Instagram Photos #51

19 juni 2016
Instagram Photos #51 Anverelle

It’s been ages since I uploaded an Instagram Photos post on! For the last 4 months I was doing an internship in London and being in this beautiful and exciting city there was never enough time. I’m also graduating at the end of this month, so exciting times are coming!

I picked my favourite Instagram photos for the past few weeks. Warning: food pics and beauty coming up! ;-)

Instagram Photos #51

If you ever find yourself in need of a perfect brunch in London, you should really go to The Grind. I always went to the Shoreditch Grind, as this one was the closest to me. Think avocado toast, fresh juices and brewed coffee, scrambled eggs, muffins, … It’s breakfast/brunch heaven. And when you’ve missed brunch, you can always get delicious little snacks, pizza and burgers. An absolute tip!

If there was one fitness highlight during my time in London, it must be the Be:Fit London event! I found out via a huge poster in the underground and immediately decided I wanted a ticket! I bought a VIP ticket and spent the day discovering all new brands from healthy food to cool workout gear. It was such a lovely day and I will definitely return next year! Tickets are NOW available right here! If anyone decides to go, please let me know so we can have a meet-up! :-)

Of course I couldn’t help but seek out the most yummy places in Londen as well! Dear readers, meet The Breakfast Club. I went there twice and both times I ordered this beautiful (but giant) stack of American pancakes with berries. Absolute god-sent breakfast right there! Oh, and don’t forget the peanut butter banana shake…

A good month ago I decided to join Twitter! If you’d like to follow me, you can find me here! I will be posting updates about new blogposts etc. on there so if you’re not on Facebook, Bloglovin’ or Instagram already, you can follow everything from there :-)

Red lips are always a classic and this lipstick from the Bobbi x Balthazar collab was just the perfect shade!

While I London, I learned to do some headstands! I’m still learning though, but I’m loving the process. And it doesn’t only have health benefits when done regularly, they also look pretty cool!

Summer is coming but unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to agree… Sometimes you just have to make your own sunshine, so when Maison PR sent me the Glow Oil I was head over heels. Everybody loves looking like they had a healthy portion of sun and this little bottle will provide just that! If you’d like to read my review, click here.

One of my favourite lipsticks is still Urban Decay’s Ladyflower. It’s just such a happy shade and it makes my eyes look brighter :-) Let me know below what your favourite lipstick is!

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