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H&M Beauty | First look

11 september 2015
H&M Beauty Collection First Look

September is always an exciting time for new things. You’ll find all the anticipated September issues in your magazines, the new fall/winter collection starts in stores and all kinds of make-up brands launch their new beauty collections!

Around the end of August, I discovered that H&M updated their make-up collection and would be available from September 10th in selected stores. I was instantly excited, because this means there’s a chance at beautiful budget proof make-up!

But H&M didn’t stop at launching a brand new make-up collection… In addition to make-up, you’ll find all new make-up tools and a hair & bodycare line. It seems like H&M Beauty will become a one stop shop for all things beauty!

H&M Beauty is available in selected stores and their webshop.

H&M Beauty: First Look

The first thing I immediately noticed was that the packaging was much more luxurious than their former make-up collection. Which is good, because we all want something pretty to look at, right? ;-) I love the minimalistic and chique look and the use of white, black and gold for the main packaging. Personally, the new make-up collection appeals more to me as it looks more grown-up and serious.

Let me tell you something: I definitely found my beauty-fix at H&M Beauty that day! I bought a lot of things and couldn’t choose very well between the lovely palettes, lipsticks, eyeliners and so on. But I managed to get a hold of myself and pick out a few things that we are going to take a first look at:

Eye colour palettes: Midnight and Silver & Smokey Nudes

The first thing I went looking for in the H&M Beauty department were the palettes. I swatched both palettes in the store and was surprised at how pigmented the eyeshadows turned out! So I brought home two palettes and decided I might come back for others when Midnight and Silver Smokey Nudes have proven their worth.

Midnight and Silver

Midnight and Silver € 12,99

Midnight and Silver is a palette with 5 matte and 4 glittery shadows. I’m calling this my “blue palette”, because it consists of mostly blue hues with 1 silvery and 2 brown tones.

H&M Beauty Collection First Look Eyeshadow Palette Smokey Nudes

Smokey Nudes € 12,99

Smoky Nudes is a palette with 6 mattes and 3 glittery shadows. I was in need of some nude mattes, so I decided to pick up this palette too!

This is still a first look, so stay tuned for a review on both palettes!

Lip products: Lush Lip Vinyl and Cream Lip Colour

H&M Beauty Collection First Look Lipproducts

Cream Lipstick in Heirloom (€ 9,99) and Lush Lip Vinyl in Rubellite (€ 7,99)

It seems like my favourite lip colour this fall will be a berry hue. Heirloom is a gorgeous purple cream lipstick which was a case of a simple swatch and an immediate love. Because it’s quite creamy, I’m curious how long the colour will last. I’ll update you on that too ;-)

Rubellite is the Lush Lip Vinyl and this one I actually put on my lips to try out ;-) For a lipgloss, it survived a meal quite well, so I’m guessing this will also turn out a fall favourite!

Eye products: Colour Essence Eye Cream, Drama Cream Eyeliner and Colour Essence Eye Pencil

H&M Beauty Collection First Look Eyeproducts Drama Cream Eyeliner Colour Essence Eye Cream Colour Essence Eye Pencil

Drama Cream Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate (€ 7,99), Colour Essence Eye Cream in Champers (€ 5,99) and Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Terroir (€ 4,99)

Some things you just need and I was in need of brown eyeliner. So I got two different formulas: a cream eyeliner and an eye pencil! Both seem to fade beautifully when smeared out, so I think these will make a good couple for a brown smokey eye. Or you know, use them with the Smokey Nudes palette I also just bought! :-)

Champers is just one of those lovely champagne shades that you know you will instantly fall in love with! Cream eyeshadow is slowly making its way in my make-up bag and I think it’s pretty awesome. The colours look brighter and stay on better (but be sure to top your cream eyeshadow with some powder or else it might start to crease!) so I’m slowly picking up my favourite shades in cream eyeshadows too.

Face products: Pure Velvet Cream Blusher and Cover-Up Concealer

H&M Beauty Collection First Look Pure Velvet Cream Blusher

Cream Blusher in Hot Pink (€ 7,99)

I really seem to have it for all things cream! I really wanted to try out a cream blusher since I think they look wonderful when paired with a powder blush for extra longevity.

H&M Beauty Collection First Look Cover-up Concealer

Cover-Up Concealer in Soft Sand (€ 7,99)

And because dark circles and I are no friends, I decided to try out their new concealer too! I’m curious how the coverage will be (and stay) with this one.

General overview

Overall I was very happy with H&M’s new beauty collection! I’m very curious about the palettes and I’ll test out the general longevity of all the products. I’m also happy I could freshen up my current make-up bag with some things I still needed or wanted to try out, so happy me! I can’t wait to use my new goodies and I hope these will all turn out great. H&M Beauty products are also friendly for your wallet, so yay for budget-proof make-up! And ofcourse, I’ll make sure to try everything out in-depth and write reviews on a few of these new products. Stay tuned!

If there are any other products you’d like to see me review, be free to comment them below.

Happy shopping!

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  • Reply annebeth 4 oktober 2015 at 22:08

    Champers had ik bijna ook gekocht! Fantastische staying power, de swatch bleef maar zitten :D

    • Reply Anverelle 4 oktober 2015 at 22:59

      Cream eyeshadows got me like… ? ? Gebruik ze heel graag en ze zijn zo gemakkelijk!

  • Reply Sofie Katelijne 11 september 2015 at 21:45

    Supermooie foto’s!

    • Reply Anverelle 11 september 2015 at 22:09

      Dankjewel! :-) De nieuwe verpakking ziet er ook zo mooi uit! ?

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