Instagram Photos #46

18 januari 2016
Instagram Photos #46

Well, here we are! The first two weeks of January have passed! How is everyone doing? I’ve been superbusy with juggling classes, workouts and searching for an international internship. It’s still a bit chaotic overhere but it’s clearing up! Everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, so I’m trying to do as much in them as possible :-) Let’s take a look at the Instagram Photos and see what I’ve been up to:

Instagram Photos #46

After New Years I took a week off on Instagram. Things were getting so chaotic, that I needed a break. But after a week off, I uploaded my first selfie of 2016 and went off for my first workout of the year: a run on the treadmill :-) The next day I started my BBG 1 round 2 and I was so happy I could join so many girls with their first BBG workout! My Fitbit still hasn’t come back from repair (silent cry), so I gave a heads up to my Fitbit friends that I wouldn’t be able to track anything for a short time. But anyways, I went for my first workout of the year and it felt great!

So as I’ve said above, I started the next day with my BBG 1 round 2! Kayla Itsines rallied up all the #bbggirls to join worldwide and that day I met lots of sweet girls who just started their bbgjourney on Instagram. Lots of girls also joined on the app, which I didn’t do. I have the digital BBG guide 1 and 2 so I figured I’d just repeat those endlessly ;-) I was happy with my progress from my first round, so I’m just doing the 1.0 again before doing the 2.0 guide. Let’s go, sweethearts! We can do this! ;-) Don’t know what the BBG is? Click here for my review!

Sometimes you just stumble upon the things you need the most. On my hunt for the perfect waterproof mascara I was introduced to the Little Black Primer who practically solved all my waterproof worries. Curious how a lash primer ended my search? Click here for my review!

Night time rituals are important to me. A good cleanser and night cream are essential! I like to use a make-up remover by Estée Lauder with my Clarisonic. Adding moisture is also really important because you lose a lot of it when you sleep, so I use a serum by Chanel and my new night cream by And Other Stories. I bought it in sale (€ 9,50!) and I’m absolutely loving it! Very nice scent (clean sheets!) and a dream to apply.

If you take a closer look at some of my mirror selfies, you’ll notice a vanity desk in the back. It’s from IKEA and inside the drawers it’s all organised and divided. On top, you’ll find my regularly used products. Pretty organised if I say it myself, but this lipstick carousel would be a perfect addition! My most used lippies are on display on top of the desk, but it’s quite sad for the lipstick who are in the drawers (and in consequence do not get as much attention as they deserve!) Vanity Decay sells several lipstick towers and if I’m not mistaken most of them rotate! Just awesome!

Sadly that’s all the Instagram Photos I have for you from these past two weeks, but it’s starting to be less chaotic in my life so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post more in the coming weeks! :-)

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  • Reply Hosting 29 september 2016 at 03:04

    Rather than using a plain white background for all of your photos, don t be afriad to play with cool textures like blankets, fur, and even rugs. Fun textures will add a cool touch to your photos and also help add to the story you re trying to tell. In this photo, we love how comfortable and “lazy Sunday” the photo feels since the blogger added in a nice textured blanket as her background.

  • Reply Iris @ Earth Love Skin 21 januari 2016 at 21:50

    Loving your transformation! I remember seeing your old selfie then and you’ve lost so much weight now, it’s amazing! I have started doing workouts and tracking what i eat too. I am on MFP (My Fitness Pal) and have sworn by it. I think they also track Fitbit but sadly I don’t have one. I used to have Runtastic app on my phone and that tracks my meters when I run or walk.

    I was on hiatus too, so I’m quite glad I didn’t miss out much on you! <3 You gorgeous woman!

    You've always made me proud. And thank you for being my friend in 2015! Here's to more and everlasting friendships! I will surely, surely visit you in Belgium!


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