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Make-up For Glasses – Beauty Class

22 september 2014

Welcome to another Beauty Class! Last time I talked about different face shapes and their perfect glasses. At the end of the post, I mentioned that if you’re wearing glasses, your make-up should be adapted to it. Glasses are the first thing people notice, so be sure your eyes are ready for the attention! I will share a little guide, a few tips and my personal eyemake-up favourites with you.

Make-up For Glasses – Beauty Class

If you are short-sighted, your glasses make your eyes appear smaller.
So use make-up that gives your eyes an open look. Some nude eyeliner in your waterline and just one light eyeshadow colour works great!

If you are far-sighted, your eyes appear bigger. Pay attention to your eyemake-up, as your glasses work like a magnifier!

Let’s get our eyes ready for the attention they deserve!

Prep & Prime
If you prime your eyelids, your eyeshadow will stay on longer and prevent it from smudging around your eye. This will give your eyes a clean look. Sadly, dark circles stand out more when wearing glasses: make sure to use a good concealer if you feel like your foundation or BB won’t cover enough.

Oily lids?
From my experience, KIKO Mat Base Corrector works great and keeps my eyeshadow from traveling around my eye. This primer works best for a combination to very oily skin.

Other eye primers I like:
KIKO Eye Base Primer (normal skin)
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* MAC Paints in Bare Canvas
  Voila! Works like a charm.

Choose your style
Anything goes really, as long as it’s not too heavy.  My personal favourites are a clean cat-eye or a soft smokey eye.

Anverelle glasses

 I chose to elongate my eyeliner a bit, creating a small cat-eye.

Anverelle glasses smile

Pick your colours wisely
Stick to neutral and earthy hues like brown, beige, grey or taupe. Matte eyeshadows work best, but you can use a little shimmer if you want to. You can also match your eyeshadow to the colour of your frame!

Personally, if you really want to use a bright or bold eyeshadow, leave out your glasses if you can and put in your contacts instead. That way, the focus will stay on your eyemake-up instead of your glasses.

Stick with a light colour on your lids and a darker colour in your crease, providing you with more depth in your eyes.
Skip the bright eyeshadow colours and save them for your lips!

I used:
* KIKO Mat Base Corrector (Primer)
* Urban Decay NAKED 3: Limit (lid) and Darkside (crease)
* Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof in 100 Pearly Bird
(highlighter for the corners of my eyes)
* Benefit They’re Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner
* L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lipstick in 209 Violet Parfait
(Violet Parfait is normally darker, but I decided not to go too dark, so I applied lightly).

Frame those eyes!
Your eyebrows are what a picture frame is for a painting.
Accentuate them a little bit more than you normally would. Groomed brows will add polish and definition to your face. Use some browpowder / browgel / browpencil to fill them in and comb the hairs upwards. Finish off with a clear browgel to keep those brows in place. Also, try to keep up with your browshape. As I said before, glasses for far-sighted people will magnify everything, so stray hairs will be more visible.

A few tips:
* A lucky owner of long lashes? Curl them with a lashcurler to ensure they won’t touch your glasses.

* Buy a magnifying mirror to exactly see what you’re doing, even without your glasses on! (And avoid bumping your brush against the mirror, nearly poking your eye out. I’ve been there).

* Want to make your eyes pop a bit more? Use a highlighter in the inner corner of your eye.

* Balance out your eyeliner. Are you wearing a thick frame? Wear a thick line! Rocking a thin or even rimless frame? Keep the balance with a thin line.

And there you have it!
Everyone is free in how they do their make-up ofcourse, but these tips will certainly help bring your eyes out more when wearing glasses.

See you next time!

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