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Little Black Primer Estée Lauder | Review

11 januari 2016
Little Black Primer Estée Lauder review

Waterproof mascara is a little tricky. A while ago I was looking for the perfect one, but then I started thinking: what if I wanted more volume? More length? More separation? How am I ever going to find one waterproof mascara that does everything I want, without having to buy more than two or three mascara’s? I was slightly disappointed at the thought of spending so much on a dozen waterproof mascara’s…

Enter the Little Black Primer by Estée Lauder. I was introduced to this lash primer when I was browsing my local beauty department for
you’ve guessed it – a waterproof mascara. The sales associate listened to the tale of my mascara hunt and asked me how I felt about lash primer. Lash primer? Never felt the need for it, really. And lash primers are white, not what I’m looking for! Turned out, the Little Black Primer was all I was looking for and more, actually.

Read on to find out how a lash primer stopped my search for the perfect waterproof mascara!

Little Black Primer By Estée Lauder

Let’s start with the beginning. Firstly, the Little Black Primer is a tinted lash primer. It helps your favourite mascara to stay on all day long and you won’t have to deal with clumps. I never really felt like I needed a lash primer and in consequence never tried one before. But since the Little Black Primer is a tinted primer (black) , it not only primes your lashes, but kind of acts like a mascara on it’s own! Where you’d be compelled to cover other (white) lash primers with black mascara, you can wear the Little Black Primer alone which is a huge benefit and time saving right there. For those subtle and natural looking days, this lash primer is your partner in crime!

Little Black Primer Estée Lauder review

Without the Little Black Primer and with the Little Black Primer

The lash primer separates and lengthens the lashes well, but keeping it natural. My lashes are already dark from their own, but for the light-haired ladies among us will definitely benefit from this tinted primer.

So it’s clear the Little Black Primer can tint and amplify your lashes. But hold on: this primer has triple duties, girls! It can also set your lashes, making it waterproof. Yesss, even better than what I was looking for. POOF, that’s my magical waterproof-topcoat-and-more wish come true! Thanks fairy Estée Lauder godmother! ;-)

Little Black Primer Estée Lauder review

Little Black Primer + Maybelline Lash Sensational

The main reason I bought the Little Black Primer was for its waterproofing abilities. Just apply your favourite mascara and add a coat of the Little Black Primer to waterproof it! It couldn’t be simpler and I’m just really happy I didn’t need to buy a dozen waterproof mascara’s for volume, length and separation :-) Kudos for the Estée Lauder sales associate to introduce me to lash primers and finding my holy grail for waterproofed mascara. Tint. Amplify. Set. This tinted lash primer does it all!

The Little Black Primer (6 ml) is available for € 22,95 at Ici Paris XL.

What do you think of the Little Black Primer concept? Do you use lash primers?

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