Instagram Photos #44

20 december 2015
Instagram Photos week #44

We’re 4 days away from Christmas and things are getting really exciting! I’ve already wrapped most of my presents, but I still have got a few more to go, so I’ll still have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do. What are you getting your loved ones this year? ;-)

Let’s take a look at what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, in my Instagram Photo week #44!

Instagram Photos #44

Two weeks ago it was Saint Nicholas and I too received some chocolate and mandarines! ;-) I decided to add them to my oatmeal breakfast that morning and it was perfect! The mandarins gave a nice sweet/sour touch to it and the chocolate started melting – which was heavenly by the way – Adding chocolate to your oatmeal is always such a good idea!

Wintertime! That means strolling in my hometown and take in the atmosphere that comes with it. Every year Ghent does the Winterfeesten, which means a cosy Christmas fair with a ferris wheel and loads of food stands to get some winter treats. It’s obviously cosier to visit the winter fair at night, but I happened to be around town during the day.

And since Saint Nicholas was over, we decided to put up the Christmas tree! No tree before Saint Nicholas, or you won’t get any chocolate! ;-) Inspired by Victoria’s Secret, we went with a pink and white decoration this year. I’d love to see your Instagram photos of your tree!

And then it was to go to London and get the Christmas shopping started! Every year, I treat myself to my own Christmas present: for me, by me! ;-) Since we were in London and Jo Malone had just opened up a store in Regent Street, I went to take a look (and smell!) at their new colognes and Wood Sage & Sea Salt just smelled like perfection to me. With a heart note of salt, a top note of ambrette seeds and the sage base note, it couldn’t smell more perfect. However, I wasn’t completely in love with it at first. I mean, I loved it but I was afraid it was such a subtle scent I wouldn’t be able to smell it throughout the day. Since my skin is a little sensitive for putting on perfume directly on my skin, I rather put it on my clothes.

I initially told the shop assistant that I liked floral scents the most, but since I was so into the wood sage scent, she combined the Wood Sage & Sea Salt with the beautiful floral Mimosa & CardamomI was absolutely sold. Combined they are literally all I want to put on right now. It’s just so fresh and floral at the same time! I loved my first experience with Jo Malone. I will definitely return one day to get s’mooore! ;-)

Sorry for the lack of Instagram photos right now! I’m really busy finding an internship in London and my deadline is getting closer. I hope you understand and I’m confident that when things get back to normal Anverelle will be more active again :-) Kisses!

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