Instagram Photos #50

10 april 2016
Instagram Photos #50 Anverelle

It’s time for a new Instagram Photos post and it’s a long one this time! ;-) For the last two weeks I’ve got to experience Spring (finally!), some yummy treats at Balthazar and Bloggers Hangout and  I worked out for two days in a row to kick myself back into going to the gym! Curious? Read on for the stories behind my Instagram Photos:

Instagram Photos #50

I found this gem at Primark and it totally reminded me of Beyoncé’s kick-ass songI thought it would make a nice and funny make-up bag because ladies, sometimes we just don’t wake up like this! ;-)

About that make-up life…Being a beautyblogger only makes it ‘worse’. I guess it all depends on how you look at it ofcourse ;-) Have you ever hit the pan on one of your eyeshadows? Because I haven’t. #oops #guilty

Omggg, the weather has been so nice the last weeks in London! (see below) Sure, we have our April showers, but you quickly forget about it when you feel the sun in your face and you can break out sunglasses and the occasional leather jackets instead of thick, big wintercoats. Yay! Who’s excited for summer?!

My reasons to go to the Bobbi x Balthazar Afternoon Tea:
1. You’re a big Bobbi Brown fan.
2. You’ve never had a proper afternoon tea.
3. All the desserts are beauty-inspired (Bobbi’s bestsellers, actually!)
4. The Vintage Red lipstick, made exclusively for this collab is to die for. Seriously.
5. It’s London, afternoon tea and beauty in one!

Excited yet? You can come to Balthazar in Covent Garden for a yummy and exclusive beauty-inspired afternoon until 29th September!

Besides my daily 15 min walk to work and errands (does shopping also count?) I don’t get as much exercise as I’d like to. So last weekend my flatmates took me to Barry’s Bootcamp in Moorgate. It was a very intense class but I was really glad I made it through! And after class, there was a super yummy protein shake waiting for me at the Fuel bar. YES!

And on Sunday I did a spinning and HIIT class with one of the personal trainers @ Power Vibe, a fitness studio in Notting Hill. It was quite intense after Saturday’s workout and the burpees/push ups nearly killed me but I felt really good afterwards! YES to working for that bikini body!

And no worries, I will soon start again with the BBG workouts! I just haven’t found the time yet, hence the kick-in-the-butt workouts last weekend ;-)

London has so much to offer and new brands are everywhere! I went to a Bloggers Hangout and I discovered I really like interesting mixes of nuts & seeds, and honeywater is my new favourite drink. This was more of a foodie event, but I like to keep my eyes peeled for healthy food and drinks that I can incorporate in my eating habits and workouts!

If you’d like to follow my London adventures, you can use the hastag #anverelleLondon to filter through my regular Instagram photos.

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