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Garnier BIO ▸ Vegan and Organic Skincare

1 april 2019
GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Review Anverelle

Biological, vegan, organic, … Nowadays, clean beauty – or at least knowing what is in the stuff you put on your face every day- is all the rage. And why shouldn’t it be? If it’s good for the planet and great for our skin – why not! Garnier is already around for 115 years (!) and thought it was time to make organic certified skincare accessible to everyone. The new Garnier BIO range is inspired by herbalist know-how and Garnier’s own expertise in skincare. I was invited to the press event of Garnier BIO and learned all about the new range and the plants they’ve selected for each and every skin type:

This GARNIER BIO review includes products  that were sent to me by a brand or company. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are honest and are all my own. Please read my disclaimer.

A plant for every skintype

The Garnier BIO range consists of 6 plants, each with their natural benefits for each skin type:

Thyme – Argan Oil – Lavender – Lemongrass – Cornflower – Konjac

GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Gamma Review Anverelle

The complete Garnier BIO range – packshot provided by L’Oréal Group and Garnier

Garnier BIO:Commitments

GARNIER BIO is an official organic certified skincare range, with commitments to our skin as well as to our environment. During the press launch I was told that the brand worked really hard and long on this, especially to work towards getting the ECOCERT certification. It’s something they take pride in and should be proud of. Here are the commitments as quoted in the press release:

ECOCERT LABEL: Our products are certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.

VEGAN: Our formulas are Vegan, meaning they contain no animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

RENEWABLE: All our star ingredients (lavender, argan, thyme, aloe vera, lemongrass and cornflower) come from renewable resources that re-grow every year.

FAIR TRADE: All out star ingredients are organically produced and mot of them (lavender, argan, thyme and aloe vera) are fairly traded with respect for biodiversity and ensuring producers a fair wage.

RECYCABLE: We use as much reycled and recycable materials as we can while ensuring our products’ performances.

Organic and Vegan formulated skincare

I think GARNIER BIO is great news for those concerned with the ingredients going inside their skincare products and on their skin and how these are impacting the environment. I know “vegan skincare” is a heavy word and can be a sensitive subject, so I’ll just let you know what I learned during the press launch:

L’Oréal, which is the mother brand of Garnier, doesn’t test their make-up, shower gel and shampoo in China on animals anymore. They test it on artificially made skin that is made in a Shanghai based factory. China still obligates skincare products to be tested on animals, but they are working really hard to have them acknowledge alternative methods towards complete elimination of testing on animals.

Now that we’ve got a little background information on this new range, let’s check out the products shall we? :-)


GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Thyme Review Anverelle

Thyme Toner – € 7,99

The first item I want to introduce to you is the purifying and antibacterial thyme toner. It’s perfect for combination and oily skin and has a great herbal and “green” scent. It’s mixed with some lavender for a floral note and woody pine for a touch of freshness.

The thyme used for Garnier BIO is grown in France by local farmers. One hour after harvest it’s immediately distilled for optimal efficacy. Talk about a fresh product ;-)

The thyme toner really felt ‘familiar’ and after a while, just like the other product, it felt a bit too drying for my skin. I might try again in a few weeks, because in the press release it said that 90-95% of the test persons stated their excess sebum seemed eliminated and their skin felt less greasy. I’ve always struggled with greasy T-zone and dry cheeks so it’s not always easy to find a good balance nor a product that caters both facial zones.

I will keep on looking for a good toner but maybe it just doesn’t work on my skin. That doesn’t mean it won’t work on yours, so just like I did I would keep trying out new products and hopefully there’s a holy grail toner for you too!

Argan Oil

GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Argan Oil Review Anverelle

Argan Repairing Balm – € 10,99 // Nourishing Mist – € 10,99 // Nourishing Day Cream – € 10,99

Did you know that Morocco is the only place in the world where argan trees grow naturally?

Argan oil has been used for centuries by the Moroccan women as a nourishing skin treatment, and who are we to not believe in something that has worked so well for these beautiful women for centuries? It’s perfect for dry and sensitive skin, but I do believe it can work for the other skin types too when not used too often.

Argan oil is a rich and perfect scent for some cocooning time. It’s an oriental yet woody experience, with the sweet argan heart and fresh floral top notes. The whole thing just smells incredibly nourishing and caring.

There’s three products in the Garnier BIO Argan line: a moisturising daycream, a repairing good-for-everything balm and a nourishing mist. Personally as a dry/combination skin I won’t be using the argan products on a regular basis because of my greasy T-zone. However I do believe that every now and then you can use a little bit of extra nourishing of the skin. That’s why I prefer to use the moisturiser as a once-in-a-while night cream. The mist will be donated to my mom, who has a dry skin that soaks up practically any product. The repairing balm is great to rub your feet with – soft as a baby’s bottom!


GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Lavender Review Anverelle

Lavender Facial Oil – € 14,99 // Anti-Age Day Cream – € 13,99

Ah lavender – by far my favourite line in the Garnier BIO range! The scent always reminds me of vacations spent in France and that’s exactly where the lavender is grown. Oh, take me back! ;-)

Lavender is used in a lot of skincare as a regenerative ingredient. Some find lavender to be too strong or irritating for their face, but that’s okay! Every skin is different and reacts differently to certain ingredients. I personally have no problems with it. One of my favourite skincare lines has lavender as their main ingredient and my sensitive skin seems fine with it. In general, this lavender line is marketed by Garnier to be suitable for every skin type – even the sensitive ones!

But lavender is of course most known for its calming and relaxing scent. In this line you can also find a hint of mint in there, together with floral geranium and woody cedar. Especially with the facial oil it’s a real treat to massage onto your face in the evening – that’s how I use it. For those who have dry skin, you can mix a drop or two with your favourite cream for radiance and extra nourishing skincare.

The anti-age day cream has a velvety texture that sinks beautifully in your skin. It’s very relaxing to start your day with and leaves your skin soft and boosted.

Lemongrass & Konjac

GARNIER BIO Vegan and Organic Skincare Lemongrass Konjac Review Anverelle

Lemongrass Detox Gel – € 7,99 // Konjac Sponge – € 7,99 // Balancing Day Cream – € 10,99

Grown in Sri Lanka, the invigorating lemongrass essential oil is known for its purifying properties. With a hint of Sichuan pepper, vetiver and patchouli it’s a great way to wake up in the morning and wash away your tiredness. In combination with the Konjac sponge, it will offer a refreshing cleanse with a soft skin polish.

My first introduction with a Konjac sponge was already two to three years ago, when I wrote this review. The sponge is made from a native Asian root fiber. It will cleanse and exfoliate your skin – it’s ideal to use every day since it gives such a gentle exfoliation. Make sure you completely soak the sponge in warm water until it’s soft. I just hold it under the shower and afterwards rinse it out when I’m done cleansing.

Lastly, the Lemongrass Balancing Cream is great for my combination skin. The gel-cream texture is something that I enjoy wearing. It feels very light and mattifies a bit as well. The scent is definitely noticeable when you put it on, so you’ll have to like the lemony vibes. After application the scent is only vaguely noticeable so it does fade away quickly.

My conclusion? The new Garnier BIO range has something for everyone and you’re not obliged to stay without the product line so you can mix and match the products, like I do myself. Approved!

Have you tried anything from the Garnier BIO range yet? Let me know which one you’re testing right now and which are your favourite products!

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