Instagram Stories: My View

4 augustus 2016
Instagram Stories My View Anverelle

Since the beginning of August I noticed I had the newest update of Instagram on my Ipad. From now on, you can share short videos and photos as “Instagram Stories”, without permanently showing in your (let’s be honest) curated Instagram feed. There’s a lot of controverse around it since it highly resembles Snapchat, where users can share their daily snaps with followers and friends. Being curious, I decided to give it a try!

What’s Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories My View Anverelle

Instagram Stories is rumoured to be ‘just like Snapchat’ and I have to admit it’s the same in many ways. No funny filters, no geo tags and no adding from your (non-recent) camera roll media – just to name a few. But you can comment on a story, although privately. None of the comments will be visible to others and there’s no likes. You can also add the short video or photo to your feed, if you want to.

Yesterday I made my first Instagram Stories: my nighttime skincare routine with Rainpharma! In case you missed it or if you don’t have Instagram Stories yet, here’s the video:

If you can’t see the video, click here.

My Opinion:


  • I don’t have to add all of my followers as with Snapchat and I won’t have to build up a new audience.
  • We get to see the people behind the Instagram photos!
  • You won’t have to mess around with your (curated) feed
  • You won’t need another app – in this case Snapchat – to interact with your followers
  • You can comment on each story


  • You can only add media that is made on the spot or 24h ago. This leaves you with fewer options.
  • No likes or public comments – but that’s also the case with Snapchat!
  • No fun filters or geotagging.

Personally, I think I’m pretty down with Instagram Stories. I mean, I don’t have Snapchat yet for Anverelle (as I barely use my personal one!) so I think with this new feature it will bring some possibilities! It’s very handy that everyone that follows you can watch your story, so no more need to add everyone – it’s all automatic!

Let’s talk! What do you think of Instagram Stories? Are you #teamInstagram or #teamSnapchat – or both? :-)

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