Instagram Photos #39

11 oktober 2015
Instagram Photos week #39 anverelle

Every two weeks I pick out my favourite Instagram photos and tell you a little bit more about them! What can you expect? A post filled with great news in the beauty and fashion world, my current favourites (including my wishlist!) and a round up on my latest articles. Have fun reading!

Instagram Photos #39

?Goodmorning, there's a new post online! I wrote a review on @kayla_itsines #bikinibodyguide! ?? Here's an excerpt: "My mind is blown on how much motivation you get from not only the workout, but also from the community around BBG. Just look for the hashtags #BBGgirls, #bbgbelgium and #BBGprogress on Instagram. You’ll notice how big and loving this community is, inspiring and motivating each other. I love that! So to all the #BBGgirls reading this, thank you! Thank you for the motivation, thank you for the inspiration and thank you for the endless friendships with girls from over the whole world!" So not only an honest review, but a true thank you for all the loving #bbggirls out there! ❤️ #anverelle #review #bbggirl #workout #fitness #kaylaitsines

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After more than 2 months of doing the Bikini Body Guide, I reviewed it for those who are interested in what I’m doing in the gym :-) I’m still following the BBG and I’m on my way to week 7 (pre-training not included), so yay! I’m very happy with my results. If you’re curious to see my progress in pictures, go read my review! :-)

At the end of every month, I write about some products that caught my eye and gather them up in a wishlist. September was all about make-up and  clean skin! After reading up some more about Clarisonic, I decided to go with the Mia 2. Since I have a sensitive and currently dehydrated skin, so I’m being very careful with cleansing so thoroughly. I’m having some trouble adjusting to my Clarisonic, so I’m currently using it every other day and only in the evening. The shop assistant did warn me to start slowly and build up the times you use your Mia 2, so I’m still adjusting I guess. But I definitely feel a difference with my skin when I use it, so happy me!

Actually, here is my Mia 2 :-) And together with the Perfectly Clean cleanser by Estée Lauder, they make a great combo! I’ve been really satisfied with how both products work for my skin. The only thing I still need to do is buy a new daycream to hydrate my face again. Because I was highly pleased with this daycream, I’m thinking of buying it again! ;-)

Speaking of bathroom essentials, this is my holy grail brush! I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tangle Teezer before. I just love how these detangle your hair with ease and no pain. Lots of hairsalons use this on their clients and so does mine, so I’m one happy girl! :-) I really wouldn’t want to switch to any other brush anymore. If I’m correct, we have about 4 of them in our house. One for the bathroom and one in our gym bag (times 2, because my mom loves them too!)

On the 2nd of October, I visited Antwerp for a very special store opening: UNIQLO! You can now find them at Meir 67-69. I discovered the Japanese brand when I was in New York City and fell in love. Their line is filled with the essential basics that are incredibly soft. Think  fleece, cashmere, wool and generally cuddly materials for everything. Their HeatTech line is also quite popular: it’s light and warm at the same time, so I’m thinking it’s time to stock up on those items for winter. I’m sure you’ll be able to battle the cold with one of those superlight poofy vests or their fleece-lined sweater. I can’t wait to turn my winter in warm and snuggly!

Seems like the last two weeks was filled with great news! I visited a beauty fair in Brussels last week and guess whose stand I found: NYX Cosmetics! I was as happy as a little kid to find out they’re planning on opening a store in Belgium! Mark your calenders sweethearts, Spring 2016 is D-day! Where would you like their new store to open in Belgium?

I’m ending this Instagram photos post with the latest article I wrote on how to drink more water if you’re actually not really that into water. To be honest, water isn’t the coolest drink around. But it will do more for you than just quench your thirst and that’s why I give a few tips to reach your H2O goal. Did you had any idea that you’re supposed to drink around eight glasses a day?

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