How To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

13 november 2015
How to clean your make-up brushes

Applying and playing around with make-up is one of my favourite pastimes, but there’s one thing I always dread… It’s the little yet important things we sometimes tend to forget: washing my make-up brushes!

However, it’s so easy to do and today I’m going to show you how. All you need is baby shampoo, water and your dirty brushes. First, let’s talk a little on why you should clean your make-up brushes.

Apart from the obvious reason, dirty brushes can cause more than not doing their job well. Just picture this: you use your brushes everyday. You use different products now and then and you might use your make-up brushes for multiple purposes (think that stippling brush for a cream blush!) You’re done with your make-up, put everything away and the next day you’ll pull them out again to use the same brush from yesterday which you’ve applied your foundation with. No big deal, right? Now imagine you’re doing this every day, for a whole month, without cleaning your brushes. How does that sound? Not so nice, right?

Not only your make-up products can start building up in your brush. Think about oil, bacteria and dead skin. Yes, you know where I’m going with this. It’s the perfect place for germs and a dirty brush might be the cause of that sudden skin irritation that seemed to come from nowhere. And let’s not forget those pesky breakouts.

Another reason why you should clean your brushes is to keep them brand new! It’s important you take care of your brushes and that means a regular sponge bath to keep them fresh and clean (and protect the investment you made in your brushes ofcourse!)

Conclusion: it’s important to clean your make-up brushes every once in a while to keep your skin healthy and keeping your brushes in good shape.

So, let’s grab some babyshampoo and give these brushes a nice bath! ;-)

How To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

I used to clean my brushes by swirling them on my hand. But washing around +20 brushes makes my hand feel very dry afterwards, as you’ve basically “washed” your hand like a thousand times! Enter this:

How to clean your make-up brushes Primark facial cleanser pad

It’s actually a facial cleansing pad I bought at Primark. Normally you’d use it to rub this onto your face with a cleanser, but this baby will clean your make-up brushes in no time! The silicone bristles make it very easy to gently remove any dirt from your brushes. Using this pad makes the washing go faster and more thorough, so a win win!

How to clean your make-up brushes Primark facial cleanser pad

I wet my brush and then squeeze a little bit of babyshampoo on the cleansing pad. I like to use babyshampoo because it’s a gentle soap. If it’s good enough for sensitive babyskin, it’s good enough for your brushes! ;-) Then I gently swirl the brush on the cleansing pad until the brush is soaked with water and soap. Rinse, squeeze and repeat until your brush looks sparkly new again. Swirl your brush on a towel to dry and let them air dry.
Tip: make sure you don’t get water or soap around the metal clasp and don’t let them dry upwards. The leftover water will settle into the glue that holds your bristles together and your brush might start losing bristles on the way!

And that’s how you can clean your make-up brushes! I try to clean them every two weeks, but when they need a quick spot cleaning in between, I use my brush cleanser by MAC (alcohol-based).

Do you clean your make-up brushes regularly? How and with what products do you like to wash them?

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