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My Caudalie Skincare Routine

1 april 2018
Caudalie Day & Night Skincare routine Anverelle header

A little while ago I went to a Caudalie workshop at my local pharmacy (Van den Berghe) and went home with a lot of new products! I bought them all myself, so this post is not sponsored in any way :)

The workshop was really nice. I went with my grandmother and mother so it was cool to hear how each generation had its own skincare ritual and which Caudalie products were suitable for us. We each got a complete advice on morning & evening skincare, plus some extras like masks and scrubs.

Today I’m showing you what I bought and how the products are working out for me. Of course I have other products I also use together with Caudalie (and I will let you know which ones those are!) But for this review I’m going to focus on my new Caudalie products.

Let’s check out my morning and evening routine!

Caudalie Spa Bordeaux France Anverelle review my skincare routine

Caudalie’s first spa in France.

Why Caudalie?

My first contact with Caudalie products was at my local pharmacy while looking for an anti-age routine, an eye cream in particular. I had already asked around on Instagram what brands people were using and Caudalie was one of the many brands that popped up in my DM’s. After checking out the eye cream from the VINE[ACTIV] line and using a few samples I bought it. There was a the little booklet that came with my purchase, where Caudalie’s story was written down.

CAUDALIE comes from the measuring unit they use of how long the aroma of the wine stays in your mouth while tasting. One second is one caudalie, so that’s where the name comes from. Quite a cute story, especially if you know that Caudalie uses the seeds, vines and grapes itself in their products!

They produce in France (Bordeaux, Champagne and Bourgogne) and do not test on animals. They’re also a very environmental conscious brand. Packaging is made with recycled paper and they use as much recycled plastic as possible. They gift 1% of their income to associations that battle hard to protect the environment such as deforestation, protection of endangered species and a sustainable economy. It’s clear to me that their products are highly natural and they have an eye for the environment. Always a plus!

My skincare routine with Caudalie:

My skincare routine is really my time to gently wake up in to morning, to slowly wind down in the evening. It’s my personal little pamper session that I like to take my time with. I can imagine it will all need to go a little bit faster when I start flying again but until then, I’m taking my time ;-)

Since I’ve started using a fixed routine for my mornings and evenings, I’ve noticed my skin has improved a lot. I had a period where my skin was just acting out; I had no idea what was going on and while my dermatologist told me I was “just using too rich products”, I had never had this kind of reaction before… Anyways, my skin got better and I thought it was time for a routine with products from the same brand. As a beautyblogger I get to try out so many different skincare products and while I’m super grateful for all of this, my skin needs to adapt too much to too many different things.

That’s why I had decided to go with a decent routine; one I can go back to once I’m finished testing and reviewing a product. I could surely incorporate that particular skincare product into my routine if I really liked it, but I wanted my basics to stay the same.

And it certainly has had its effect! My skin looks glowy, bright and generally happy. I rarely experience breakouts, unless it’s that time of the month. I’m super happy with my results and that’s why I thought I’d share my Caudalie experience with you :) Let’s get to the nitty gritty of my skincare routine:

Morning routine:

Caudalie Skincare Routine Anverelle Review Morning routine

I actually really look forward to my morning skincare routine! My face is usually a bit oily in the morning from sleeping and the evening skincare so it’s lovely to take everything off and begin my day with a nice clean face :-)

I’m starting off with the foaming cleanser. Just one pump is enough to freshen up and get my face ready for the next steps! I finish cleansing with a toner and the good thing about this particular one is that it has glycolic acid in it. It’s a peeling toner that gets rid of dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and fresher complexion. A few drops in my hand, and I just pat it into my skin – it just feels incredibly fresh!

Onto the real care in skincare, an eyecream is my next step. I currently have the VINE[ACTIV] one and I’m pretty happy about it since it depuffs and can be used for the eye and lip area. It’s packed with anti-oxidants to fight against pollution and the aging of the skin. However, I bought this eye cream right before I went to the workshop. The representative adviced me the Premier Cru eye cream since I have dry lines right under my eye. While my VINE[ACTIV] eye cream is more like a gel, the Premier Cru is a cream that will help with the dryness. A gel will depuff, but will also dry out that specific area more. It’s quite logical if you think about it. Depuffing means smoothing over swollen and fluid filled areas.

I think I’ll be fine by now to use up my current eye cream. But long-term I’d be better with an eye cream instead of a gel. I was really impressed with the representative of Caudalie, since no one had ever made me realise that before!

Then the next step: a serum. Caudalie has an anti-wrinkle serum with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and vitamin C. I use two pumps, one for my neck and one for my face. Then I put on an extra serum (see: extra’s) and finish my morning routine with my pink tube – a.k.a my daycream! This is a really nice moisturiser for combination skin and it slightly matifies too.

If I don’t want to wear any foundation that day but still want an extra healthy glow, I mix my daycream with the Mineral Tinted Moisturizer in the colour Light. It’s a tiny extra step but then I’m completely set for the day! Or except maybe do my brows and mascara ;-)

My Morning Routine Step By Step & Pricing

  1. Instant Foaming Cleanser // € 14,40
  2. VINOPERFECT Concentrated Brightening Essence toner // € 27,20
  3. VINE[ACTIV] Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream // € 28,00
  4. VINE[ACTIV] Glow-activating Anti-wrinkle Serum // € 38,40
  5. VINOSOURCE Moisturizing Matifying Fluid // € 22,40
  6. ((Mineral Tinted Moisturizer in Light // € 19,20))

Extra’s: PSLRC from Kiehl’s on top of Caudalie’s anti-wrinkle serum.

Evening routine:

Caudalie Skincare Routine Anverelle Review Evening routine

My evening routine is definitely my little spa time right before I hop in the couch for some Netflix or in my bed.

I’m starting off with my cleansing oil and I usually use two to three pumps – it depends on if I’m wearing make-up or not. The first thing you immediately notice is the smell of this cleansing oil. There’s grapes and sweet almond in it, so from the moment you put it on your face you’ll smell almond cake. Personally I think this is a brilliant way to end my day because… CAKE! ;-) I swear this cleansing oil gets rid of everything. Waterproof or heavy make-up; it tackles it all! Mix it a bit with some lukewarm water and then I take it off with a washcloth. And if there’s a little bit mascara left under my eyes (but usually not!) I take it off with some micellar water. And then I finish with the glycol acid toner.

Before I apply my serum, I use my VINE[ACTIV] eyecream. You’ll see, my morning and evening skincare isn’t so different from each other. It’s basically just the cleansing and the final step that aren’t similar! :-)

Then the next step: the anti-wrinkle serum. Two pumps, just like in the morning. Then I let the serum dry for a bit, put on an extra serum (see: extra’s) and finish my nighttime routine with a night oil. I was so happy when the representative told me I could use oils on my face. Since I have a combination skin I thought it would be too rich but it turns out my skin just loves it! I use three drops and push it into my skin. Just be careful around the eye area, as it might wander into your eyes after a while. It can sting a tiny bit. Anyways, the night oil is sooo nice! It regenerates, detoxifies and totally relaxes me with its lavender and neroli essential oils. It’s perfect to wind down and end my day.

And after that? #readytosleep! ;-)

My Evening Routine Step By Step & Pricing

  1. Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil // € 16,00
  2. VINOPERFECT Concentrated Brightening Essence toner // € 27,20
  3. VINE[ACTIV] Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream // € 28,00
  4. VINE[ACTIV] Glow-activating Anti-wrinkle Serum // € 38,40
  5. VINE[ACTIV] Overnight Detox Oil // € 32,00

Extra’s: PSLRC from Kiehl’s on top of Caudalie’s anti-wrinkle serum.

Psst! You wanna see my bare face after a few weeks, following my Caudalie routine + applying an extra vitamin C serum? Find it here.

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    I’ve heard good things about this caudalie reve de miel product. Going on my wish list now!

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