Instagram Photos #47

1 februari 2016

Time is flying right by. It’s time again for another Instagram Photos post! The last two weeks have been all about beauty, getting my Fitbit back (yesss!) and the first wishlist of the year! I’m also doing my last exam ever today, so that’s pretty exciting! Even more excitement as I’m preparing for a 4-month internship in one of my favourite cities: London! Let’s take a look at my adventures of Instagram Photos #47. Enjoy!

Instagram Photos #47

This week I made you curious for a beautiful rose-pink lipstick by Urban Decay! It’s my first lipstick from this brand and I was pleasantly suprised! Missed it? Click here.

Instagram is buzzing with lip products from this brand! Gerard Cosmetics has finally convinced me to order my first liptrio. I bought a lipstick (1995), a hydra-matte liquid lipstick (Serenity) and a color your smile lipgloss (pink frosting). I can’t wait until I get my order (which will take a few weeks *cry*) and review them for you! Are they worth the hype?

Here’s a little #tb for you guys! This was taken around September/October, when my hair was darker (read: urgently in need of highlights again) and shorter. I’ve always loved my long hair, but when I decided to go short one day, I didn’t regret it for a second! Speaking of, I’m having that “awkward length” feeling again… Hmm, guess I’ll just let it grow long again and then maybe cut it short again when I’m tired of it, hahaha! ;-) Also sporting bold brows and lips that day. I looove a good red lip!

If you’ve been reading the blog and kept an eye on my Instagram, you might have noticed that I’m going on an international internship really soon! I’m headed for London coming Thursday, so starting from the 4th I’ll be sipping tea across the water ;-)

It was also time for the first wishlist of the year! This time, my wishlist was pretty much good for a full-faced makeup, except for foundation! We’re keeping the glow trend alive, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, and sweet lips and huge lashes are also having quite a big moment … ;-)

Oh my goooosh, I finally got my Fitbit fitnesstracker back after being kidnapped for a whole month! #FitbitRehab  Long story short: My Fitbit clip wasn’t repaired when I brought it in for repairs at the shop where I originally bought it, but one e-mail to Fitbit solved it all. Within 2 days after my e-mail, the mailman rang my door with a replacement clip! Best customer service ever, I must say!

So after a month I could enjoy tracking and counting my steps again, and I discovered a new feature! You can now share your workout on social media, yay! It’s perfect for keeping up with your goals and keeping yourself accountable. I did more than 4 km though, but luckily I figured it out so next time it’ll be the right amount of kilometres!

Finishing up with the lovely Tony’s Chocolonely bars! This is heavenly Dutch chocolate (and slave-free!) and I’m taking this with me to London. You’ll never know if they might not sell this and frankly, I’m too attached to it to let it go for 4 months, hahaha! :D
Ps: am I being a bad Belgian now?

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