Instagram Photos Week #34

24 augustus 2015
Instagram Photos week #34

Hi! Another week has passed, so it’s time for a new overview of my week in Instagram Photos! This week I added two items to my evergrowing wishlist, shared some tips and my #BBG progress and well… Oatmeal ofcourse! ;-)

Instagram Photos Week #34

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good cookbook! Jamie’s recipes are always so yummy and I’m superexcited he wrote a new one! Yay! #Wishlisted!

So finally I was done with Kayla’s pre-training and ready to kick a new workout week in the butt! There wasn’t a lot of difference with the last progress photo, but considering my huge 1 month GAP that was between Pre-Week 3 and week 4 I’ve done well!

Also, I must have the most messy vanity table everrr. Sorry! :-)

Yes yes, you can still enter my giveaway until the 27th! It’s supersimple to enter and you can gain up to 3 entries (meaning your name will appear 3 times in the list! So three times a chance to win this awesome make-up kit!)

Speaking of make-up: Real Techniques launched their own brush cleaner! I’m very curious about this new product and I can’t wait to get it when I’m in London. It’s actually different from other cleaners I have, because this one is a cleansing gel! Curioussss! ;-)

Yummm, chocolate oatmeal! How did I not think of this earlier?! Just mix some cocoa powder (and some sweetener like honey, if you don’t like the bitterness of cocoa) in your oatmeal and get ready to get a shock of chocolate heaven!

Writing this post felt really good! I had a million other reasons to share, but that would make for a very longread, wouldn’t it? ;) So instead, I chose my top 10 reasons and shared them with you.

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  • Reply Sofie Katelijne 25 augustus 2015 at 20:30

    Wist ik totaal niet van Real Techniques, interessant! Ik gebruik nu die brush cleaner van Hema en ook al doet die the job, ik kan maar niet wennen aan de geur (veel te zoet)!

    • Reply Anverelle 25 augustus 2015 at 20:35

      Hun borstels zijn ook zo fijn! ? Ik heb de brush cleaner van MAC & Kruidvat, werken allebei goed. Dat zoete in die van de Hema zullen ze waarschijnlijk gedaan hebben om de alcohol geur was te maskeren. Die alcohol geur heb je dan wel bij zowel die van MAC als Kruidvat, maar liever dat dan zo iets overzoet ?

  • Reply Sax and the Pretty 25 augustus 2015 at 11:20

    Jamie heeft een nieuw boek?! Leuk! x

    • Reply Anverelle 25 augustus 2015 at 20:11

      Ja, hé! :-) Ben een fan van zijn kookboeken én van healthy food, dus het is een ideale combinatie!

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