Instagram Photos #42

1 december 2015
Instagram Photos week #42

As I announced on my Facebook page and Instagram, this week’s Instagram Photos was going to be late because of some technical difficulties on the blog. But all is well now, so the posts that were overdue are now online! It was a tumultuous beginning of the month, which had it’s ups and downs. Let’s take a look on what Instagram Photos I posted the last two weeks:

Instagram Photos #42

Christmas is coming closer and closer! Make Up For Ever has made 6 Holiday kits ranging from € 22,50 – € 75, so there’s something for every budget! My eye caught the CULT MAKE UP Holiday Set: it has 5 mini’s and one full sized product. If you have friends who would love to try out MUFE make-up but don’t know what to get, this would be perfect!

November was also my birthday month! We decided to have breakfast at Alice Ghent. Ofcourse I had the sweet breakfast with lovely American pancakes. I was craving these all week!

Ugh, dirty brushes. They’re such a pain! Thanks to Primark, cleaning my brushes is so much quicker! I used to swirl them around on my hand, which made my hand feel superdry afterwards from all the soap… But then I bought a facial cleansing pad which I ended up using for not cleansing my face, but my brushes. Lol! Curious how exactly I get them clean? Click here to find out!

The Paris shootings. I really wanted to include this in my week in Instagram Photos because it made such an impact on me. It’s better now, but the fact that my mom was a mere 100 metres away from the first restaurant shooting was downward petrifying. Afterwards we started to realise she was so lucky she got away safely, but I also realised that many others didn’t make it back home safely. For that reason, I really wanted to show my support. My heart goes out to everyone. <3

Yaaay, new goodies! I had the occasion to go to a special sale and I managed to cross off two items that were on my wishlist: the Cinderella Beauty Powder and the Haute and Naughty mascara from MAC. I also bought an absolutely gorgeous liptrio from Bobbi Brown which is currently my favourite lipcombo. Absolutely love love love the pinks!

And lastly, Urban Decay decided to land in my hometown! I haven’t visited yet, but I’m sure the stand is as stunning as the one in Antwerp, which I did visit for it’s opening. I definitely feel that lots of brands not only feel the pull of Brussels and Antwerp, but are choosing to open a store in Ghent too. Which is absolutely a good thing, because as much as I love visiting Antwerp (for my sweet boyfriend and awesome shoppingtrips!) it’s nice to have some cool shops here too :-) Go Ghent!

Did you visit the Urban Decay stand in the ICI Paris XL in Ghent (Korenmarkt) yet? What did you think?

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