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17 november 2018
Urtekram Morning Haze Anverelle Review 1

Morning Haze. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect Sunday afternoon mood? ;-) I teamed up again with Urtekram to try out another line of their eco-friendly and organic haircare! Morning Haze stands out from the usual Urtekram crowd because of it’s packaging. It’s different from the rest and it definitely looks very Instagram worthy… Curious to see if the “pretty packaging” got the best of me? ;-) Read on for my review on Urtekram’s Morning Haze line!

This Urtekram review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

The Danish roots of Urtekram

For those who missed my previous collaboration with Urtekram, here’s a short recap on the brand from my previous post:
Urtekram comes from the Danish word urtekræmmer, which roughly translated means local herb merchant. Funnily enough, that’s also how the two founders of Urtekram started their business – as a small and local herb seller in Copenhagen! It’s basically like the healthy supermarkets/shops you have nowadays.

In Scandinavia, Urtekram is the largest organic wholesaler and they were awarded with ‘Most Sustainable Brand in Denmark’. The plastic packaging is recyclable and clearly states what’s in them. (Psst, you can find a complete product sheet on the website!) The products are suitable for vegans and haven’t been tested on animals. Talk about a deep love for the environment! :-) The brand is focused on creating organic food and body care products.

Urtekram Morning Haze Anverelle Review

Shampoo € 6,95 – Conditioner € 6,95 – Shower Gel € 6,60 – Body Lotion € 8,60

Morning Haze: All-in nourishment

Like I mentioned in the foreword, it really was the packaging that initially made me swoon over Morning Haze. I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and Morning Haze is no exception. Cream coloured bottles with golden details – so lavish! ;-) It looks luxurious and we all love a little indulgence now and then, don’t we? I thought so.

Urtekram Morning Haze Shampoo

Urtekram Morning Haze Shampoo – 245 ml – 6,95€

Hair care:

Morning Haze packs a punch, too. I was lucky to receive the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. In each of these bottles you can find practically the same base ingredients: vitamin C and E, nutrients from cloudberries, cranberries and elderberries, natural sunflower protein, willow bark extract and hyaluronic acid. All of these ingredients helps to nourish your damaged and dry hair or skin.

I think it’s cool that in all of these bottles there’s basically the same good-for-you stuff. Of course there’s going to be some structural difference between for instance the shampoo or the body lotion, but using the same ingredients really ties a body care line together, I think!

The consistency of the shampoo remains. Just like the coconut shampoo I tested before, it’s a bit runnier than your basic supermarket shampoo. That’s because there’s no sulfates in it – that’s a good thing!

My hair looks really shiny when I use the Morning Haze shampoo and conditioner and it’s less frizzy. On this photo, I didn’t even brush out my hair. Apart from some minor frizz on top, my hair looks healthy. Yay for eco-friendly and organic shampoo! #NoNasties :-)

Body care:

The only thing I’m not a big fan of, is the scent. It’s herbal-like, which I enjoy, but I think it’s the sunflower protein that puts me off a bit. With the haircare products it’s not even noticeable, but unfortunately for the body lotion I notice it when I lather myself completely in the Morning Haze body products. Despite the scent, it’s a wonderful moisturiser for your body. The hyaluronic acid is definitely doing its work! Your skin feels really soft – and because of this, I prefer to put Morning Haze on my legs so I don’t notice the scent too much but still get to enjoy moisturised and soft legs :-) The shower gel is also not so noticeable by the way, it’s just the body lotion when I use it on my whole body.

In short, Morning Haze is a great moisturiser for hair and body and if you like a herbal-like scent, this is a fantastic all-in nourishing line! If you’d like to try out Urtekram yourself, you can buy them at the Carrefour supermarket. I will list the prices of the items I’ve received below:

Morning Haze Shampoo: € 6,95
Morning Haze Conditioner: € 6,95
Morning Haze Shower Gel: € 6,60
Morning Haze Body Lotion: € 8,60

Have you tried eco-friendly and organic beauty already? Do you prefer herbal or sweet scents for your bodycare?

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  • Reply Noor 18 november 2018 at 17:23

    Klinken als zeer fijne producten! Had er nog nooit van gehoord, maar ga zeker de shampoo eens proberen. Ook super dat de prijzen zo goed meevallen :)

    xo Noor

    • Reply Anverelle 23 november 2018 at 19:40

      Ik merk dat ik voor mijn haarproducten steeds liever de natural way opga! En de prijzen vallen echt enorm mee – daar kan je ze al es voor proberen! ;-) Bedankt voor je comment!

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