Instagram Photos #38

27 september 2015

Hi guys, this is the second updated “Instagram Photos” post! I’ve decided to post these every two weeks so I can offer you more beauty and health-related things I posted on Instagram :-)

So in the past two weeks I’ve revealed some beautynews, posted some new articles on and shared my Bikini Body Guide progress. Enjoy!

Instagram Photos #38

Happy to announce that I finally got around reviewing the Midnight & Silver palette and that it will become online very soon!

Brushes, brushes! ? What are your favourites? ❤️ #makeupbrushes #realtechniques #maccosmetics

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The brushes that I reach every day for, are the ones from Real Techniques and MAC. I feel the most comfortable working with these and they do their job so well! The brushes pictured here are the ones I use most, including the budgetproof Miracle Sponge! With make-up it’s important you have the right tools so you can achieve the best results. Atleast, that’s my opinion! ;-)

So I decided that it was time to clean my closet and get rid of all the things I didn’t wear or liked anymore. Everything was put in a bag and dropped in a clothing container to go to those in need. I try to clean out my closet at least once every year, or every two seasons. It just feels really good to have that empty space (and fill it up again, let’s be honest!) It clears not only my closet, but my mind too. Too many “meh” clothes were smothering my closet, so it was definitely time to let go of some stuff! And I confess, now I have an excuse to go shopping again… Perfect for finding transition clothes for autumn and winter! ;-) Do you like clearing your closet once in a while? Do you have clothes you hang on to?

Speaking of cleaning, I did the same with my make-up! I re-organised my vanity table and decided to put my daily essentials out instead of cluttering my desk with everything I have. I swapped my summer lipsticks for darker and richer colours so I would be ready for fall! Curious for the newest make-up trends for fall/winter? Read my post about it hereWhich trends will you be trying out for fall?

I’ve been quite busy blogging this week, so I posted a fitness post on my experiences with Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide! Read all about it here and find out if you can get as enthusiastic as myself! ;-)

Beauty news! Urban Decay has made its entrance in Belgium! Last month, they got a store-in-store @ ICI Paris XL in Brussels and starting from October 15th you will be able to shop your UD goodies in Antwerp! Come see UD @ ICI Paris XL’s store at the Meir ;) The first 50 customers will receive a free Naked Basics palette, how awesome is that?!

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