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25 december 2018
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Anverelle Review

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about midnight magic. Not the kind that disappears after midnight, but it might as well be the same transformative magic the fairy godmother bestowed on Cinderella ;-) Meet Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery line, a complete nighttime routine for visibly radiant skin. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo to read on! ;-)

This Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery review includes products that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

Midnight Magic with Kiehl’s

I’ve always wanted to try the raved about Midnight Recovery line, but the price was holding me back a bit. But after trying multiple products of Kiehl’s, I know now that it’s always worth the price. The quality of Kiehl’s is always astonishing. And for people who know me, it’s basically (sharing 1st place with Caudalie) my favourite skincare brand. You cannot go wrong with Kiehl’s. That’s my main takeaway.

I was super excited when I was invited for a Kiehl’s sleepover in Brussels, to try out the complete line! The event was so lovely with precious people, interesting workshops and amazing food. And at the end of the evening, I stood in my hotel bathroom to try out the Midnight Recovery cleansing oil, concentrate and eye cream. Heaven!

The Magic Ritual:

What Midnight Recovery essentially does, is restoring your natural balance during the night. That’s because at night, when you sleep, your skin is most receptive to recover and renew itself. It promotes a smoother, more radiant skin by morning. It’s a very universal skincare line – everyone can use it! It’s suitable for normal to dry or combination skin and from young to old. Only the Midnight Recovery Concentrate you will need to adjust your drops accordingly, but more on that later.

One thing that you will notice with this line (except that it’s really really good) is the scent. It’s a gorgeous botanical mix with lavender essential oil and evening primrose oil. I personally loooove botanical scents for my skincare and lavender is very soothing and relaxing to end your day with. Good Zzzz’s guaranteed! ;-) Another key ingredient is the hydrating squalane. This is naturally derived from the heart of olives and supports the natural protecting barrier of your skin. Essentially, it makes your skin feel super soft and silky!

Now that you know a little bit more about this line, let’s start this evening ritual with taking your make-up off:

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Anverelle Review

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil – 175 ml – € 32,50

The Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil:

I cannot rave enough about this cleanser. You can get different sizes, so if you’re not sure if you’ll like it (you will, trust me), you can pick the smallest bottle and you’d still do ages with it. I’m currently using a deluxe sample of the cleansing oil (40 ml) and I’ve been using it for weeks!

A few pumps is enough to use as a cleanser and a make-up remover – even waterproof products are no match for the Botanical Cleansing Oil. Massage the oil into your face, mix it with water to get a milky consistency and then take it all off with a washcloth.

You can also use it for the eyes by the way. Just put a little bit on a cotton pad, put it on your eyelid for a few seconds and just remove your eyeshadow in one swipe. Simple and good!

I’m a real fan of the cleansing oil because of the liquid texture and its ability to get everything off without tugging on my skin. The scent is so wonderful and really relaxes me before going to sleep. It also doesn’t sting my eyes, which is a big plus since I’m just the kinda gal who rubs her cleansing oil all over her face and in every corner to make sure all the make-up and dirt is gone :-)

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Anverelle Review

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – 50 ml – € 65,00

We continue the ritual with the cult favourite of Kiehl’s best-selling line: the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a nighttime facial oil. If you have dry skin, you use three drops and you can add a night cream if necessary. Normal or combination skin? Then you’re good with two drops – no further need for a night cream!

I have a combination skin myself (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) and I agree on the total amount of drops. I use two drops and put most of the concentrate on my cheeks. From what’s left on my fingers, I put on my t-zone. Don’t be afraid of using an oil on combination skin!

Using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is very easy. Put the appropriate amount of drops on your fingers, warm up the concentrate by rubbing your fingers together and just pat it on your face. The essential oils go deep into your skin, so you don’t need to rub it in like crazy. Gentle is the keyword :-)

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a big favourite of mine. My skin looks so radiant the morning after – it’s literally just like magic. I really like it because the oil is a little bit dryer than my other nighttime face oil which makes it very comfortable to sleep in. The Concentrate is also so very cost-effective. You will do aaages with even the smallest bottle so it’s worth every penny!

Midnight Recovery Eye
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream Anverelle Review

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream – 15 ml – € 35,50

And then we’re at the last step in this nighttime routine: eye cream!

The Midnight Recovery Eye has nearly the same formula as the Concentrate, except it’s – of course – a cream. They chose for a cream formula, because an oil close to the eyes is not always experienced as comfortable. With the cream formula you can go really close to your eye without it stinging or hurting in any way. If you want, you can even use the cream on top of your eyelid!

There’s one ingredient in the eye cream you won’t find in the other products: butcher’s broom. This plant-based ingredient helps with depuffing.

Just like all the other Midnight Recovery products, this eye cream is very “economical“. You will do quite a while with a tube, since you only need one rice grain per eye. Tap in the cream with your ring finger and you’re done. Ready for some Netflix or your bed! ;-)

I don’t have a particular eye cream for the evening, so I’ll happily continue with my little sample and then go on with my normal sized product. I’m especially happy with its depuffing properties. In the evening I apply the Midnight Recovery eye cream and in the morning I apply something that will hydrate my under eye because I have dry lines that look like wrinkles, but they’re not – lol! In short, I’m very happy with this nighttime line… And I definitely believe in its midnight magic ;-)

Have you tried Midnight Recovery yet, or anything from Kiehl’s? Comment below!

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