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18 april 2018
Nomade Chloé Review Anverelle

/ˈnəʊmad/ Nomade • a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.

I don’t know what it is, but I keep on falling in love with the Chloé perfumes. First there was Love Story and then there was Absolu. Since March there’s Nomade, the newest kid on the perfume block. But she’s not here to stay; Nomade embodies the free spirited woman who wanders around the planet, leaving no trace but her perfume.

When I think of a nomad, my mind immediately goes to endless deserts, camels and vibrant colours of tents and spices. However, since the Sahara is not exactly a close location to shoot in, we went to our own little sandy location: the sea. Wanna come? ;-)

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Nomad In Your Heart

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It’s a bit contradictive, being a nomad in your heart. You should go out and live that adventure, not just dream about it. But I’ve noticed I’m as much happy abroad as I am home. I’m always excited to discover new spots on this ridiculously big place that’s called Earth. But I’m always equally blissful in my own home, in my daily routine. I think it’s the varied way of living – not staying in one place, but not always on the move as well – is my key to happiness. Of course with my job as a stewardess I get plenty of that variation with regular nightstops and faraway destinations :-)

It’s such a privilege to be able to travel the world. Especially after my personal trip to Bali (you feel that eat-pray-love thing coming, don’t you?) I realised I had never travelled this far. Sixteen hours on an airplane is such a long trip, yikes! But when I entered Ubud – where it’s green as far as you can see until you reach the tiny village centre – I felt such a peace come over me. Sometimes I think the world is too busy for our own good. And yet again I also love to be in the hustle and bustle of things; strange. I guess it’s because I crave both – that variety thing again probably :-)

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For this shoot I already had in mind what I wanted: the dreamy beaches in Bali and my white two-piece from Boohoo. Sadly, the beaches we visited were so overpopulated we wouldn’t be able to do a shoot like we ended up doing later, at our very own coastline. I’m super proud how the photo’s turned out. And as always for my head-to-toe pictures, shot by my mom! #greatjob

Nomade: a Floral Chypre

/ʃiːpr(ə)/ Chypre • a certain group of perfumes that use woody, herbal and fresh citrus-like scents. Nomade can definitely be described as chypre! Just check out the combined scents in this wonderful perfume:

Like all Chloé’s, the flowery scent is central. The heart notes of Nomade are freesia, jasmine, peach and rose. They certainly give that sweet and soft touch to this perfume! The top notes are the mirabelle plum (I can never get the movie “Perfume” out of my head thanks to this fruit), bergamot, lemon and oranges. If this ain’t the fresh citrus hints they speak of in a Chypre, I don’t know what is! We close it off with oak moss, amber wood, patchouli and white musk, which are the foundations aka the base notes.

I simply adore how this perfume develops on my skin. First, you get the special top notes where I think the mirabelle comes out on top. Next, the “pink heart” comes forward with all kinds of flowers… And it ends in a more dark, moody vibe with the oak moss and white musk. For me this is not only a special perfume; it’s in the way it develops that makes me think of a free spirit. Just think deeper about it; the perfume changes so drastically from fresh to sweet to just a little dramatic. It’s as if Nomade changes direction with the winds, it’s enormously versatile. It goes very well with the whole nomad story and vision they had for this campaign and product.

Soft Shapes, Soft Colours

In contrast to the straight and boxy lines from the other Chloé bottles, Nomade is shaped in a soft “O”. Refreshing! It’s completely see-through so you can see the beautiful pink blush that is the perfume itself. The combination with the golden neck and pink suede ribbon is probably the stuff my dreams are made of. Pink and gold always does a good job of being such magnificent colour friends ;-)

Chloé’s Nomade is available in your local perfumery, prices start at € 64,50 for 30 ml.

Chloé Nomade Anverelle Review Collage 3

>> Follow your inner Nomad, whether that means home or not. <<

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  • Reply amina khatun 29 juli 2018 at 12:22

    I loved your review, and I too love the Chloe scents, with Love Chloe so far being my favourite. I think I will enjoy Nomade more, as the scent can be worn all seasons

    • Reply Anverelle 2 augustus 2018 at 11:45

      Hi babe, thanks for your comment! All the Chloé’s are indeed so lovely – when I got my first Chloé in the mail I didn’t even know I was going to like them all so well! Nomade is absolutely a great scent. I think I might even call it my favourite yet :-)

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