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Instagram Photos Week #21 Travel Edition

25 mei 2015
instagram photos week 21 travel edition

Hi guys! I’m back from my vacay in Turkey and I’m ready to show you my Instagram photos of week #21! I spent a whole week in Lara at the Miracle Resort Hotel and had a grand time relaxing and soaking up the sun. So let’s get going and let me tell you the stories behind my instagram photos! :)

Like I promised, this is a longread: so be warned! ;)

Instagram Photos Week #21 Travel Edition

Let’s start off the week with a nice throwback! This was 2 years ago, when I went to Side in Turkey. It was my first time in Turkey and we went to a very nice hotel! I had a really good time ;)

Before I left on vacation, I introduced the hashtag #anverelleAbroad so you guys are now able to filter my travel Instagram photos from my IG feed. This will be the case for all my travels, so you’ll always be able to find them! :)

When you have the time (and the shops are open!) Brussels Airport with its taxfree shopping is always a nice way to begin your vacation! ;) From the moment I smelled the new Valentina Pink from Valentino, I knew I had to get it! This eau de parfum lasts for ages and has a strawberry/floral scent. Ultimately, I bought it at the airport in Antalya and I couldn’t be happier!

Finally, on Sunday morning we arrived at our destination in Lara: the Miracle Resort Hotel! We booked for a room with a sea view and I must say it was very lovely! Here you can see the pool and the sea. You couldn’t see the Taurus mountain chain that surrounded us because it was a bit cloudy that day, but we certainly caught a glimpse of it over the week!

Staying in an all-in hotel also means tons and tons of food just waiting for you whenever you want! Turkey is known for their delicious desserts and in the hotel there was an elaborate choice! The first day I couldn’t resist and devoured this whole plate of macarons, meringue and little tarts! I’m pretty confident to say I’ve had baklava every night! Whoops.

You can’t go to a tropical destination without bringing bikinis! This one is from Hunkemöller and can be found here. The sunglasses are from Ralph Lauren. Armed with a beach bag and a book we hit the beach! There was a small platform where you could lie on giant pillows (think fatboy) and we layed there for the entire day. Getting some vitamine sea and some sun was definitely something I needed after those flight hours! ;)

Oooh, the gardens! They were so lovely, with flower gazebo’s everywhere. There were gardeners constantly keeping the garden as beautiful as possible, and it was a dream to have a nice evening walk in the gardens. Also, here’s my #ootd which is pretty close to nothing, haha! What can I say, you need no more than a bikini, slippers and a beach cover up in those temperatures! You can also see a glimpse of the hotel, which looked like two ships with a bridge to connect the two wings.

Curious about what’s in my beach bag? Aside from the usual sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel I also brought some entertainment with me. You can’t go wrong with an iPod full of summery music and a classic among curious literature! I also brought a hat because not only I cover my head with it, but also my feet for example! It’s too hot to cover up those sensitive spots with a towel, so a straw hat is breezy and more or less covering. Can you imagine me, laying at the swimming pool or beach with a straw hat on my feet? Haha! It does the job, though! ;)

On Tuesday we did a short excursion to the Düden waterfalls! This is a short video from the other side, but you can see the stunning view from the side here:

Instagram Photos travel edition Düden waterfalls

This waterfall is one out of two and ends in the Mediterranean Sea. It just makes for such beautiful Instagram photos, don’t you think? This is the lower waterfall, but you also have an upper one, which we sadly didn’t visit. I’ve seen pictures of it and I really want to go to that one next time! :)

Vacation to me means: not having to worry about anything, with (un)healthy food being one of them. When I’m on holiday, I choose to not pay as much attention to what I eat as I do at home, simply because I’m at an all-in and I want to enjoy every aspect of it! Live a little! ;) I’ll have time to have my oatmeals and smoothies again when I’m back in Belgium. #cheatweek!

Time for another bikini of the day! On Wednesday I wore my bright pink Victoria’s Secret bikini to the swimming pool. I’m much more happier at the pool, really. I like the beach, but I don’t like the sand that’s going everywhere. My mom told me that, as a little baby, I used to whimper and lift up my legs to keep my feet from touching the sand. Haven’t changed all that much since then, I guess. Haha!

Party time @ the hotel! Every night there was a show or a party and on Wednesday it was a neonparty! The lights were really pretty and ultimately quite some people showed up to have a good time. Do excuse the whistling, a member from the animation team just really liked to do that. All day, everyday day!

Bikini time! I’m wearing my second bikini from Victoria’s Secret that I brought with me. This was shot on the last full day before we had to leave, so on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever shared that many bikini shots as my Instagram photos… Do these count as my #ootd’s? ;)

My mom and I decided we wanted to have dinner somewhere else than the regular hotel restaurant where everybody else goes. So we chose the à la carte fishrestaurant. It was really really good, but I was so stuffed! What you see in front of me were not the starters, they were just the appetizers! We first had cold dishes, then warm dishes as starters, sea bream or salmon as the main course and then dessert. Stuffed, I tell you!

And this it the last photo! This was taken only 10 hours ago at the airport in Brussels. I could crawl in my own bed again by 3 o’clock in the night, so I was content I could just lay down and doze off!

And that was my very relaxing week in Instagram photos for you! What do you think? :) Have you ever been to Turkey on a holiday?

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