Instagram Photos #40

25 oktober 2015
Instagram Photos week #40

The last two weeks were SO exciting, beautywise! An Urban Decay counter was launched in Antwerp, I did some spooky stuff and I might have bought my favourite foundation ever… Curious yet? ;-) Then read on for my two weeks of Instagram photos!

Instagram Photos #40

I was so disappointed I couldn’t make it to the opening in Brussels, so I braced myself for the launch of the Urban Decay counter in Antwerp! I took the train at 7 o’clock to be among the first 50 customers at ICI Paris XL. And boy, I was so glad I was wearing my poofy wintercoat already because GOSH IT’S GETTING COLD (and we’re not even hitting the full below zero degrees here. I hope I’ll survive winter!) But it was all worth it standing in line for! First of all, I got a quick make-over with the new Smokey palette, which was one of the things on my wishlist for that day. Second, I met Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman (who looked fabulous btw!) and she was superfriendly. Fangirling a little overhere, because she’s one of the first bloggers I started reading/following and I’m still glad I do :-)
It’s always nice to meet bloggers in person! And lastly, I got to see the eyepopping counter which was full of goodiessss! I brought home the Smokey palette and the Primer Potion and I am totally head over heels with my products. I’ll definitely be popping in every time I’m in Antwerp!

Also somewhere they’ll see me more often: Make Up For Ever! I got to do my first blogger event last week in Brussels. I was super excited and really happy I got an invitation. The workshop was Halloween-themed, so we got to experiment with SFX

And let me tell you something: SFX is absolutely awesome! I kinda expected something else first from the workshop: I was thinking tutorials on spooky make-up (think Elphaba from The Wizard of Oz) But actually the SFX was way better! I never thought I’d enjoy looking real messed up, but there you have it: bloody hand it is! The gunshot wound was made by the instructor and the big wound was made by me. I’m so proud! :-) What do you think? Instagram photos worthy? ;-)

Okay, not so beauty-related but this is something I’ve tasted just now and it’s just unbelievably good! I knew Skyr (yoghurt from Iceland) was tasty and I had already tried it, but oh my… Skyr flavoured with honey is just heaven on earth! I paired it with mango and the raspberries and blueberries gave the perfect sourness to balance it with. I thought I could put it in my Instagram photos, because this is really something yummy and so worth sharing! It was truly a breakfast I didn’t want to end. Can I have some more, please?

Oooh, you guys! I’ve fallen in love. Again. With a foundation! I managed to pick up Make Up For Ever’s new Ultra HD foundation.
The shade they picked out for me is just such a good match, and they were so sweet to help me pick one (40 shades available, guys!)
The review is almost ready: I need to take a few photos and after that it’s ready to go! So stay tuned…

So I’m already wearing my wintercoat, but I do need some more than that to keep me warm. Uniqlo is already helping a lot with that (hello, pretty and warm basics!) but & Other Stories might sneak into my wardrobe too. Sadly I’m one of those girls whose skin can’t put up with any wool (ugh!) so I’m hoping there’s some other, non-prickly warm items to keep me toasty this winter. And from the looks of it, I bet I’ll be going home with one of their sweaters soon…

Have a happy weekend and enjoy!

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