Happy Holidays!

16 december 2014
Holidays anverelle

First of all, happy holidays! Christmas is only a week away and after that, it’s on to a new year… Do you also have the feeling everything is going so ridiculously fast? Atleast I do! How is everybody doing on their Christmas shopping? I’m almost through my shopping list, I still need to find something special for my boyfriend. I hope everyone can be with family or friends these holidays. It’s so important to let someone feel loved and appreciated, especially in these days. I hope the holidays will fill your memories with really good moments!

I’m also writing this little note to update you guys on where the heck I’ve been, since I’ve come close to posting very little the past few weeks. I promise you, I don’t like it either! School is being so hectic right now and January will be a stressful month since exams are coming! Yes, I’m sorry, I had to bring up that awful couple of weeks ;-) Anyways, don’t worry about the monthly Wishlists, these will certainly be posted. Other series (Products I love, The Wardrobe Series, Beauty Class and Style File) might have to wait until after January. School is very important at the moment and my number one priority. But I promise that after January, all will be better because I finish school around February. So things will certainly get better after January and you can expect more posts!

I also want to take advantage of this little note – it has become quite the note, actually! – to thank you all for your support. I really enjoy seeing that somebody liked a post or started following the blog. It really motivates me and despite that it’s a bit calmer on Anverelle for the moment, I really appreciate all these wonderful people that follow Anverelle through WordPress or Bloglovin’. So thank you all!

Happy Holidays!

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