Instagram Photos #43

6 december 2015
Instagram Photos week #43

As I announced on my Facebook page and Instagram, this week’s Instagram Photos was going to be late because of some technical difficulties on the blog. But all is well now, so the posts that were overdue are now online! It was a tumultuous beginning of the month, which had it’s ups and downs. Let’s take a look on what Instagram Photos I posted the last two weeks:

Instagram Photos #42

My Fitbit One is really something. I managed to lose it a second time, again at the supermarket. It’s okay though, my Fitbit probably just likes making friends at the supermarket! ;-) Definitely learned my lesson; now I put it in my pocket, instead of on! ;-) Also own a Fitbit? Lets be fitbuddies: send me an e-mail and I’ll add you!

Anyone else having problems with late night snacks? I’m having the worst time keeping myself from munching on sweets, so I wanted to make something that would not be as bad ;-) Enter Rens Kroes’ macaroons! And the best thing? No refined sugar, just a little bit of honey :-) One or two keep me perfectly content and keep me away from the cookie cupboard! 

More food! ;-) Sometimes I just like to start the day with a nice smoothie or a shake, and the protein-berryshake from Julie’s book was the perfect boost for my workout!

Pre-workout selfie! You can find me around three times a week at the gym, still doing my BBG workout! I’m close to finishing the 12 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited to do the last workout from week 12 and take a “before and after BBG” picture! If you want to know more, click here for my review on the Bikini Body Workout! I’ll make sure to update the review once I completed the guide. After completion I’ll probably restart with BBG 1.0 before advancing to 2.0.

It’s December, aka Christmas time! I’m superexcited for the holidays! I still need to figure out what I’m going to gift my boyfriend, mom and grandparents, so any fun ideas can be left in the comments! What are you getting your loved ones this year?

I’m ending this week in Instagram Photos with some of my essentials for a minimal make-up look. I’m totally loving the new Double Wear To Go foundation by Estée Lauder at the moment, which just gives me the loveliest glowWhat are your favourites for a simple, everyday look?

PS: a little shoutout to Tamsyn, where I got her beautiful “Hello December” picture from! She has the most stunning photos on her blog, go check her out here!

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