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28 mei 2016
Just Bee Drinks Anverelle

As a devoted water drinker, you will see me carrying my trusty water bottle around, or looking for new ways to spice up my water intake (because you know, plain water is just… plain). A little while ago I discovered Just Bee Drinks: refreshing springwater, some fruit juice and a delicate drop of honey! A yummy way to spice up your H2O, if you ask me.

Just Bee Drinks: FlavoursJust Bee Drinks Anverelle

Just Bee Drinks currently has three delicious flavours in their range: Apple & Ginger, Blueberry and Lemon & Green Tea. You can find the nutritional info here.

With around 92% of the drink being springwater, it’s a low-calorie drink: the first two flavours are 49 calories and Lemon & Green Tea (my personal favourite!) has 43 calories. Not bad at all!

Besides being low in calories, it’s all about the honey of course!

Just Bee Drinks Anverelle

The health benefits of honey are numerous: it has powerful antioxidants, boosts memory and is able to give you an energy boost (great for workouts!)It contains loads of vitamins and minerals that boost your immune system and helps you heal faster from wounds. A very powerful ingredient, don’t you think?

The honey used in Just Bee Drinks is sourced from wild flowers, which means the nectar comes from multiple types of flowers. The flavour can also vary, depending on which flowers were more prominent in our little buzzing workers’ area.

As Just Bee Drinks states on their website:

Our honey, pictured above, comes from nectar collected in meadows, gardens, trees and farmland and has traces of dandelion, hawthorn, chestnut, lime and other assorted wild flowers. This produces a mild and mellow flavour. We source our honey from beekeepers in Britain and Europe – never further afield.


And how cute is this? In my package I also found a little sachet filled with the seeds of wildflowers! Just Bee Drinks are not only producers of their drinks, they are also great bee lovers. Right now, bees are actually struggling to survive, for multiple reasons. Without them, we would run out of nuts, fruits and veggies. So Just Bee Drinks decided to give out free sachets of wildflower seeds, so we can plant them and make the world a better place for bees :-)

Just Bee Drinks Anverelle

If you want to #SaveTheBees, you can always get some sachets by filling out a form on their website.

General overview

Just Bee Drinks Anverelle

I really like the drinks! I was surprised by the subtleness of it. It’s very refreshingMy personal favourite is Lemon & Green Tea as I really like the subtle zingy taste of it. The other flavours are also very tasty and refreshing, it’s perfect if you want to have an alternative to drinking plain water all the time. Plain water doesn’t contain any calories, but Just Bee is still a very low-calorie drink so there’s nothing to worry about ;-)

You can buy Just Bee Drinks in the UK on their website, or with the following stockists: (£ 1.69)

Stockists Just Bee Drinks - Anverelle

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  • Reply Jessica Luxe 3 juni 2016 at 18:09

    Oh my gosh, these look delicious!

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    • Reply Anverelle 4 juni 2016 at 00:38

      They are! <3 Very refreshing :-)

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