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Midnight And Silver Palette H&M Beauty Review

4 oktober 2015
Midnight And Silver H&M Beauty Review

A couple of weeks ago I took a first look at H&M’s new beauty department. They updated their entire make-up line and now it’s time to review some of the products I bought!

The palettes were something I was looking forward to! In general I think palettes are far more useful and convenient, as the colours are usually coordinated with each other. Loose eyeshadows get lost in my vanity desk, only to be used a few times. So every time I discover a new palette, I get excited! The same went for H&M’s palettes and so I bought two: Midnight and Silver & Smokey Nudes. Today I’ll be reviewing Midnight and Silver: a palette with beautiful blue, grey and bronze colours.

Midnight And Silver Palette
H&M Beauty Review

Let’s take a moment to look at the design of the palette once again. As I’ve said before in my first look post (read it here) the packaging is on point. The design feels much more grown-up and sleek with the combination of a black & white case and their golden logo. It has a more luxurious look, which I’m certainly digging!

Now for the colours: I was mostly attracted by the blue hues, as this was something I didn’t own yet in my make-up collection. If you’re going from left to right or up to down, you will always end up with a beautiful combination of colours. However, if you’re not so certain on which colours to combine, H&M has got you covered! Together with your palette, you will get a card with the 3 following options:

  • Natural : 5 minutes
  • Classic : 5 minutes
  • Night : 10 minutes

The tutorials are very simple to follow. I’ve tried recreating the “night” look for you guys, but some of the shades are very hard to work with. So I tried another look than described on the tutorial card. The shades are named from A – I, so no particular names. I’ve used:

  • “A” all over the lid
  • “F” and “G” in the crease
  • “I” in the outer corner

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver look

Let’s take a look at the swatches:

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver 1

This is the complete palette from up close. As you might notice, I couldn’t resist trying out every colour before shooting the swatches ;-) I will not refer to the eyeshadows’ names, since they weren’t given any names. Too bad, because this makes reviewing and referring to your palette just that little bit easier :-)

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver Swatches 1

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver2

Unfortunately, the first shade is completely invisible on my skin so I had to leave it out. It’s a great colour to put on your eyelids if you’re going for the “no make-up look” or as a base to start your eyelook with. I love the grey one too!

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver Swatches 2

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver3

My favourite of these three must be the first shade and the silvery one! The blue shade is less pigmented than the others in the row, which I think is a pity. It’s a pretty colour, but hard to work with.

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver Swatches 3

H&M Beauty Midnight and Silver4

The first shade turned out more purple on my skin than it appears in the pan, but works well with the shade next to it: a glittery midnight blue. Again, the black shade isn’t as pigmented as expected but if you work with a damp brush it’s do-able.

The colours are overall good. They match well with each other and can be used for day and night looks. But the pigmentation is below average and not as good as I expected from the first in-store swatches. I guess you can’t complain for € 12.99. Because they are so chalky, I recommend applying the eyeshadows by dabbing and building up colour, not by swiping. That way your eyeshadow will stay on better and you won’t remove your eyeshadow with one sweep of your brush. With a good primer they are also more blendable, so make sure to use one underneath these eyeshadows. If you apply the shadows with a damb brush, they are more pigmented. (I normally don’t use a damb brush as I feel it kinda damages your eyeshadows, so I only did this to show you the level of pigmentation)

 General overview of Midnight and Silver Palette

As mentioned above, the pigmentation isn’t as good as I had expected when I swatched these in-store. It’s hard to work with these palettes. Dabbing and building up the colour seems to do the trick, but watch out for massive fallout. The Midnight and Silver palette was kinda my try-out for blue hued eyeshadows and so far I’m happy I could try out blue hues. I find this palette the least of their updated beauty line. However, do not panick! I swatched the separate eyeshadows too, and those felt more promising as they were quite pigmented. I would suggest looking at the separates if you’re feeling that the quality of the palette doesn’t meet your needs.

Will I rebuy again? No. The Midnight and Silver palette is okay for its price, but there might be other brands out there that offer better quality. It’s always a bit of a gamble when a fashion brand tries out beauty products, just because it’s not their head activity. The palette was not as I expected, but I am head over heels with their lipsticks, the eyeliner pencils and cream eyeshadows. They turned out lovely and those are the products that I would buy again, so aside from the palettes H&M’s updated beauty line does not disappoint!

What do you think of the Midnight and Silver palette? Have you tried any H&M Beauty products yet?

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