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Instagram Photos Week #29 Travel Edition

19 juli 2015
Instagram Photos week 29 Travel Edition

Looks like July is my vacation month this year! ;) After my vacation in Turkey (read about it here) I spent a few days at home to get ready for a week in la douce France. Monday I’ll be taking a flight from Marseille to Brussels, so by the time you’re reading this I’m probably packing to go home :-) So while I’m packing my bags, enjoy my week in Instagram photos!

Instagram Photos Week #29 Travel Edition: Vauvenarques, France

Nothing better than soaking up the sun on the back of a boat!??☀️ #sun #boat #summer

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Let’s start a few days before my vacay to France! I really just got back from Turkey and here I am, on the back of a boat tanning. Seriously can’t get enough of that sunkissed feeling! We got invited to go on a boat trip with a friend of ours and we couldn’t say no when the weather in Belgium was so great, right?

Back at it!???? #workout #bbgbelgium #basicfit #fitness #healthy #BBG

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Next up: working out! When I got back from Turkey, one of the things I wanted to do before I went to France was to get off my lazy butt and go to the gym! So on Saturday we decided it was time for a gym visit! It was kinda though because it was sunny outside and it was harder than the  last time because I didn’t do anything for a whole week. I felt really good afterwards and that was a good reward for an exhausting workout!

Let me share this picture with you just one more time: just for the awesomeness of it and how funny my face looks underwater with a regulator stuffed in my mouth! I always announce new posts on my Instagram. So if you’re not familiar with Bloglovin’ or the e-mail subscription, you can just follow me on Instagram!

And then…  My trip to France! It started already at Brussels airport where I discovered we would have the chance to finally see the new gate! It was very practical and really modern and the shops were just so nice! Speaking of the shops: the first one we encountered was a Bobbi Brown counter and I miiight have gasped loudly in my excitement. Couldn’t help myself! :) I picked up a shimmer brick (hellooo, golden glow!) in the colour Bronze and got a cute little brush with it. The shop assistant was really friendly and was glad to put a little of their new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation (which has SPF 40!) on that tired face of mine. I was really tempted to buy the foundation too, but I decided to stick with my shimmer brick.

Au revoir! ?✈️ See you in Marseille Airport! ? #anverelleAbroad #brusselsairlines #anverelleAbroad

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After the duty free shopping, we hopped on our plane for a short flight to Marseille, where we were picked up by a friend.

One thing I love about planes is the view! We were really lucky because the weather was so nice and there were barely any clouds. Add nice weather + pretty landscape and you get thisVery Instagram photos worthy! 

We celebrated quatorze juillet, which is France’s National Holiday. We had dinner in a courtyard and watched a movie projected on the canvas that was hung up on the wall. It was a typical French comedy, but I had a few laughs ;)

Oh, did I mention I’m eating really great stuff here in France? Consider this a cheat meal, but a really good one! I’m not a McDonalds fan, but this I can approve of! And the fries in the basket, so cute!

I was really suprised at how much harder a workout turned out to be after a week of doing nothing! So I committed to do a little workout every other day. Nothing super intense: I did my two BBG circuits once instead of the usual twice and afterwards I just jumped in the pool to cool off.

I found these supercute macaroons that are actually tiny jewelryboxes! Since we were in the perfect setting for macaroons, I decided to share!

During my stay in France, there was an opera festival in Aix-de-Provence. We went to Alcina, but of course I couldn’t take any pictures during the opera so I quickly made a video of them at the end. The opera is about two witches who lure men in a forest. And when they are sick of them, they turn them into wild animals or plants! In their mansion they look like beautiful, young women but once they are in their own “rooms”, they turn back to old witches! They used a double to get this to work nonetheless, but it was done so beautifully and good! It really was a modern piece and I would recommend for those who are open to opera.

On Friday I went into the hot city of Arles to go take a look at the photo exhibitions that took place around the city. The first thing we encountered before going into one of the exhibitions, was a street that had lots of umbrellas above it! The sun was shining through the umbrellas and it was so colourful! I just had to include this in my Instagram photos feed :-)

We have a pool, which is pretty much essential for temperatures like this! We’re situated on a hill so I’ve got a nice view to look at while one of the neighbours decided it was time for a little jazz. I’ve heard this person play the saxophone and it was delightful! So relaxing while sitting at the pool :)

Whenever I travel in the summer, I try to pack lightly makeup-wise. I will only bring the essentials, because when it’s really hot outside I don’t feel like putting a lot on my face besides sunscreen! I also try to bring waterproof products; as I know these will hold longer on a day at the pool or a hot stroll in the city. So these are the things I brought with me to France:

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in “Golden Light 1”
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in “Bronze”
Make Up Forever Aqua Brow in “20”
Benefit Rollerlash Mascara
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h in “On and on Bronze”
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Hydrating Lipbalm in “N°10”
Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette (not pictured)

I brought the NAKED palette with me, so I can vary in my eyeshadow colours. But other than that, I brought basic but very good products I can depend on.

So tomorrow I’m leaving in the afternoon for Marseille, to take a flight from there to Brussels. Vauvenarques was absolutely lovely and my trip to the photo exhibitions in Arles and the Opera Festival in Aix-en-Provence were an enriching experience. Au revoir et à bientôt! ;)

Want to keep up with Anverelle? Come take a look on my Instagram!

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  • Reply Imke 26 juli 2015 at 14:55

    Echt super leuke foto’s allemaal! Klinkt als een top vakantie! Die scubaduikfoto is echt leuk :D en al je andere foto’s ook eigenlijk, ben blij je blog ontdekt te hebben via Instagram :) Ik ben trouwens ook bezig met Kayla! Ben tot week 8 of 9 geraakt maar had toen echt te weinig tijd om het te blijven combineren met m’n fulltime stage, maar ben nu, nu ik vakantie heb, terug begonnen! Hoop snel resultaten te zien… Het eet-plan volg ik alleen niet maar bon. Tis alleszins leuk om te doen :D
    XO, Imke

    • Reply Anverelle 26 juli 2015 at 15:11

      Dag Imke! Ja, het was echt een topvakantie! Dankjewel, heb je daarnet ook terug gevolgd op Instagram :-) Leuk dat je even de tijd neemt om te reageren op een post ^^ Vind het altijd leuk om met lezers te communiceren.

      Ik ben tot week 4 geraakt met Kayla, met die vakanties ertussen en nu met mijn wijsheidstanden mag ik minstens 10 dagen niet sporten dus ik moet nog even wachten tot ik terug verder mag gaan :( Ik kan me inbeelden dat met een full-time stage het inderdaad een beetje lastiger kan zijn om een workout in te plannen. Een Kayla workout duurt gelukkig niet lang, maar je moet de energie nog hebben na een dag stage natuurlijk ;) Ik volg het eetplan wel en vond dat echt goed meevallen! Je bent wel vaak bezig met koken, dat wel. Ik vind het ook superleuk om te doen en de resultaten zijn er redelijk snel vond ik! Op week 3 zag ik al resultaat, er staat ergens op mijn Instagram wel een progress fotootje ;) Die had ik genomen voordat ik op reis vertrok, want op reis kan je toch moeilijker op je eten letten vind ik. En het is tenslotte vakantie voor iets! ;)

      Bedankt voor je reactie!


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