – giving up DNA is as personal as it gets) but my curiosity really took over so I decided to give it a go. Because who wouldn’t like to find their holy skincare grail for life, am I right?

So what is Nomige about? It’s a DNA based skincare that is completely tailored to your DNA and lifestyle – and it’s made in Belgium! The products focus on anti-ageing as well as minor skin problems, with ingredients your skin really needs. In this post you will be guided through how it works, my personal DNA report and what my final thoughts are on the products.

A saliva test is part of the process and is necessary to develop your personal DNA report and products. Privacy and security is very important at Nomige. Only the genes connected to skin aging are examined. For more information, visit their privacy policy.

If you would like to try out Nomige, follow this link to receive 5% off your order.

This Nomige review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company and include an affiliate link. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

How does it work?

Regardless of what you order – the DNA skin analysis, the two weeks starter package or the full package – it all starts with a DNA kit (€ 90). In this kit you will find a lifestyle questionnaire and a vial where you put your DNA sample in. You fill in the questionnaire and send it back together with your DNA sample.

After two to three weeks you will receive a 15 pages long personalised DNA report. If you chose the DNA skin analysis, the report is the only item you will receive. You can then use the report as a guidance when choosing skincare products in the future. Gotten curious about the Nomige products? You can easily order them afterwards online.

If you chose the two week starter pack (€ 150), you’ll receive your report two to three weeks after you send your DNA sample. One week later you’ll receive your two week samples which include a day- and nightcream and a day- and nightserum.

If you chose the full package (€ 499), you will receive the DNA report, 4 full sized skincare products (the two creams are 50ml and the two serums are 30ml) that will last you +- 4 months and a marble tray to display your new skincare!

Nomige DNA based skincare DNA test

Nomige’s DNA test comes in a handy box that’s ready-made to send back to the lab!

If you would like to try out Nomige, use this link to receive 5% off your order.

The Lifestyle Questionnaire

The survey consists of 20 questions that ask you about your lifestyle such as eating healthy and sleeping enough, if you feel stressed a lot, your skintype, if you sunbathe a lot, if you have acne and what products you’re using at that moment.

Here’s a small overview on what I answered:

– I eat healthy most of the time and sleep well almost every night
– Currently not working out more than 1h per week
– I don’t take any medication that influences my skin
– I don’t have any allergies but I do feel like my skin is reactive (not the same as sensitive!) and have redness in my face
– I use SPF only in the summer and during sunny periods
– I am exposed to UV light (outdoor activities etc) less than 1 hour per day
– I have an oily forehead
– I slightly suffer from acne (mostly maskné at the moment)
– I drink less than 1,5l water a day
– I work/live in a big city
– I don’t use botox, peelings, microneedling or lasers

As you can tell, I’m not doing bad but I could do better with the UV protection and drinking more water – and maybe some more exercise ;-) There’s no use in lying or covering things up in your lifestyle survey. It’s important that you answer truthfully – after all, your products will be completely personalised to your own lifestyle and DNA results.

60 % DNA, 40% Lifestyle Choices

As the title reveals, 60% of your skin’s condition is DNA and 40% is on how you life your life. You could have good genes and ruin your skin with smoking, tanning without SPF, not eating healthy, lack of sleep, etc … You can also have higher risks in your DNA but limit the damage with a good lifestyle.

The purpose of the DNA report is to find any variations or mutations in your genes, so you can adapt your lifestyle if necessary and to know which ingredients to put in your personalised skincare to help your skin become the best version of itself.

My DNA Report

So – what were they able to find in my DNA? There’s three main factors Nomige will look at in your DNA:

  • Firmness, elasticity and wrinkles
  • Oxidative stress and anti-oxidants capacity
  • Hydration, skin barrier and skin sensitivity

In short, here’s what I found out by reading my report:

  1. I have one MMP-1 gene and one MMP-3 gene,  turning me into a medium risk on collagen level. This means I break off collagen faster than I will produce collagen – so my skin will lose its elasticity quicker than normal. Yikes!
  2. I might have accelerated collagen loss, but my skin has no added risk on antioxidant level. That means my skin can perfectly protect itself against the free radicals that are one of the reasons your skin might age quicker. Yay!
  3. No mutations for hydration, so I have a naturally hydrated skin. Another win!

So besides the fact I will lose collagen quicker, my skin is actually pretty good. Looking back, I’m not too surprised about the collagen. When I look at my mom and grandma, they are pretty much (deep) wrinkle free but they do suffer a bit from collagen loss.

My DNA Skincare & Overall Experience

Nomige DNA based skincare products

All the Nomige products, based on my DNA.

I first tried out the two week samples (that were kindly gifted by Nomige) before committing to the full 4 month package. The two week sample products immediately taught me a lesson in using less product. The report states “Your skin will need less than you think. Use the amount of product that you feel comfortable with”. Knowing the samples had to last me “only” two weeks, I automatically used less. After two to three weeks, I bought the full sized tubes by myself so I could continue testing the products.

Nomige DNA based skincare day time rountine

Left: day cream (€ 84,99) – Right: day serum (€119)

The Day Serum

My day serum is a true anti-oxidant booster. It’s a lightweight, milky texture that has vitamine E and C in it, as well as 1% salicylic acid to counteract my oily forehead.

You use the day serum before the day cream.

The Day Cream

I ticked off the “sensitive skin” box on my lifestyle questionnaire. It’s not so much sensitive as it is reactive (when I wash my face it easily becomes red, but the redness fades away after). The day cream is a barrier repair. It’s designed for sensitive or reactive skin and does not contain perfume. It’s a rich cream that contains not only very essential UVA and UVB sun filters, but also lipids and squalane (one of my favourites, besides hyaluronic acid!) Its main function is to nourish and protect your skin.

You use the day cream after the day serum.


Nomge DNA based skincare night time rountine

Left: night cream (€139) – Right: night serum (€99)

The Night Cream

My night cream is a collagen booster – maybe my most important product since I have a risk there! Several peptides with amino acids will preventing my collagen from breaking down, as well as stimulating collagen production. Throw in an anti-aging root extract and you’ve got my ultimate warrior against collagen loss. There’s a subtle blossom scent that I appreciate.

You use the night cream before the night serum – very important! The peptides need to be able to sink into my skin before I add the night serum. A trick I use is to just brush my teeth in between the night cream and night serum, so it has a few minutes to be absorbed by my skin.

The Night Serum

This gel-like texture is my hydration booster to (obviously) hydrate my skin during the night and give it a bit of a lift. You can use this one as an overall hydration booster and as an eyecream. It’s a nice mix of glycerine and amino acids.

After application, both nighttime products need some time to sink into your skin. If I go to bed right after, I have the feeling I’m rubbing some of the product back onto my pillow. That’s why I like to cleanse my face and do my nighttime routine during the evening, long before I decide to go to bed. Reading a book to wind down while your products get the time to fully sink in is the best feeling. Okay fine, Netflixing is also an option! ;)

You use the night serum as the very last step in your DNA skincare routine, after your night cream.

If you’d like some more info on the ingredients in my skincare, check out my IG TV here.

Will I continue with Nomige?

I took a before and after photo, to see if I can notice results:

What I did notice, was that sporadic acne healed quicker and I definitely have a less shiny/oily T-zone going on. In this case, I do think my natural oil production has balanced out a bit more. However, I didn’t notice any other big (visual) results. This has mostly to do with the fact my skin does pretty well on its own for hydration and protecting itself against skin aging. My problem lies with collagen loss and that’s the tricky part. Like anti-aging products, you will only see the results much later. You can’t really visually notice in 4 months, neither test your amount of collagen.

If my problems would have been about hydration, that’s easily noticeable (no more dry skin) and measurable – there’s even small devices to check your hydration levels (Kiehl’s for instance uses such a device when you go for a free analysis in store).

Nomige DNA based skincare before after

Left: before – Right: after

Because collagen is unmeasurable, I have to make sure I don’t cause extra damage via my lifestyle. That’s why I got some extra tips in my DNA report:

– Be kind to your skin and avoid physical scrubs and aggressive peelings.

– Give your skin a massage now and then. This will stimulate collagen production and is easy to do with a jade roller or just your fingertips. Make circle movements.

Eat healthy and balanced. Carrots have vitamine A, cabbage and garlic have sulfer which stimulate collagen production.

Protect your face daily against UV rays, because UV rays break off collagen (!)

– You can consider taking collagen pills.

– Don’t take supplements that contain keratin or biotin (you know, the ones that make your hair and nails stronger). These might cause overproduction of keratin, producing too much skincells that can’t naturally flake off. This will cause clogged pores.

Personally I like to switch up my daytime products every once in a while. But I don’t mind having the same nighttime routine, so that’s why I will continue to use the night products of Nomige. That’s the one who will tackle my collagen loss issue the most, so it makes sense for me. Nomige is definitely a thing you have to be willing to make the investment in every 4 months. In the end, it remains a high level and long term investment in your skin and you have to figure out for yourself if that’s something that fits with you.

I would like to thank Nomige for gifting me the two week starter package, so I could review this brand for you guys. I decided after the starter package that I would buy the full 4 month package myself, because I was happy with the products and wanted to test it a little bit longer. Two weeks is on a bit the short side for reviewing skincare – atleast a month is more reliable :-)

So what do you think? Would you like to know what your genes have in store for you, skinwise? Would you try a DNA based skincare?

If you would like to try out Nomige, this link to receive 5% off your order.
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